Tuesday, November 2, 2010


When I was in primary school, I wish my school has the Lockers for us to keep all the books. At that time, we need to bring almost all the books to school. They were super heavy. Besides the text books, we still need to bring all the exercises books. You can imagine how heavy they were.

When I was in high school, no School Lockers were provided as well. However, we were smart enough. We compared and checked the time table with with my friends. If on that day, we have the same Chinese class, we will share the text book. After he used it, I will go and take it from him. That is they way for us to bring less books to school, to reduce the weight of our school bag.

I am not sure about now, maybe some of the schools already have the lockers. They are really useful, don't you think so? Just like those Gym Lockers that you can find in the Gym center. You can store your towel, clothes and water into the locker when you are doing the exercise in the Gym.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Windows Live Messenger 2011

I got an update on Windows Live Essential 2011 on my home PC few days back. I have ignored it previously. I have no idea why I clicked on it that day. Just after I have the Windows Live Messenger 2011, I was regret to have it upgraded.

First, you cannot simply put your display name as you wish. You will need to put in your first name and last name on the website. If anyone of them is blank, you will not able to continue to save the display name. I searched online and found the solution for this. I can only input the first name without putting any last name on it. Although this issue was fixed, it caused the second problem.

Second, you will need to key in your first name and last name when you want to add a new contact (if you fixed the first issue like what I mentioned above). It is a waste of time for just to add a new contact. You will need to key in your last name before you can add a friend. If you don't want to have your last name appear in your display name, you will need to go to the website and change it back. Every time you want to add a new contact, you will need to go through this. How frustrating!!!

Third, if you are appear offline, you will not able to send offline message to anyone in the list. You will need to appear online at least to the person you want to send the message to.

Fourth, there is no hand writing option anymore.

Fifth, the emoticon changed. I still prefer the old look.

In the end, I uninstalled and installed back the old version. I have no idea why Microsoft will release this version in the first place. They should get the feedbacks from the users and release a better version instead.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mathematics Online Tutoring

Mathematics is one of my favorite subjects. I like to do all the calculation exercises. However, before you can master the maths subject, you will need to memorize the formula. If you cannot remember the formula, for sure you cannot proceed with the calculation.

In the IT era, tutoring online has become a trend for all the students especially K-12 and college students. With the tutoring, you can get more exercises and ways to remember the formula. From a very simple How to divide to Pre Algebra and Algebra equations, you can get all of them from TutorVista, the world leading online tutoring company.

If you are a first time user, you can try out the demo before deciding for the sign up. The tutoring is available 24x7. You can gain the access at anywhere and anytime you want.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Say Goodbye to Night Shift

After so many years of working night shift, finally it comes to an end on 31 August 2010. 31 August is my very last day of night shift in this department. From September onwards, I will back to normal life, become a normal person.

Night Shift, Goodbye for now. I hope I no longer need to work night shift anymore in future, I really hope so. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Translation Services

It is very useful if there is one company that helps on the translation. I still remember, when I was in the University, I always need to translate my assignments from different languages to English. Most of the time, the information are in other languages. I need to spend a lot of time just for the translation. That will be nice if I have someone who provides me the translation services.

Nowadays, there are many companies offer the professional translation services that can help on all the translation, in 129 languages. No matter what languages you need, Translia can fulfill your needs without any issue. With the Translia language translation services, you can get your instant quote 24 hours per day. With the service provided, I no longer need to translate my information by myself.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sky Photos (XXIII)

Took it on the Star Pieces Cruise.

I never wait until the whole Sun is rising.

Anyway, hope you will like the sky photos!

It is really nice to see it with your own eyes.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

DUO Eason Chan Concert Live 2010 Karaoke (4DVD)

I got my Eason's DVD on last Tuesday. The DVD was shipped out on 5 July, Monday. From the website, it stated it will needs 5-10 working days for the shipping. I got it exactly on the 5th day of working day, which is on the 13 July. I was happy and surprise that it reached me so fast!

This is the photo I took in a hurry. I am rushing out on that day when I got the package. It is unpack at that moment. YES, I got the DVD with the cover I like!!! There are 2 covers, by the way.

DUO Eason Chan Concert Live 2010 Karaoke (4DVD)

I have watched it during the off days and I only have one word on it, FANTASTIC! The opening was still very shocking to me, especially when the things were moving with the sound. Oh man.... what a great concert!!!

I was talking to my friend on it the other day and he is so excited about it since one of his friend also inform him on how good is the Eason's DUO concert. He immediately asked me where to get it. I give him the url, and guess what, he ordered it on the spot! Wow, not bad......

If you want to order, try to order it from Play-Asia. You can get it for a better price and the best part is FREE SHIPPING to Malaysia and Singapore! If you are in US, you will need to pay for the shipping. I am not sure about other countries, you can check it out from the product page, just under the photo of that product.

I will try to take more photos on the DVD and what are inside the package, and post them here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Windows Box

I always dream to have my own house when I was a kid. I don't have a house back then, it is not belongs to my parents as well, it is a rented house. Until 2-3 years back, I manage to own a condo, with my sister's help. In the condo, there is a small balcony, that can let me plant some plants and flowers. But, due to my laziness, I never take any action until now. I do wish to have it in future.

Still, it will be best to own a landed property with a garden attached. At that time, I can buy the window boxes and decorate it beautifully with all kind of flowers. I think I will need some expert to help me on selecting the window flower boxes since there are so many designs. It will be hard for me to do it alone.

The best candidate will be my mum. She will be the one to help taking care all the plants and flowers from time to time. It will be better to get the garden window boxes that she likes since she will deal with them all the time, don't you think so?

Monday, July 5, 2010


I have totally forgotten how I bumped into Play-Asia.com. I think I Google on DUO Eason Chan Concert Live 2010 Karaoke and found it.

YES, my Eason Chan finally release his DUO Concert DVD!!! I have been waiting for the DVD since I watched the DUO Concert in Hong Kong during March. Normally, I will go to Yesasia.com for the purchase. Luckily, I found Play-Asia.com this time.

From Play-Asia.com, I managed to Pre-Order the DVD at a lower price. However, after few days I paid for the order, the price for the DVD drop $3. I emailed the customer support and told them about this concern. They are good enough to refund me the $3. In between, I also emailed them and asked about the product related information. They response to all my questions within one business day.

There are 2 covers for the DVD release. However, both Play-Asia and Yesasia will randomly send. You cannot choose which cover you want. For me, I prefer the one without Eason's face. That cover has more feel, do you think so? But 2 of my friends prefer the one with Eason's face. Actually, both also nice!

And guess what? I just got their email, saying that my order has been shipped! :) Yipeee.... Now I only need to wait for my the package to reach me. I wish I can get it now. Hehe.

Playing Golf

Talking about golf, I only tried to play it in Nintendo Wii. I never play for a real one before. Every time when I see people are playing golf, I think of giving it a try. It seems so easy but in fact, it is not and it needs a lot of patience.

I am thinking, if I want to play golf, which places will be the best? Then I notice that Myrtle Beach will be one of the good choices. From the research, resorts for golf in Myrtle Beach are not a problem. There are a number of resorts that you can choose from. Besides, golf packages in Myrtle Beach are also available to suit your needs.

These resorts and golf packages are brought to you by http://www.ttimesonly.com/. If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, do not hesitate to contact their customer support.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Android 2.2 FRF91 OTA Upgrade

Finally, I got the OTA update from Google.

This afternoon, as usual, when I want to check my phone for any messages or call, I got this System Update message on my phone, telling me to install the new upgrade! The very first thing I did, I run to grab my camera and take the photos on the update screen.

I clicked on more info and the next screen was actually telling you what will be the changes on this upgrade.

After restarting the phone, it is with Android 2.2 FRF91 Build. My nexus One become so smooth when scrolling and switch from one app to another. I am so happy that I have the OTA upgrade finally, which I have waited for around one month!

One more thing, Android 3.0 will be coming out this fall. I think all the Nexus One owners will get the update by end of the year, hopefully. Gingerbread, will be the name for Android 3.0. For sure, Android 3.0 will be a huge jump for Google. Let's wait it patiently.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Eason Chan DUO Concert World Tour 1st Stop - Singapore

Eason Chan will have his DUO Concert World Tour starting this coming September. The very first stop has fixed at Singapore!

Hmmm, will I go again? I am not sure for now. Haha. For the time being, most probably will not attend. If I have the machine to print money, then yes! The DUO concert will be held in Singapore Indoor Stadium. The ticket sells at the price of $88, $118, $138, $168, $198 and $228.

I think Eason will come to Malaysia as well, for sure, just a matter of time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Online Tutoring

Students are very lucky nowadays. If compare to the old days, students need to study and work on their assignment on their own. If they are not clear on the assignments, they only can ask their teacher or other students. But now, many of the parents will send their children to the tuition center to get extra knowledge and guidance.

Beside the tuition centers, online tutoring is available as well. K-12 and college students can just go online and get all the help needed from the Online Tutor. It is much easier since it is available anytime. If the students are facing the math problems, Math Problem Solver will be there for them.

Free Online Tutoring has becoming a trend for all the students out there with its high quality service and affordable price.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Android 2.2 (Froyo) Upgrade

I have been waiting for more than a week on the Android 2.2 upgrade for my Google Nexus One. Nic, my only friend who owned a Google Nexus One, already upgraded to Android 2.2 manually. Yes, the upgrade file is available online for those who cannot wait for the OTA (Over The Air) upgrade. I also have the file, but I decided not to upgrade manually and wait.

From the news, the upgrade file from the internet is not the official release upgrade from Google. It will be the official release upgrade if you got it through OTA upgrade. My sister also own the same phone as I do now. I think she will let me know once she got the update. She is checking it every morning. Hahaha......

I hope I will get the upgrade soon, most probably by this month.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I used to ride a motorcycle before I bought a car. It is very convenient to find parking place, if compare to a car. However, when it is raining, I wish to have a care instead. Now, I no longer ride my motor cycle anymore. It is abandoned outside my old house. I feel bad about it and I think I need to get the custom made tarps to covered it.

Tarpaulin or tarp is the best material to help covering your exposed objects or areas, for not getting dirty over the time. Vinyl tarp and poly tarp are the famous two. The best part is, the poly tarp is water proof. You no longer need to worry the objects will get wet. Furthermore, you can wash and clean them if they are getting dirty. However, I seldom see people using it in my housing area. Maybe it is not so popular here.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Kid can do it, why not an Adult?

If you are living in a condo that need to use a lift, I think you will face the same problem like I do. Sometimes, when you are already inside the lift, you saw someone is walking towards, for me, I will just hold the lift and let the people coming in, and not just close the door immediately. However, some people don't really care about others. They will just close the lift and let you wait for another one.

Just now, when I am back to my condo, the lift came at the same time. A few people is walking out and the last one to coming out is a kid. I think he is still in primary school. He hold the lift door, waited for me to go inside before he let go of his hand from the lift door. Of course, I say thank you to him.

You see, a kid knows what to do in such situation, why not an adult? A kid can even say thank you to you, if you help them out, but why a thank you is so hard to come out from an adult mouth? Is it really that hard? I doubt it!

Adult suppose to have more knowledge than a kid, but sometimes, their attitude is worse than a kid.


During school time, my most favorite subject will be Mathematics. I love Maths, I like to do those Maths exercise. For Maths, you need to memorize the formula for each of the solution. If you cannot remember, then you cannot proceed to solve the equation. Luckily, I am good at that.

When I stepped into Form 6, we have Statistic. Statistic is very straight forward. I like it and I remember, on the first semester, I got a 100 marks for Maths. I never think of that. Whenever I have a Statistics problems, I will need to ask my friends about it. If they are not free, then you will need to wait. If there is an online tutoring at that time, you can just log in and get the Statistics answers for your questions easily, 24x7.

TutorVista is the online tutoring that I am talking about. With a cheap fees, you can register for a different package for different subjects. If you are the first time user, you can try the demo version and get the free Statistics help from the system. It is easy and available all day long.

Back from a Gathering

I just back from a gathering, with friends. It has been a long time we never chat for so many hours. All of us are busy with our own life, it is good to have time to catch up everything from each other. We have dinner, and start to chat for almost 3-4 hours. Hmmm, we have so many things to chat.

I have no idea when will be the next one. But for sure, there will be one in near future. I am looking forward for that.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Time to Write in English

After so many months of Chinese post, I think I need to write some post in English again. I have my reason, of course. When you want to do something, there will always be a reason behind.

I think my readers and some of my close friends knew, I am doing paid post. It has been a long time I never do any in this blog because the PR is dropping and I never get any offer since then. However, my PR is back to 3 recently. I have no idea why. Google has its own system and it is hard to understand.

Anyway, since my PR back to 3, I received quite a lot of offer few weeks back. I have ignored many of them and yet, they are keep sending me to job. By just write in English and I can earn extra, why not? That is the main reason.

Besides English post, I think I will still write in Chinese, depends on my mood. Haha. Please expect a more frequent update from this point onwards. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

周杰倫 《跨時代》





媽媽說 很多事別太計較
隻是使命感找到了我 我睡不著
如果說 罵人要有點技巧
我會加點旋律 你會覺得 超屌
我的槍 不會裝彈藥
所以放心 不會有人倒

被狗仔拍的那邊裝著要道歉的模樣 怎樣


再次俯瞰這個世界 會讓我覺得好一些
拯救地球好累 雖然有些疲憊但我還是會
不要問我哭過了沒 因為超人不能流眼淚


如果超人會飛 那就讓我在空中停一停歇
再次俯瞰這個世界 會讓我覺得好一些 oh
拯救地球好累 雖然有些疲憊但我還是會
不要問我哭過了沒 因為超人不能流眼淚




繁華聲 遁入空門 折煞了世人
夢偏冷 輾轉一生 情債又幾本
如你默認 生死枯等
枯等一圈 又一圈的 年輪

浮圖塔 斷了幾層 斷了誰的魂
痛直奔 一盞殘燈 傾塌的山門
容我再等 歷史轉身
等酒香醇 等你彈 一曲古箏

雨紛紛 舊故裡草木深
我聽聞 你始終一個人
斑駁的城門 盤踞著老樹根
石板上回蕩的是 再等

我聽聞 你仍守著孤城
城郊牧笛聲 落在那座野村
緣份落地生根是 我們

聽青春 迎來笑聲 羨煞許多人
那史冊 溫柔不肯 下筆都太狠
煙花易冷 人事易分
而你在問 我是否還 認真

千年后 累世情深 還有誰在等
而青史 豈能不真 魏書洛陽城
如你在跟 前世過門
跟著紅塵 跟隨我 浪跡一生

雨紛紛 舊故裡草木深
我聽聞 你始終一個人
斑駁的城門 盤踞著老樹根
石板上回蕩的是 再等

雨紛紛 舊故裡草木深
我聽聞 你仍守著孤城
城郊牧笛聲 落在那座野村
緣份落地生根是 我們

雨紛紛 舊故裡草木深
我聽聞 你始終一個人
斑駁的城門 盤踞著老樹根
石板上回蕩的是 再等

雨紛紛 雨紛紛 舊故裡草木深
我聽聞 我聽聞 你仍守著孤城
城郊牧笛聲 落在那座野村
緣份落地生根是 我們
緣份落地生根是 我們
伽藍寺聽雨聲盼 永恆


Friday, April 9, 2010

Sky Photos (XXII)


Saturday, April 3, 2010

陳奕迅2010 DUO 香港演唱會















1. 在唱《無人之境》前,和女舞蹈員接吻了。是真的吻下去的哦,而且吻得很認真。現場一片嘩然,在所難免。如果演唱會來到馬來西亞,肯定會刪了這一部分。

2. 在Encore時段,梁漢文現身了!原來他一直都在觀眾席上,觀賞著陳奕迅演唱會。陳奕迅把他叫上臺,一起合唱了《PG家常指引》。這首歌是陳奕迅寫個梁漢文的哦。






Tuesday, March 30, 2010






Friday, March 19, 2010

Google Nexus One

就是它了!讓我期待已久的東西就是這個手機Google Nexus One。目前,Nexus One只有在美國,英國,香港和新加坡有得上網買。當然,我是托在新加坡的表哥幫我買的。從他收到,一直到交到我手上,應該有整整16天。可是左盼右盼的日子終于過啦。呵呵。