Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Before buying an electrical appliances, I will go to search from many websites to get the review. I need to know: Is it good to use? Are there many people recommend it? How's the rating? Is it worth for that price?

Recently, I found one website which is useful. You can see the rank as well as the reviews from others. I simply click and come to this dishwasher review page. In Asia country, I think it's very seldom for a family to own a dishwasher. The same goes to Dryer.

Anyway, in this dishwasher review page, there are so many dishwasher for you to choose from. LG, Frigidare and GE are the top 3 with the highest rank of 91 and 90. You can get the dishwasher review by clicking on the particular dishwasher.

I think it's a must for consumers to do a comparison before making any purchase, unless you are very confident on that particular product.