Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sunshine Square Wan Tan Mee

I have Wan Tan Mee for my lunch today, in Sunshine Square food court. Wan Tan Mee is my all time favourite. However, this Wan Tan Mee not really that nice anymore. Last time, it was sold by Chinese, now, it seems that most of the stalls are handled by the indonesia people. I still love the fried Wan Tan though.

Thanks to my cousin for lending me the handphone to take this photo.

Friday, September 28, 2007

My Furniture

Finally, all my furnitures reached today. Not much to say, see photos laaa.......

Master bedroom furniture set

My Wardrobe

My Bed

My Side Table

TV Cabinet

Coffee Table

Dining Table

Sofa, not yet unpacked.

My Mom's wardrobe

My mom's bed

My mom's side table

Burger fever

I mad about burger these few days. Actually, I have been thinking of it since last week. On Wed, I cannot tahan anymore, I went to buy it. But I forgot that night got pasar malam and the burger stall didn't open. :( so sad la that time.....

Then yesterday, received the McD broucher, they are having promotion. I cannot tahan again and buy it for lunch. WAKAKAKAKA. I have a Filet Mc Value Meal, large one. With the coupon, I chose to have 6pcs of Nuggets for free. Yummy.......

Just now, after the cleaning session at my new house, on the way coming back, I went to buy the burger that I wanted for. HAHAHAHA, finally I got it!!!! Post some photos here to "sia" Kacang. Hehehehe.

Besides burger, I also bought the so call Coco Ball (I called it rum ball, what about you?). Yummy Yummy.

I think I will stop hunting for burger for couple of weeks before I have another one. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Colour of my House

After few times of fogetting my SD card (only 2 times la.....), finally i remembered to bring today. I have my dining, living and corridor to be in Carnation White, Master bedroom is Aqua White, Mom's room in Orchid White and computer room in Lilly White.

Dining and Living

Master bedroom

Mom's room

Computer room

My fan... I have 5 of them. 1 in dining, 1 in living and the other 3, each room each.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Short Trip to Klang

I went to Klang on Saturday, friend's house warming. I went with 4 of my friends. On Saturday early morning, around 5am, Tau Tau gave me a morning call. Hehe, actually, I have waken up by my alarm, I'm really scared I cannot wake up since I need to be the driver to fetch my friends.

We reached butterworth around 7am. Penang Bridge is so smooth, no jam at all. We went to another friend's house and change car. YES, change to Honda City rather than drive my Iswara.

The first stop will be Ipoh. I think you guys can know why we want to go there. You are right, we went to eat dim sum. :) After dim sum, we also bought the Dao Hua and Dao Cui since my friend said it's famous. After that, we drive straight to Klang.

We reached KL around 12-1pm. My friend is having the japanese exam from 2-4pm, so we need to go walk walk first. We went to IKEA. Later, we have lunch at The Curve's Hometown.

Around 5pm, we continued our journey. The destination will be my friend's house. His house was nice, great renovation. Dinner starts at 7-8pm. I ate quite a lot. Then I remembered something, to call Tau Tau. Hehe. I heard from Hoon that Tau Tau cancelled all his stuff on that day just to wait for my call. Luckily I called, if not, I will feel bad. Tau Tau said he can come to my friend's place in 20 minutes.

Before Tau Tau came, I fall asleep. I'm too tired, I'm the one that drive for the whole day (My friend only drove for 30 minutes and said she doesn't want to drive anymore, so I have no choice but have to drive :( Sien nia) I slept for I think not more than 10 minutes, then Tau Tau called and said he arrived. WOW, so fast!!

I called Wantan and Kim Mo. Kim Mo scolded me for not calling her. HAHAHA. Anyway, I managed to meet her too. Thanks to Tau Tau. He really needs to drive so far just to go Kim Mo's place, then fetch me back again. Thank you thank you.

This time, I remembered to bring my camera and we took some photos. Hehe, I'm not everytime blur blur and lor mor one. Sometimes, smart also. WAKAKAKA.

Maybe you will ask, why no dim sum and the Hometown's food photos? I didn't take any since we were too hungry, haha, we finished everything and forgot abt the photos. :þ

Mooncake....oh.... Mooncake.....

Today is the Mooncake Festival. This year, I didn't buy any Mooncake. All I have are given by someone else. I went to my friend's house in Klang on Saturday and I managed to have some. The Mooncake now are very fancy, have so many types and tastes. The one I have are Tiramisu and ....... oh my.... I forgot the name... hahaha :) never mind, I have taken the photos, very close up.

Besides Mooncake, the packaging of the Mooncake is also very nice.

My firend also brought us to Jusco and I managed to take those Mooncake stalls that are selling Mooncake. Hehe.

Wishing you all a ~~~~~~~~~~Happy Mooncake Festival~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Hoon~~~

Today is our dear HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON's birthday. Wishing her every seconds also soooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL, good luck all the time, think what got what, and important thing is, HAPPY ALWAYS!!! Give you a virtual birthday cake. Hope you like it.

Aiya, almost forgot....... Ahhheemmmmmm......

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to Ah Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
Happy Birthday to You


Friday, September 21, 2007

Blur Blur Me~~~

I went to my house again to do the painting. This time I remembered to bring my camera, thought of taking some photos and posted here for you to see my house after the painting. But guess what? The most important thing is not inside the camera!!! SD CARD!!!!! Oh Man, me really blur blur, forgot to put the SD Card into the camera. So, sorry guys, need to wait another time. Hehe. No photos for today~~~

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Many people are asking me to join Facebook. I didn't do so at first since I'm not really like to have so many accounts on this kind of stuff: friendster, multiply, etc. But.... (there is always a but) I joined in the end.

Facebook really has many kind of stuffs for you to play on it. The interesting one will be the vampire, zombie and warewolf stuff. You can bite them and turn your friend into on of those. You also can fight with others to gain points and upgrade your level.

Besides, it has Aquarium, Garden and even Graveyard for you to decorate. Your friends can send you fishes, flowers, and so on. I only have Garden and Aquarium. I don't want to have a Graveyard. HAHA.

I just started to explore today. After I signed in, I just left it there, did nothing. To my surprise, my sis and bro also joined Facebook and added me. My bro is the one that bite me and make me to become a zombie. Hehehe.

It seems like you can do a lot of stuff there. I still need time to do more exploration. Overall, Facebook is like a place for you to become a kid once again. Do you agree?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What is this?

I saw this "creature" outside my house. I quickly ran upstairs to grab my camera and took the photo. I have no idea what is it. Do you guys know what is this "creature"? What we call it?

A little bit close up.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Gary 曹格 - My Way

Recently, I'm addicted to Gary's songs. He has a powerful high pitch voice. His songs really hard to sing. As you know, I went to the 988 Live Concert on Saturday night. Gary was one of the performer. He sang the song My Way. Amazing...... I like it very much. He is just INCREDIBLE!! I got the clip from youtube, he's on one of the taiwan entertainment show and sing the same song, he did it perfectly. Not believe, see it yourself. I hope you also like it, like me. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Help on the poll

For you guys that come to my blog, please help to take the poll. Where is it? hehe, let me tell you.

First click on the cycle thru ads on your right.

Then the following screen will appear. Just continue for 4 questions. That's it, you are done! very easy only.....

Thank You~~~

Showing Off... HAHA

My 988 Live Concert VIP ticket!! I still have 3 with me. Too bad, I want to give others but seems no one wants to go. I just keep it for myself then. :)

Stuff I got before entering to the concert. You need to blow them up. It's for you to make noise besides shouting and clapping. I hope you know what I mean. I didn't open it up since I don't have more hands for that. I need to hold my umbrealla, remember?

All the stuffs I got.

988 Live Concert

I only can use one word to describe this concert: FANTASTIC!!! I have no regret for going there and get wet! The concert is just SUPERB.....

I went there in the afternoon, the sky was dark, whole day was raining non stop. When I reached Queensbay, the rain has stopped. I saw many people taking the umbrella. I didn't bring at first, but later, went back to my car and got it. Luckily I brought the umbrella, just after I went to the scene, the rain started. It became heavier and heavier. Many people were confused whether want to stay there or go back. I already went into the VIP area and came out in the end. The rain was so so so heavy, my jeans got wet, my shoes were wet, so were my socks.

After a while, the rain get smaller, many people start to go to the area and wait. I joined the crowd around 6.50pm. Oh yes, just now I mention about VIP area. YES, my ticket is VIP ticket. I only knew that when I'm there. HAHAHA. I managed to stand quite in front.

The show was delayed. I think it started around 8pm, I'm not so sure about the time. The best part of the concert is the performance by Gary Cao Ge. He is really good. He sang 4 songs, most songs among other artists. He started with Superman, follow by Bei Pan, Hai Bian De Ka Fu Ka, My Way and latest Cantonese song, I forgot the name. My Way is the best performance of the night. Gary sang with male and female voice! Wonderful! Justin's performance was also great. You can know it from the crowd's response.

The concert ended around 10.45pm with all the singers stand on the stage together. It was a unforgettable night for me. I can see Gary, Justin, Lin Yu Zhong, Power Station, John, Henley, Jason, Jin Sha, Soler and Yumiko in such near distance. I didn't bring camera so I don't have any photos for the concert. A little bit regret for not bring it, but if i bring, it will be very troublesome for me due to the rain. So, it's OK since all the good memories were already in my mind.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Why I Blog?

Wow, this will be the first time I write 2 posts in one day. What's the intention for me to do so? Keep on reading..... then you will know. :p

Everyday, I will try to have some time to go through all my friend's blog. I will check whether they have any updated post on their site. Some of them update once in a bluemoon, some of them updated almost everyday and some of them posted few article in one day!!

Blogging become more and more popular nowadays. People tend to blog here and there. I started to blog since August 2005.... My god, already 2 years!! I started my Chinese blog in blogspot. My brother is the one that inspired me for blogging. Since then, I started to write whenever I have the mood to do so.

Later, I met someone from China online. She's a writer. So coincidence, I read her book and found her blog. She is the one asking me to move my blog to Sina website (it's a China website) since she cannot view my blogspot blog after so many trial. I think it's not bad for me to move there since I'm not really have many people reading my blog in blogspot. Therefore, I moved......

I met a lot a lot of people from Sina. I blog everyday during that period of time. If you interested and want to read my previous post in Chinese, you can go to After few months, the passion went down, the post become less and less.

Recently, another friend of mine start to blog. I gave her my Sina blog but she couldn't understand what I'm writing, haha. Not only her, my others friends are also having the same problem. That is why, I came back to blogspot (I'm lazy to go open another account elsewhere) and started to write in English instead of Chinese.

OK..... Done on the history. Now, I can go to the main topic. :)

Why I BLOG?? First, I thought with the blog, I can let my siblings who are in outstation know my current situation. However, I think only my brother is the one that will come and visit my blog some time.

Today, I found another reason for me to blog, which is.... EARN MONEY! Maybe you will say I'm carzy. Blogging also can earn money? You sure or not? Crazy ar you!! But just want to tell you, It's the truth.

I found out Advertlets from one of my friend's blog Nickchan. He can be consider my junior, but he knows a lot of IT stuff. He updated his blog everyday. I like to go to his blog and read what he wrote. Previously he has his own podcast as well, really a talented young boy. (NIC, I'm promoting you leh, you need to treat me when you get the money....... hehehe.....)

From Nic's introduction, I go to Advertlets website and read more about it. Since I lose nothing, so I just sign up and start to wait for my first paycheck. WAKAKAKA, just first day I joined and I already started dreaming.

They have given out money for a contest recently to Malaysian. Now, they have another one for the Singaporean. For you guys out there, you can go to the website and have a look. If you are a frequent blogger, you should have this on your website!!!

If I got the cheque, the first thing I'm going to do is photocopy and keep it as souvenir! The first cheque from my blog you know? Sure must keep it in good shape. Then, only go to bank in. :) I'm going to treat myself a good meal... Hmmmmmmm, what to eat? Oh man, I'm hungry now. Help~~~~

Now, what I'm thinking is, I need to let the whole world know about my blog. Consequently, the money will come faster to me. Dreaming again... HAHAHA. :)

“ - Blog Advertising in Asia!”

Invisible Target 男儿本色

I've been watching movies these few days since I have nothing to do after work. Last night, I chose Invisible Target. I want to watch this movie few days back but the sound effect of this movie is good, I cannot watch it late since I need to have a louder sound, so, last night is the best night for me to watch it. :)

I like this kind of movie very much, police and thief. The movie in this category always has gun shot and explode scene. In Invisible Target, you can see a lot of explosion, the first few minutes of the movie already has one. The story is so so, but the action is good. However, if you compare to other action movie, it's not the best. The director of this movie is Benny Chan. He is a well-known director for action movie like New Police Story, Divergence, Rob-B-Hood and the latest one, Invisible Target.

This movie starring all the male star, including Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue and Jaycee chan. I'm not really like Jacky chan's son Jaycee, but he really looks like Jacky..... They are so identical.

If you want to get more info on this movie, you can go to the official website:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I like Sandra Bullock, I don't know why, just like to see her act. I think the first time I knew her is from Speed. Oh man..... Speed, one of my favourite. Keanu Reeves very handsome that time. Haha.

Do you guys watch The Lake House? I like it very much. Touching..... again, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. For those not yet watch it, please go and watch, trust me, very nice.

Now, she is back with this movie called Premonition.

Sandra Bullock is married with 2 daughters. One day (Thursday), a policeman come to her house and tell her that her husband is dead on a road accident yesterday (Wednesday). So, she accepted the truth and her mother came to her house and helped out. The next day when she woke up (It's Monday!!), her husband is there!! She is totally confused. Later, she found out that when she woke up in the morning, it will go to other day and not following the correct sequence. Understand what I'm talking about? Haha, If not, just go and watch it, very interesting movie.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Vitas - Opera #2

Great Song, Great Voice, Great Performance!!! Have a look yourself.


Live Version

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I went to see S.H.E. few weeks back in the Astro Talented Quest held in Pisa, Penang. My cousin won the VIP passes. Since it's a long time I didn't go such an event, I decided to go with her. I'm working on that day, so, I swap with my colleague. Thanks to him!! :)

I did bring my camera but the quality coming out was not that good. That's why I didn't post any photos previously. Although it's a VIP pass, our seats are still far from the stage. Thanks to my 12x zoom camera, if not, I don't think I can get any photos or videos clearly.

My friend, Mei Yi, sent me the photos few days back. There are so clear!!!

Mei Yi, Thank You So Much!!!