Sunday, November 30, 2008

File Types

There are many file types in one computer system. The most common and well known will be the picture files in jpeg and gif format. Besides the picture files, tons of file formats can be find. Sometimes, you even see some of the file extension which is weird. The worse part is, the downloaded files comes in an extension that you never see before and no idea which tool can open it.

I always encouter the above issue. Every time I got this problem, I will try to search it from the Internet. When I am lucky, I can get the solution in just few minutes. However, this is not applicable to some of the file types. I need to waste more than 30 minutes and even hours just to fix the file types problem.

If you are interested to know more about the different file types, will be your one stop learning website. From there, you can get the definition and description on each and every file types that you want. For example, if you are looking for file extension flac, you just need to go to and check on the category J. It explained to you on what is FLAC file types and what its use for. FLAC is an audio file format, Free Lossless Audio Codec, which is similar to MPEG. Most of the opearting system supports FLAC format, inclusing MAC and Windows.

Going to Rain

It seems like going to rain soon. It was cloudy the whole morning. I MSN with one of my friend just now and he told me it was raining in the east side. I am very confuse at the moment. I hope it will rain since I don't like this kind of weather. It makes me sick! On the other hand, I also wish not to rain because I need to meet up someone later and I need to walk towards the meeting place.

Rain or not to rain? Hmmmmm...... Rain when I was inside the mall and stop the rain when I am out of the mall. Sounds good? YES!!! Sounds really good to me. But, I am not the God. I cannot predict the weather and make any decision on it.

Nikon Black Friday Promotions

One day after the Thanksgiving, it is known as the Black Friday. Many people wait for this day to get an extra discount and great deal on the stuffs they are going to buy. There are many stores participate in this event including Nikon.

Nikon has its Nikon Black Friday Promo to all the Nikon fans. If you are thinking of getting the hunter's package previously but it is out of your budget, you have a great chance to get it now. Just for a $299.95, you can get all the 5 items and save $144.90! This offer is only last for 4 days, from Nov 28 through 1 Dec. Act fast before it is out of stock.

Meeting Someone

I'm planning to meet up someone today. I have no idea where to meet him yet. Yes, is a HE and HE is my blog reader too. Of course, I knew him from the blog world and I never see him either from photo or in real life. I will call him later and plan out.

Whom is the person I am going to meet? Want to have a guess? If you get it correctly, I will give you a gift. A gift from another country and not Malaysia. Haha.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Motorcycle

I have abandoned my motorcycle for many months. I just left it there in the house. I just renewed the road tax and it was with my friend now. I need to get it first before I can ride on it. I just afraid that I need time to start it since I never start it since few months back. Hopefully, I no need to change any motorcycle parts, if not, I will need to spend money again.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Petrol Cash Rebate

The other day I went to the post office to get the cash rebate for my car. Today, I go into the posonline website to submit for my motorcycle.

It is very easy. Just register as the user and click on cash rebate. Select the payment method, either bank or money order. Key in your bank account number if you opt for bank. Click on submit and it is done! From the site, it said that I can get my payment latest by 9.00am on the next two business days from transaction date.

Hmmm..... Let's wait and see.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Yoga for Muslims

As what mentioned from the title, all Muslims cannot perform or learn the Yoga starting from now on. From the news I read, the council made this decision because they afraid the Muslims will betray their religion and go for others.

Photo is taken from

I am wondering, if a person is not loyal to his religion anymore, he or she will go for others no matter what they do. Furthermore, from what I've known, Muslims are not allowed to go for other religion once they are in, right? So, what is so big deal about Yoga?

I am not really understand. Why they always have so many rules?

* Above is only my personal view. No offend and please don't take it seriously!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Windows Processes Error

Back to the time when computer runs on 286 processor and Windows 3.1, I was still very small. That time, the computer was expensive but my aunt owns one. However, I cannot use it as I wish since it's not mine. My aunt scared I will break her computer.

After many years, when I have my own PC, it was run on Windows 98. The frequent error that we encountered was the blue screen and hangs the PC. Nothing can be done except restarting the PC. After Windows 98, there are 2 versions of Windows: Windows ME and Windows 2000. Windows ME was not stable and always encountered Windows processes error. Windows 2000 was more stable if compare to Windows ME.

Windows XP is a more stable version of Windows and commonly used until now. Although Windows Vista is available, most of the companies still stick to Windows XP since Windows Vista is not compatible with some of the software.

If you are a dell PC user, maybe you will notice that there is an extra process in the Windows task manager: quickset.exe. Quickset.exe is the one and only process that will only appear in a Dell's PC. From Application Error's blog, it explains what quickset.exe is and what its main feature is. You can also get the info if you encounter the dell quickset.exe error.

Don't forget to refer to Application Error's blog if you are facing windows processes error that you have no idea on fixing it.

Google Logo during Halloween

I missed out this logo and didn't post about it during the Halloween. It is almost a month time since the Halloween.

I like this Halloween Google logo. The next Google logo will be the Thanksgiving logo. For those who never see a Google logo in another look, please watch out the Thanksgiving logo by next Thursday. Don't forget ya!!!

PC Error

When I first have a computer back to the year 1998, I was not good at that. I have no idea on how to uninstall a program. I will just go to the destination folder and click on delete. This is why it caused my PC always corrupted and need to reformat. Yes, I am good at formatting. Anything unusual happened to the PC and I was not able to solve it, I will just format it. Easy right? But trust me, formatting a hard disk is a very tedious job.

Later, when I have more knowledge on the PC, I know where to search for a solution: Internet! Internet is the largest knowledge base for us to search and get the solution for any of the PC error. Not only me, I think most of the PC users will get frustrated when the PC is giving you an unknown error such as error 632 that you totally have no idea at all. The only thing you can do is to get the solution online.

Uniblue PC Library is one of the PC solution resources to help you on all kind of PC error messages you encountered. By searching through the port detail by numbers or errors by error code range, you can get the solution to your issue easily.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gmail New Outlook

Gmail has its new look. I noticed it when I want to login into my gmail account. Login to the gmail account is my routine job. I need to check my email everyday. It is a must for me.

Nice or not? It's only so so to me. I think you also can customize the outlook to suit your needs. Have you tried it? What do you think?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Winner

No winner for the last guessing game. No one guess it correctly! =.=

The economy rice only costs me RM 2.60. There are people guessing RM 2.50 and RM 2.70 but none of you guess RM 2.60. Too bad. Never mind, I will have another one real soon. :)

Just some update, I have been busy recently and sick for the whole last week. Now, I am back to normal. Night shift was so tiring! Last time it was OK for me. But now, I think because of getting old, I cannot stand it anymore.

Reverse Phone Search

If you want to look for someone but you have no idea on how to do it, you have come to the right place. Reverse Phone Search is the website that can let you find the people you need through the phone numbers easily. All you have to do is key in the phone number and start search. Point your browser to now.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Karen Mok - If Without You 如果没有你

Last week on One Million Star, Liang Wen Yin 梁文音 and Wu De Hong 吴德宏 duet Karen Mok's song, title If Without You 如果没有你. They sang very good and got the highest mark of 24/25.

After the show, I went to search for the original song from Karen Mok. Very nice song and meaningful lyrics. I fall in love with it.

To my surprise, when I search through Youtube, I found out Zeng Pei Ci 曾沛慈 also sang this song before in the One Million Star. I cannot remember I watched that. Oh my.... My Zeng Pei Ci sang very well also!! :)

For those who are not yet guess on the price for the economy rice, you still have few hours to do so. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Are You Ready?

Are You Ready? Ready for what, you may ask. OK, first, you need to have a clear mind. Second, think of a price by looking at the photos below.

YES, you are required to guess on the price for the economy rice again. I have 3 key chains to give away and I only gave out one. I still have 2 left. Remember?

The rice was bought by my colleague. I was lazy to go out and eat. It has steam egg, potato and cabbage. Only 3 dishes.

So, how much will it be? Guessing ends 3 days from now, on Thursday 13 November.

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Clothes

Year end is coming and Chinese New Year is just 2 and a half months away. Some people will start to do the shopping while some others will start the spring cleaning. For me, I will only do it when it comes nearer especially spring cleaning and shopping for Chinese New Year food. The shopping mall will only start to have the Chinese New Year food 1 month before the Chinese New Year, which is around Christmas' time, I believe so.

Normally, I will buy clothes all year long if I saw some which is nice. I will not buy the new clothes just because new year is coming and we need to wear a new one. Most of the time, I will buy it in Singapore when I visited there. If you don't like to go to shopping mall, you can have another alternative way, which is shop online. Many nice clothes are selling online including the tactical pants.

Try to have your shopping list ready by this month and start your shopping by next month.

Monday, November 3, 2008

And The Winner Is.............

Oh My God Oh My God!!!!! We have a winner for the economy rice price guessing.

I thought no one will get it correctly. But, seems like that person is really good at guessing! Before I told you who is that person, let's see who are the participants.

*~Life of EtsF~* - RM3/RM3.50
Akira - RM3.80, RM4.00, RM4.20, RM4.50, RM4.80, RM5.00 (So tam sim, guess so many. But none of them is correct. LOL!!)
sock peng - RM2.80
TSP - RM3.80
yy - RM3.50
joze - RM3.40
bearlim - RM4.80
sharon - RM4.00
kikey - RM3.60
sue - RM4.30
浚妈妈 - RM5.50
AhhJohn - RM3.20
默 - RM7.00 (Too expensive la!!!)
jl - RM3.30
mei yi - RM3.00 (Kampung Jawa is correct but no prize. The price is wrong.)

Thanks so much to all my readers who are joining. Kam Sia!!!

The winner just now MSN me, asking me who is the winner. I didn't tell her that time. YES, it's a SHE!!!

And the Winner is........... SUE!!!!!! YES, is YOU!!!!

Sue, I am very curious, why you will guess RM4.30? Let me know, OK? Send me your address when you online in MSN. Congrats!!!

For the price, it was quite expensive to me. I just took the chicken and "cai por" egg, 2 dishes cost me RM4.30! Crazy one!!!

Anyway, I still have 2 more key chains to give out. Stay tune for my next guessing game.