Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Gift Basket

More and more friends are getting married recently, and more and more fiends are getting pregnant as well. By the time the baby is born, we will collect money from each other and buy baby gift baskets for the baby. Normally, we will get some baby clothes and baby products.

I'm the one responsible to buy for one of my friends few months back. We have quite a high budget since we have almost 30 people are participating. Per tradition, each of us will pay 10 dollars. So, you can imagine, 30 people will have 300 and it can be used to buy a lot of stuff. I think I buy few set of baby clothes and a stroller. After buying these stuffs, there is still money left. We decided to get some baby products with that money.

I never think of getting other stuff for a new born baby until I see this: newborn baby gift baskets. There are so many unique personalized baby gifts available from Blooming Cookies. They have rocking horse gift basket, star is born baby gift basket, radio flyer gift basket, toy dump truck gift basket and many more. You will don't know which one to choose from since each and everyone is so nice.

I think there will be more baby to born this year in my department. The baby gift basket will be a nice gift to them.

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