Thursday, January 10, 2008


I fetched my mom to her friend's house on Tuesday. So ngam (ngam means coincidence), her friend was preparing for the praying for the month end. I'm not sure who are still praying for the month end but we used to pray when I'm small.

Every month end, my mom used to pray when we still live in the old old house in town area. We placed all the food on the table and start to pray. Kim Gin Chua (Golden Silver Paper, wakakakaka, direct translation) will be burn at the end of the praying ceremony.

Cannot imagine how it will be? See the photos below.

Again, using my phone camera. Still acceptable, right?


Kikey said...

my family still pray for the month end too..

K3ViN said...

1st time hear tat.... the picture quality quite nice what.. ur camera phone can use lah.. :P

Kopi Soh said...

What are month end prayers for, I know like for chay et and chap goh (1st and 15th) we pray and eat vegetarian but never heard of month end pray.

Eddie Wong said...

every end of the month have to pray ah? u mean lunar month?
wah if like that every end of lunar month got chicken get lor????
my family more on amitabha....hehehehe

David (AKK) said...

Last time I used to pray for this each month end when the time I was staying in old house also.

Now I only pray for "Ho Hia tee" twice a year : Cny eve & 7th month only.

Anonymous said...

Buen comienzo