Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today is 31st October. Happy Halloween!!! As usual, Google has special logo for this kind of festive celebration. This time, there are specials, a total of 4 logos. You can click on the logo and it will change to another logo.

Nice huh.... Anyway, tonight Esplanade is having the Halloween Party. Happy Halloween everyone and enjoy the party!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Love Malaysia Campaign Result

Do you still remember I blog about the I Love Malaysia Campaign contest? It is a contest by Exabytes, conjunction with the Malaysia National Day. The grand prize for this contest is the iPhone 3GS and Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB as consolation prize. After one and a half months, when I almost forgot about this contest, the result is out.

Again, my friend is the one who told me the result is out. She referred me to this contest. If I win a prize, she will win too. And guess what? I WON!!!!! Because of this, she also won. She got the email from Exabytes, and immediately, MSN me to check on my email. So I quickly go to check my gmail, no new email wor.... Then I go to check my Yahoo email.

HAPPY! Thanks Mary for referring me for this contest. If not, I will not know about it and don't say about winning.

This week is quite a bad week for me. My friend's dad passed away and my classmate left us due to heart attack. Luckily, this good news brings joy to me. I am so happy now. It has been few months since I won any prize. The previous one was the Eason's Moving On Stage 26 Concert ticket.

I also want to thank Exabytes for giving me this early Birthday present. Thank you so much! Muacksssssss!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nothing Ever Happened

Nice English song from Eason. The previous Mandarin album also has one English song named Aren't You Glad. However, I still prefer this one. I copied the lyrics here. Nice song, nice lyrics, nice vocal.

Hey, you once called me your baby
say it for the last time
with all your strength and meaning it this time
Hey, you once promised me the world,
but I never asked for it, but I never asked for it

Hey, you once praised me beautiful,
why I'd get get weaker,
why would I get weaker?

Oh please, please don't, I am so scared,
scared you're too perfect for me
or am I too naive for you

Either way it's too late,
too late for regrets, I'm hurt
leave me out of love,
leave love out, leave me out

Hey, let's just pretend,
nothing ever happened,
nothing ever happened

Hey, let's just pretend,
nothing ever happened,
nothing ever happened

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

I thought today I can take the round Moon photo. It seems like I need to wait for another time since it was raining until now. Too bad. Never mind, I can wait for next month. But I heard that August 15th (in Lunar calendar) will have the roundest Moon ever.

Finally, I went to the the camera shop just now to check out the camera+laptop bag. It's not cheap though. I have 2 choices now: Lowepro Fastpack 250 or Kata DR-467i (previously is DR-467). Lowepro is priced at RM350 while Kata costs RM330, just a RM20 difference. There was a customer in the shop told me that Kata is more comfortable while carry it on the back. I have read a lot of reviews online about these 2 too. Most of them said Kata is more comfortable. I tried on Lowepro Fastpack 250 as well. To me, it's not that bad either. But the laptop compartment is from the side, not the normal top. Hmmmm, now my scale is more towards Kata. I can use it as my laptop bag if I am not bringing my camera and laptop together. Anyway, I will decide and buy it by end of this month or beginning of next month.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all of you out there!