Saturday, January 12, 2008

Zenni Optical

Many of you knew I want to change my glasses. Many of you did comment that the frame I wanted was not really suit me. Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure when I will go do it, but I will look for others and compare with it before I make any decision. If I feel it looks nice on me, I will take it.

I came across one website that you can have your prescription glasses done online. See, now anything only can be done online. Cool huh! The online optical shop that I mention here is Zenni Optical.

You can compare and search for the frame from different category: memory titanium, rimless frames, half rim frames, full rim frams, and many more. You even can get a Complete Single Vision Eyeglasses starting at $8.00 which includes High quality stylish frame, Thin and Light 1.57 index lens, Anti Scratch Coating, Full UV Protection, Lens edge polishing and beveling, Quality Hard Eyeglass case, Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth and Full Guarantee.

Thank you for using Zenni Optical

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Eddie Wong said...

cool man

mei yi said...

can U CALL ME in future or help me o reserve!!???