Friday, January 4, 2008


Most of the people are in debt nowadays. When you apply for the study loan during your study time, you already start your so call "debt's life". After studies, when you entering the working life, you start to have cars and houses. Every month, you need to pay the monthly installment to the bank. Cars are still ok, since you only pay for 9 years the most. But for hosues, it's up to 20-30 years. Half of your life is in debt! How pathetic it is.

I have one friend, who likes shopping so much. During the sales, he can buy a lot of stuffs by using the credit card. In the end, he was actually in debt with the bank and the amount he owed become more and more. Every time I told him to think carefully before buying any stuff, but he just can't help it. Sooner or later, I was lazy to tell anymore since he was still the same. He can continue to buy as long as he is happy about it and able to pay back the debt monthly.

For me, of cause I'm in debt too. But, I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. I don't like to be in debt, I want to be debt relief. If there is someone to give you a free consultation on free debt, will you consider?

With the free debt consultation, you can know your financial well and planning ahead on it. By following the advice, you can move towards to debt free life. You also can get a free quote online too. It's so easy. However, not everyone can benefit from the debt consolidation by No Debt Today. If you want to know whether you eligile or not, please check it here.

I'm not sure what others think about debt issue. My opinion, the faster you pay all, the better it will be. I don't want to have debt following me for my whole life. Do you agree with me?

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