Thursday, January 31, 2008

Massage Chair

My big big boss met up with us 2 days ago. From the session, he told us that our department will have a massage chair for us. WOW, it was a good news. I never tried to sit on the massage chair before, don't mention about the testing on the mall. Now, I can have the chance to do so. Hooray! The date yet to be determined, but I think it will be in this quarter.

I'm not sure which massage chair will my department buy. I hope it will be like the one in I saw, Human Touch Massage Chairs by Human Touch. It looks so grand and comfortable. When I first saw it, I'm already imagine I sit on top and relax for the whole night. For sure it will be great.

I need to recommend Human Touch Massage Chair to my department. Hopefully they will get one. I'm waiting.........

This post brought to you by Human touch