Sunday, October 31, 2010

Windows Live Messenger 2011

I got an update on Windows Live Essential 2011 on my home PC few days back. I have ignored it previously. I have no idea why I clicked on it that day. Just after I have the Windows Live Messenger 2011, I was regret to have it upgraded.

First, you cannot simply put your display name as you wish. You will need to put in your first name and last name on the website. If anyone of them is blank, you will not able to continue to save the display name. I searched online and found the solution for this. I can only input the first name without putting any last name on it. Although this issue was fixed, it caused the second problem.

Second, you will need to key in your first name and last name when you want to add a new contact (if you fixed the first issue like what I mentioned above). It is a waste of time for just to add a new contact. You will need to key in your last name before you can add a friend. If you don't want to have your last name appear in your display name, you will need to go to the website and change it back. Every time you want to add a new contact, you will need to go through this. How frustrating!!!

Third, if you are appear offline, you will not able to send offline message to anyone in the list. You will need to appear online at least to the person you want to send the message to.

Fourth, there is no hand writing option anymore.

Fifth, the emoticon changed. I still prefer the old look.

In the end, I uninstalled and installed back the old version. I have no idea why Microsoft will release this version in the first place. They should get the feedbacks from the users and release a better version instead.