Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Kid can do it, why not an Adult?

If you are living in a condo that need to use a lift, I think you will face the same problem like I do. Sometimes, when you are already inside the lift, you saw someone is walking towards, for me, I will just hold the lift and let the people coming in, and not just close the door immediately. However, some people don't really care about others. They will just close the lift and let you wait for another one.

Just now, when I am back to my condo, the lift came at the same time. A few people is walking out and the last one to coming out is a kid. I think he is still in primary school. He hold the lift door, waited for me to go inside before he let go of his hand from the lift door. Of course, I say thank you to him.

You see, a kid knows what to do in such situation, why not an adult? A kid can even say thank you to you, if you help them out, but why a thank you is so hard to come out from an adult mouth? Is it really that hard? I doubt it!

Adult suppose to have more knowledge than a kid, but sometimes, their attitude is worse than a kid.


During school time, my most favorite subject will be Mathematics. I love Maths, I like to do those Maths exercise. For Maths, you need to memorize the formula for each of the solution. If you cannot remember, then you cannot proceed to solve the equation. Luckily, I am good at that.

When I stepped into Form 6, we have Statistic. Statistic is very straight forward. I like it and I remember, on the first semester, I got a 100 marks for Maths. I never think of that. Whenever I have a Statistics problems, I will need to ask my friends about it. If they are not free, then you will need to wait. If there is an online tutoring at that time, you can just log in and get the Statistics answers for your questions easily, 24x7.

TutorVista is the online tutoring that I am talking about. With a cheap fees, you can register for a different package for different subjects. If you are the first time user, you can try the demo version and get the free Statistics help from the system. It is easy and available all day long.

Back from a Gathering

I just back from a gathering, with friends. It has been a long time we never chat for so many hours. All of us are busy with our own life, it is good to have time to catch up everything from each other. We have dinner, and start to chat for almost 3-4 hours. Hmmm, we have so many things to chat.

I have no idea when will be the next one. But for sure, there will be one in near future. I am looking forward for that.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Time to Write in English

After so many months of Chinese post, I think I need to write some post in English again. I have my reason, of course. When you want to do something, there will always be a reason behind.

I think my readers and some of my close friends knew, I am doing paid post. It has been a long time I never do any in this blog because the PR is dropping and I never get any offer since then. However, my PR is back to 3 recently. I have no idea why. Google has its own system and it is hard to understand.

Anyway, since my PR back to 3, I received quite a lot of offer few weeks back. I have ignored many of them and yet, they are keep sending me to job. By just write in English and I can earn extra, why not? That is the main reason.

Besides English post, I think I will still write in Chinese, depends on my mood. Haha. Please expect a more frequent update from this point onwards. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

周杰倫 《跨時代》





媽媽說 很多事別太計較
隻是使命感找到了我 我睡不著
如果說 罵人要有點技巧
我會加點旋律 你會覺得 超屌
我的槍 不會裝彈藥
所以放心 不會有人倒

被狗仔拍的那邊裝著要道歉的模樣 怎樣


再次俯瞰這個世界 會讓我覺得好一些
拯救地球好累 雖然有些疲憊但我還是會
不要問我哭過了沒 因為超人不能流眼淚


如果超人會飛 那就讓我在空中停一停歇
再次俯瞰這個世界 會讓我覺得好一些 oh
拯救地球好累 雖然有些疲憊但我還是會
不要問我哭過了沒 因為超人不能流眼淚




繁華聲 遁入空門 折煞了世人
夢偏冷 輾轉一生 情債又幾本
如你默認 生死枯等
枯等一圈 又一圈的 年輪

浮圖塔 斷了幾層 斷了誰的魂
痛直奔 一盞殘燈 傾塌的山門
容我再等 歷史轉身
等酒香醇 等你彈 一曲古箏

雨紛紛 舊故裡草木深
我聽聞 你始終一個人
斑駁的城門 盤踞著老樹根
石板上回蕩的是 再等

我聽聞 你仍守著孤城
城郊牧笛聲 落在那座野村
緣份落地生根是 我們

聽青春 迎來笑聲 羨煞許多人
那史冊 溫柔不肯 下筆都太狠
煙花易冷 人事易分
而你在問 我是否還 認真

千年后 累世情深 還有誰在等
而青史 豈能不真 魏書洛陽城
如你在跟 前世過門
跟著紅塵 跟隨我 浪跡一生

雨紛紛 舊故裡草木深
我聽聞 你始終一個人
斑駁的城門 盤踞著老樹根
石板上回蕩的是 再等

雨紛紛 舊故裡草木深
我聽聞 你仍守著孤城
城郊牧笛聲 落在那座野村
緣份落地生根是 我們

雨紛紛 舊故裡草木深
我聽聞 你始終一個人
斑駁的城門 盤踞著老樹根
石板上回蕩的是 再等

雨紛紛 雨紛紛 舊故裡草木深
我聽聞 我聽聞 你仍守著孤城
城郊牧笛聲 落在那座野村
緣份落地生根是 我們
緣份落地生根是 我們
伽藍寺聽雨聲盼 永恆