Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Breakfast (II)


My all time favourite food is................................................

YES, Wantan Me. the Wantan Mee above is from Kampung Jawa. This Wantan Mee is nice. It has mushroom somemore. The fried Wantan was not that nice. But overall, GOOD, can go and try it out.

I thought there will be a lot of you will get it correctly, but somehow, only 2 persons are correct. What it means? Means hor, you all not really know me lo........

The winners are: AngKu and Kim Mo.

I will treat both of you Wan Tan Mee when I meet you. :)


Recently, as you can notice, many of the blogs will have extra stuff inside. What extra stuff that I’m referring to? That’s right, the advertiser program. Since blogspot already bought by Google on 2003, It’s not surprise to see Google Adsense is embedded into the blogspot feature. Besides Google Adsense, you also can see some others like Nuffnang, Advertlets and of course, PayPerPost.

I already forgot when and where I get to know PayPerPost. I just remembered, I saw that in some of my friends’ blog. Due to my curiosity and the intension to make money (Yes, don’t say me looi bin or money face, this is the fact), I went to the website and checked it out.

What is PayPerPost?

From Wikipedia, PayPerPost (PPP) is a website which helps content creators such as bloggers, videographers, podcasters and photographers find advertisers willing to sponsor specific content. The advertisers create opportunities ("opps") that describe the content they are looking for (e.g. feedback, reviews, buzz, creative, video). The bloggers (sometimes referred to as "Posties") then choose opportunities in their area of interest.

Once the blogger has written a blog post or posted a video that matches the requirements, PPP then reviews the post against its requirements (e.g. topic, tone, length) and PPP terms of service (e.g. disclosure required, no adult content), and handles payment.

From the website, PPP is actually attracting my attention. I can blog anything related to my interest and at the same time, get what I want. It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it? Furthermore, you can get to know those who are the top earner for the day, month and all time. If one day your name appears there, that will be the happiest moment in your blogging life.

In addition, PPP is also good for those people who have a lot of free time and nothing to do at home. What you need is only a computer, an internet connection and a blog. Once these 3 items are ready, BINGO, you can start your journey on PPP. If you are still not sure on how to get started, visit the website. There are tutorial videos to teach you on how to get it done. It’s simple as 1-2-3.

To me, PPP really suits me since I'm 70% addicted to blogging. I like to write and share good stuff to friends. I like to sing also (Opppssss….. out of topic). Anyway, if I can earn $100 per month, I will be happy. Of course, if I can get more, that will be happier. Hahaha. I can use the money to help me to pay my all sort of loans.

All the bloggers out there, if you are still not yet register to PPP, it’s time for you to do so. Just go to the right hand sidebar, fill in the info and click submit. I also have the link in my facebook. You also can sign up through there. Don’t forget about me if you earn big bucks in the future. :)

Happy Earning!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Breakfast (I)

Normally, during my day shift, I will have my breakfast in the cafeteria. But today, I just don't feel to have it there, the foods are the same everyday. So boring........ Then I think of having my all time favourite.......... Before I announce, please give yourself one second to think......

What is my all time favourite food?

Please leave your answer on the comment. For those who guess it correctly, I will treat you with my all time favourite.

Rules and Regulations:
1. You must be one of my friends I've known.
2. Each person can only guess one time.
3. The guessing is only open to all my friends from 12pm to 6pm on 30th Oct 2007.
4. The comments that leave before 12pm or after 6pm on 30th Oct 2007 will not be entertained.
5. First 3 persons that guess it correctly will be the winner.
6. The answer will be announced after 6pm, 30th Oct 2007.

Have Fun!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Just have a BBQ session at my new place with all my colleagues. They suggested to have a BBQ, and choose my place. One of my colleague+friend, stayed just few floors below me. So, she is the one that helped to book the BBQ pit. Since I have work today, I just came back and went there to eat. Hehehe.

Luckily, the weather is good, no rain. From morning until evening, the sky was dark, seems like going to rain. Pheeeeeeeeeeew....... If raining, I think we need to postpone. I took some of the photos, but they came out not that nice, actually they were bad. So, I only choose few to upload here, all food. :)

How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I came across this website, to test how addicted are you in blogging. Here's my result.

Hmmmm..... 70%, not really addicted la.... Still ok.... HAHA. If you want, you can try it out Here.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Night Scene

I like the night scene from my new house, very very nice. I can just lie on my sofa and look through the balcony and relax. However, I never take any photo on it.

Tonight, as usual, I open my laptop and online on my sofa (YES, I only can get the wireless on that spot). When I look outside, I only can say WOW..... The Moon is so bright and round in the sky. I quickly run into my room and grab the camera. After few photos, it seems not so nice. So, I go and grab my tripod. With the tripod, here comes the nice night scene photo.

I put it a little bit bright, Moon seems like Sun huh.....

Pisa Indoor Stadium. Lights on. Maybe got function tonight.

Moon. Round and bright, right?

p/s another photo taken. The Moon moved so fast until so high now. no more Moon in the photo.

A little bit dark for this one.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jay Chou - Rainbow 彩虹

Jay Chou 2nd hit song from his latest album On The Run, Rainbow 彩虹. It's a slow hit. From what Jay said, it's the supporting theme song from the movie "Secret". AS usual, Rainbow is composed and written by Jay himself.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good News!!!

I called to streamyx customer service once again.... Although i knew I will only get the same answer. This time is worst. The customer service told me, they cannot check whether there are ports available or not. $#%%^%@^$^@$">$#%%^%@^$^@$ I think of scolding them but I controlled. Previously when I called, they manage to check for me, now said cannot. Arrrrrgghhhhhh.......

After that call, I called my condo management. I complained to them few times and they actually said want to help me write the letter to TM. So, I called and checked on the letter. She not yet prepared for me. :( However, she said she will help me call the in charge person of TM and let me know. After a while, she really call me back. She told me the in charge person will add the ports for our place.

2 hours later, the management called me. I'm driving at that time, on the way to my new house. She told me TM already added 14 ports for my area and asked me to go apply ASAP!! OMG!!!

That time is already 4.30pm, I was so afraid TM already closed. After I get the call, I immediately changed my route and drove directly to the TM point. As usual, after getting the number and waited for a while, it was my turn. I told the agent there I want to transfer my streamyx. Guess what..... they said ports are available!!!! Oh my.... Finally........ YES!!!!!

I was so happy. At last, I can online at my new house although still need to wait 3-4 days. Nevermind la.... I have already waited for few weeks, 3-4 days to me is nothing already.

Many thanks to my condo management!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cuti on MSN

This afternoon, while I'm in MSN, Ah Hoon asked me why in her MSN lists, many people have the in front of their name. I have no idea but for sure, there's a contest or event going on. So, I went into to check it out. (This Ah Hoon...... Soooooooo lazy, doesn't want to go check it out herself, ask me to do it instead)

On the first page, I already got my answer. Like what I said, there is really a contest going on. is going to give away cash.

Ok, here's the simplified steps that you need to do....

If you prefer to read the steps and not view through the chart, just go to the website and check it out.

After you are done on the steps, you should able to see the below name appeaer on your MSN.

The contest only starts tomorrow 24th Oct 2007 9am. For those that not yet sign up and want to try your luck, quick quick go register. If you somehow so lucky and win the cash, don't forget about me. Just treat me a meal will do. Hehehehe. Since Ah Hoon is the one telling me this, I will treat her if I get the cash. :)

I think I need to get some advertisement fee from since I'm helping them to promote.

Wish you all Good Luck.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

PGHK Prai Gathering Photos

I think it's time for me to post some of the photos on PGHK Prai Gathering on the 13th October. It's been almost 10 days after the event. Hahaha. What to do, I have other stuff to post. Furthermore, many of the PGHK members are already posted the photos in the forum or even on their own blog. So, I ban ban lai lo.......... Hehehe.

I was really tired on that day, very very very very very tired. Why I was so tired? Read back my previous post Memorable off days.

Some of the photos I've posted in the forum, but I forgot which one and I was lazy to go check it out, so maybe it will have a overlap here. I don't care so much now. For those who have seen it before, just viewed it one more time la.

Autocity is having the lantern festival. This is the entrance. RM15 per person. Weekdays buy 1 free 1. Some of my friends went there and said it's not worth it. I will not spend this kind of money too. Hello Kitty just ok to me, I like Doraemon more. :D

Untold Story on that night..........

I want to start eating liao... Quick quick take la...

You want to die ar, want to steal my food? Lu beh tiok liao si bo?

He is still eating, don't kacau him laaa.... But if you don't mind, you can kacau me anytime you want.
I've waited for so long and yet, no one wants to kacau or moless me. Come la... Although I'm big size, I'm very "Wen Rou" one.....

I finished liao.... You want to kacau me? Come come... moless me also no problem.....

So boring la those old people..... Finished eating liao ask people to moless somemore... Hai.... We better keep quiet, no eyes see....

Food...... Again...... :)

Black Pepper Chicken Baked Rice (Ice Ice Baby)

Fried Tao Fu

Cheese Garlic Bread

PGHK Members......

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fisherman Grill

My friends treat me dinner on my Birthday. They suggested to go Fisherman Grill. I just let them to decide since I no need to pay for the meal. Wakakaka. Furthermore, I've not yet been there, so it's good for me to go try it out.

We reached around 6.30pm. It was raining on that day. We were the first customer. The environment was quite nice but the air conditional was a little bit too cold. When we wanted to place the order, my friend ask me to take out my IC and show to the waiter. I thought he was kidding, what the heck I need to show them my IC? My friend told me I can get a free meal if it's my Birthday. Oh, ok.... In order to have the free meal, one of us needs to order from the à la carte menu and get another à la carte for free, which means buy 1 free 1 (of coz, free one will be the same price or lesser).

2 of my friends ordered the dinner set, beef and fish. It came with mushroom soup, garlic bread, main course, dessert and a special drink. The mushroom soup and garlic bread were delicious. The soup was creamy while the bread was crispy. Yummy yummy. However, the set dinner for the fish one was not nice.

Special Drink
Fish set

Beef Set


Another friend ordered Italiano Chicken. It's the spaghetti with grilled chicken. Just normal, not very special.

For myself, I ordered Seafood Lobster (actually my friend ask me to). The Seafood Lobster is the most expensive in the menu, RM38. To me, it's just so so, not really good until you want to have it again. Besides this main course, I get a dessert for free as well. Guess what? It's my favourite..... Ice cream (with fruits). It's a special one, It has a candle with light on top.

Later, another friend joinned us and she ordered Drumstick set (forgot the exact name).

After the dinner, we just went home since they have to work the next day.

Oh.... On that night, I met up with Laksa and HNKP. I didn't bring camera and we didn't take any photo, till next time....

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I like cakes very much. I went to buy one just now. Brownie. Yummy. It can be considered as my belated birthday cake. Wahahaha.

The brownie is so rich with chocolate, oh.... my favourite...... :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday

I've never done this before but I just want to do it now..... Hahahaha :)

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

One year wiser..... HAHAHA, not older..... May all my wishes come true~~~

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jay Chou - Busy Cowboy 牛仔很忙

Jay Chou will release his 8th album Jay Chou On The Run on Nov 2nd. His very first hit song Busy Cowboy 牛仔很忙 is already on air through most of the radio stations worldwide.

When first listening to this song, I already like it. It's the cowboy style music, make you want to move along with the music. For those that not yet listen, here you go.....

I will post the lyrics here as well. If you don't look at the lyrics, you cannot know what he's singing. Like what he said, he continue his old style with unclear pronunciation.


呜啦啦啦火车笛 随着奔腾的马蹄
小妹妹吹着口琴 夕阳下美了剪影
我用子弹写日记 介绍完了风景
我虽然是个牛仔 在酒吧只点牛奶
为什么不喝啤酒 因为啤酒伤身体
很多人不长眼睛 嚣张都靠武器

不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了
不用麻烦不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了
你们一起上 我在赶时间
每天决斗观众都累了 英雄也累了
不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了
副歌不长你们有几个 一起上好了
正义呼唤我 美女需要我 牛仔很忙的

我啦啦啦骑毛驴 因为马跨不上去
洗澡都洗泡泡浴 因为可以玩玩具
我有颗善良的心 都只穿假牛皮
枪口它没长眼睛 我曾经答应上帝
除非是万不得已 我尽量射橡皮筋
老板先来杯奶昔 要逃命前请你

For those that don't know chinese, just listen to this song will do. Enjoy....

More Food.......

Just before sending Tau Tau to bus station, I manage to bring him to have Penang Char Koay Teow (finally.... pheeeeew....) for lunch. During breakfast time, we ordered Char Koay Teow also in Super Tanker, but after we finished our stuff, the Char Koay Teow not yet come. We were short of time, Angku needed to go to the bus station at 10am. So, we just left.

I asked Tau Tau what he wanted to have besides Char Koay Teow. He said he wants ice kacang. Oh... ok, so I think and think, let me think of one place got Char Koay Teow and ice kacang one, Batu Lanchang market there. I ordered Passembur for myself, Char Koay Teow for Tau Tau, sugar cane and ice kacang for both of us. Yummy.......


Closer view of Passembur
Ice Kacang

Char Koay Teow

Closer view of Char Koay Teow

Tau Tau is having his Ice Kacang

I make myself hungry when I see these photos. Damn it........

Monday, October 15, 2007

Food, Food, Food and more Food......

Here's the photos I took during Angku and Tau Tau visit. All food~~~~~ :)

The foods that Angku and I have in the vegetarian restaurant before we go to fetch Tau Tau.


Lotus Rice (He Ye Fan)

Fried Wantan
Jin Si Juan (Golden Silk Roll)

We finished the dinner within an hour. Fast huh..... The food came very fast and all of them were yummy. Since it's still early, I decided to go to have some dessert. Angku agreed (Sure he agrees la.... hahaha, food wor..... tell you all one thing.... Angku can really eat a lot. Not only Angku, Tau Tau also, wakakaka). We need to walk through the New World Park, first time I go there after they build it so nice.

After some photo shooting, here comes the dessert shop, Sugar Dynasty.

Water chestnut with egg. Recommended by the taukeh soh (I think she is). But hor not nice!

Potato Tang Yuan. Nice!!

Fried Man Tou with honey. Nice!!

After the dessert, it's still early. So, since we already in the town area, we walked to the Gao Ong Ya temple there, in Burma Road.

The owner is so kind for letting me take the photos of the stalls.

We bought some of these for the supper! :) Angku just cannot control himself for buying.

There will be more photos to come....... :)