Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!!

May all your wishes come true and have a wonderful 2008 ahead!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Handphone Wallpaper

Laksa tagged me the ohter day on the handphone wallpaper. Honestly, I don't like to do all those tag stuff. Since it's not answering any question but just publish the handphone wallpaper, so ok la....

I'm using the wallpaper provided in my phone. I didn't use any other photos that I took. I'm not really care about it actually, as long as my phone can use.

Here's my handphone wallpaper. Nothing special. 2 puppies there. Cute?

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Eye Sight

I brought my mom to do her glasses last night. It's end of the year and I still have money to claim for dental + glasses from my company. Last minute job. If didn't claim, it will be gone. Actually, I can only claim for my own self. But, many people also do like this. What you need to do is, just ask the sales person to write another receipt for you which is under your name. That's it.

Since I was there, I asked the sales person help me to check for my eye sight. He also helped to check the power of my current glasses, in order to have a comparison. To my surprise, my power drop. Previously, my left eye was at 750 and right eye at 575. Now, left and right are at 625 and 450 respectively! Wow!

I didn't think that the power will drop since I look at the pc more and more these days. I really happy about it. Hmmmmm, what I have done for the power to drop? I have no idea.

While my mom was getting the examination on the eye sight, I browse through the frames. I saw one which I like. It's black. I'm not sure whether it will nice for me to wear that, but I just like it. I will try to take a photo with the glasses when I go to collect my mom's glasses. Then I post it here let you all judge. If good, then maybe I will just go to do it, since the glasses I'm wearing now has higher power. I think this is the root cause that I'm always having headache. Do you think so?

Search Engine

Search engine, I'm sure you are already very familiar with it. There are many of the search engines from the World Wide Web. The most popular are Google, Yahoo and Msn. No matter which one u use, you are doing the same thing, search for information you need.

Now, there is another Search Engine that you can search your info from, it's called provides the same service like what Google and yahoo do. Besides the search, there is one feature that makes a unique search engine, the new CV rating System.

What is a CV rating system?
CV stands for Color Value. Online user can comment and vote for their favorite site. You can see the color bar from the toolbar itself. Oh yes, like others, also has its own toolbar. CV rating is embedded on it. It is more democratic than other search engine since the rating is based on users and not by the company or system.

If you never heard of this search engine, go to try and experience NOW. You have nothing to lose.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

What I have been up to

As you know, I went for the Christmas countdown. The experience was....... I don't know how to say also. I saw lots of youngster spray here and there. The environment was crazy! I think I'm too old for this kind of event anymore. :(

On Christmas day, I'm working night, I'm not really feeling well, as usual, headache.

Woke up in the afternoon on Wednesday, I was like no mood until night. Then, I think it's better for me to watch a movie. So, I decided to watch 200 Pounds Beauty. I selected the right movie, it's very funny! :) Attached is one of the song from this movie, Maria. You also can see the movie scene in this Music Video. Nice song!

After finished, it was already 11.25pm. I received Wiwiwawa's message. Oh, I almost forgot, I promised to have a recording session with him for his podcast. Have you listened to his podcast before? If not, you really need to go and listen. It's very unique. It's in Cantonese!! I think it was the night that I talked the most Cantonese in my life.

What we talked about? If you want to know, please stay tune with Wiwiwawa'a Lonely Classroom. I have recorded 2 episodes with him. I suppose to record 4 but it's too late and I'm very very sleepy. We will make it another time.

It's not easy to do a podcast, please support and leave any comment if possible. With the comments, only Wiwiwawa can make it better and better.

Monday, December 24, 2007

More Christmas Decorations

Before I'm going out for the Christmas celebration, let me show you some of the Christmas decoration on some of the Malaysia shopping malls. My friend forwarded me the mail.

Gurney Plaza

Queensbay Mall
1 Utama


Mid Valley


The Curve

Time Square

So how's the decorations? Nice? I'm going out for the countdown now. Wish you all have a Merry christmas.

Help Us Help Others

People use to complain over many things in their life. They like to say "Why I don't have enough money?", "Why my life is so miserable?", why this and why that. However, have they actually thought that they are in a condition that much better if compare to others? There are so many people in this world live in poverty, they don't have a good shelter, they don't have enough food, some of them even need to deal with all kind of sickness, and yet you still complain so much?

In order to help them out, there are many ways we can do. The simplest way is the donation. Boat Angel and Car Angel are two of the online donation site which have done a great job. Boat Angel has the program call Charity Boat Donations. You can do a boat donation by submitting online. Those Boat Donations received by Boat Angel will then sell it on ebay. All the funds they got have been funded over 2 millions meals, medical operations, prison reform and school material. Boat Angel is also distributing the Free DVDs to all the libraries and preschools. In order to know what kind of dvds they have, you can visit the Car Angel website.

One thing that I need to mention here, there will be a new documentary film named DOPE is available to schools, civic groups and churches. This movie is mainly on anti-drug and covers the rise, fall and redemption of several of skate-boarding's most influential players: Bruce Logan, Skate Legend Jay Adams, Christian Hosoi and 1977 World Champion Dennis Martinez (Copied from Car Angel website). Here is the trailer for this film.

Help Us Help Others!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Decoration Items

2 more days to Christmas. Just want to share some of the decoration items I found in some others cube in my office. I just go and snap all the photos during my night shift. Hahaha, no one knew.

All kind of SOCKS.



An not forgetting the main item, Christmas Tree, a small one.

And some other items.

The turtle with the christmas hat is sooooooo cute!!

Poker Odds Calculator

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Saturday, December 22, 2007


I still have some stuff that I want to get for my new house. Dryer is one of them. Yaya, I know you will say why need to get a dryer? Sun is there all the time in Malaysia and you want to waste money on a dryer? I know I know, but I still want to get it. It will make my life easier (Lazy people like me will say like that. Hahaha.).

Electrolux will be my choice since I'm not sure which brand is better.

Nice or not?

Medical Assistant Training Schools

During our primary school time, teacher used to ask us to write essay on what you want to be when you grow up. Some said want to become lawyer, some said engineer, some prefer doctor and some others want to become a teacher. These are some popular job titles that a student will choose from. I think this is only applicable during the 80s and 90s. Nowadays, I'm not sure what a student will write for the ambition, maybe they will want to become a professional blogger. LOL.

Ok, back to ambition. Many will choose doctor since doctor earns a lot. This is what we know from our parents. It's not really easy fo you to move forward into medical line. You need to have a good result and you also need to get a right medical school for your studies. Medical Assistant Training Schools can help you out.

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For those who are already in the medical line, they can even proceed to further their study through medical assistant training programs. The can do it online for a period of 1 year.

Become a doctor is not a dream anymore, just you need to put more effort on it. Your dream will come true, for sure.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Just remembered

Oh man, I nearly forget about this, now i remembered. I promised to treat Ang Ku and Kim Mo Wantan Mee when I met them. I met Ang Ku in Singapore but in the end he treat me and not I treat him. Hahaha. Never mind, when both of you come to Penang, remember to remind me ya!!

p/s I said want to go out, you see, still stuck here, reading people's blog and update mine. Sigh....

Last day of my Off day

Actually I have 4 off days this week, but end up I'm covering my colleagues on Wed and Sat, left only 2 which are yesterday and today. Yesterday, went for team building after woke up in the noon. I force myself to wake up actually (Work night on Wedenesday). For more, please read my previous post.

Today, the last off day I have for this week. I'm so lazy and hope I can just stay in the house for the whole day. But, I need to go out to settle some stuff. Then at night, I have dinner with my old friends. Oh man.... My off day will be gone like that. It's been quite some time I never have my full 4 days off. I hope I can have it on the 1st week of Jan, which is 2 weeks from now.

OK la, I really need to move...... So lazy la......

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Am Legend

Today, we have our department team building. We have it once per quarter. Every time, we tried to make it different by organizing outdoor activity but all of the time, we end up eating. However, today is a little bit different. We have a movie before eat. YES, eat again!

My colleague booked the ticket for National Treasure 2. I didn't watch the first show. Normally, the part 2 will have some connection to part 1. Due to this, I watched National Treasure last night. I have it downloaded long time ago, just that I didn't watch it. OK, done watching part 1 and waiting to go watch part 2 today. It's quite jam in Queensbay. Luckily, we manage to get a parking place.

The show starts at 2.15pm. The time was 2.10pm after parking. At this time, my colleague called. He said change movie to I Am Legend. Oh, OK, I want to watch that too. For the reservation tickets, you need to get it 45 minutes before the movie time. My colleague not manage to reach on time. The tickets were sold to others. That's why we end up with I Am Legend.

I Am Legend is the virus kind of movie. In New York, the virus is spreading and all human are dead, left the one and only Will Smith. He tried to find the antitoxin to cure the virus. Sounds familiar right? Yaya, it's somehow like Resident Evil but not really alike.

The whole movie is quite boring at some point (My colleague said so) since most of the scene (Almost all!!), Will Smith is the only one there. Oh.... Of cause, with his dog. To me, it's not that really bad. But the ending was not that good. Some parts are really exciting and some parts are scared me out. Will Smith's acting was great. He is really good at acting. Overall, It's just OK.

After the movie, we went for food. We went to Sakae Sushi at first but over there was too crowded and the seating was not that comfortable. So, we changed to Sushi King instead. No photos since I didn't bring camera. Cinema not allow cameras!! After Sushi King, we went Starbucks. We chit chat there, among colleague and my boss.

This team building can consider a good one although half of the team didn't show up. I said good because we can use up their budget as well. :)

Audio Visual Experience

I think of buying a sound system long time ago. Every time I see the audio system displaying in the eletronic shop, I hope I can get them home one day. But, I'm not able to get any since I don't have my own house.

Although I don't have a sound system for my TV, but I have a 5.1 speakers for my home PC. My cousin helped me to buy it during the warehouse sales in Singapore. It's a refurbish item. The price is low if compare to the market. I'm so happy I can own that.

With the 5.1 sound system, I can watch my movie and experience the sound effect through the spekers, especially those action movies. You can feel it like you are actually in the movie, the sound is coming from all directions. I just like the feeling.

It's not difficult to setup the sound system. What you need to do is plug in the cable correctly, front to front, rear to rear and center to center. However, for those who are having difficulties on the audio visual installations, you can actually get help from the company which provided this kind of service. Reflex Limited is your one stop for audio installation.

Reflex Limited offer a competitive pricing package on the installation. They can guide you on the correct product you need based on your requirement. They also commit to follow the 10 standards in order to provide a good service to the customers. The 10 standards are complete solutions, informed advice, best value, on-going technical support, system compatibility, scalability, clear scope of work, appropriate documentation, expert technical staff and training support.

To get more detail, just visit their website at

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Christmas Decoration in Office (Part 2)

I went from cube to cube to take those nice decoration photos. Some are really nice! They even decorate on the entrance door and along the corridor. Nice or not, see yourself.

Where is the M?? Oh..... It's on the floor..... I think the M is tired and want to take some rest. :)

The paper that hang on the wall is the wishes from the employee for each department. Anyone of us can go and have a look and fulfill the wish. Intersting right? Actually it's the same thing as last year, not really new. So, do your company has any decoration?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mohamad Zein's Channel

I came across this Metacafe channel today and I think you can have a look during your free time. Total of 13 videos have been submitted in the channel and there are 20 people subscribe for this channel. The average rank is 3.5. I'm not sure the score is actually out of 5 or out of 10. Anyway, the Metacafe channel that I'm talking about is Mohamad Zein's Channel. Go check it out.

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Christmas Decoration in Office (Part 1)

I purposely bring the camera to office today just to take the Christmas decoration photos. I work night shift, so I can take whatever I want. No one will stop me!!! Hahaha.

More to come..... Stay tune.....

House Lighting

I just bought a new house. Most of you know that. Before buying a house, you will think that it's not that hard to buy a house. YES, I agree with that. It's really not difficult to buy a house. But, It's not that easy anymore after buying a house. You need to have renovation! This is the start of a nightmare! You need to make so many decisions on what furniture you want, how the design will be, how to decorate your house in such a nice way, how many lights you need, how to arrange the lighting and etc. I tell you, it gave me so many headache to deal with the contractor who renovate on my house. Anyway, it's over for now, finally.

For the renovation, I personally think that lighting will be the most important among all. Why? We need lights! That's why. We need to know how many and what types of lights we need for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and even bathroom. There are so many design of lights out there, you need to spend time on choosing which light that suits your house more.

Chandeliers and Home Lighting provides a variety of lighting for you to choose from especially the wrought iron chandeliers. Maybe some of you may not know what is a chandeliers. A chandelier is a ceiling-mounted fixture with two or more arms bearing lights (From Wikipedia). There are a couple of decorating styles you can choose from: French country, eclectic, and rustic decor.

For those houses is big enough and has a large space and the hallway or even living room, you can actually think of getting one. It can add additional beauty to your house. Here are some photos of nice wrought iron chandeliers taken from the website.

Please spend some time to browse through the lighting from Chandeliers and Home Lighting. Besides free shipping, fast delivery and top brands, you also can get a handful of information on house lighting from the website.

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