Thursday, January 24, 2008

Design your own t-shirt

Chinese New Year is coming soon, just 2 weeks away. Before Chinese New Year, many Chinese will go to shopping mall to buy new year clothes. Sometimes, you shop for the whole day but still cannot find the t-shirts you want, the size not fit or the design you don't like.

Since there are so many problems to buy ready made t-shirts, why not you design your own t-shirts? Sounds great? Yes, you can Design Tshirts Online with just few easy steps.

You can add name, add word or even draw picture on the t-shirt. There are many colours for you to choose from. You can design the front and the back of the t-shirts. Not only t-shirts, different type of clothes are available too, including ladies/juniors wear and athletic wear. Besides the main categories, there are sub categories for each type.

After you have done designing, remember to save the artwork and submit for the Tshirt Printing. Of cause, size and quantity need to be entered as well.

So, do you want to try designing your own t-shirt? If you don't want to have it by your own, you can design t-shirt for your loved one. For sure, he or she will surprise to get this superb gift during special occasion like birthday or annivesary.

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