Sunday, July 18, 2010

DUO Eason Chan Concert Live 2010 Karaoke (4DVD)

I got my Eason's DVD on last Tuesday. The DVD was shipped out on 5 July, Monday. From the website, it stated it will needs 5-10 working days for the shipping. I got it exactly on the 5th day of working day, which is on the 13 July. I was happy and surprise that it reached me so fast!

This is the photo I took in a hurry. I am rushing out on that day when I got the package. It is unpack at that moment. YES, I got the DVD with the cover I like!!! There are 2 covers, by the way.

DUO Eason Chan Concert Live 2010 Karaoke (4DVD)

I have watched it during the off days and I only have one word on it, FANTASTIC! The opening was still very shocking to me, especially when the things were moving with the sound. Oh man.... what a great concert!!!

I was talking to my friend on it the other day and he is so excited about it since one of his friend also inform him on how good is the Eason's DUO concert. He immediately asked me where to get it. I give him the url, and guess what, he ordered it on the spot! Wow, not bad......

If you want to order, try to order it from Play-Asia. You can get it for a better price and the best part is FREE SHIPPING to Malaysia and Singapore! If you are in US, you will need to pay for the shipping. I am not sure about other countries, you can check it out from the product page, just under the photo of that product.

I will try to take more photos on the DVD and what are inside the package, and post them here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Windows Box

I always dream to have my own house when I was a kid. I don't have a house back then, it is not belongs to my parents as well, it is a rented house. Until 2-3 years back, I manage to own a condo, with my sister's help. In the condo, there is a small balcony, that can let me plant some plants and flowers. But, due to my laziness, I never take any action until now. I do wish to have it in future.

Still, it will be best to own a landed property with a garden attached. At that time, I can buy the window boxes and decorate it beautifully with all kind of flowers. I think I will need some expert to help me on selecting the window flower boxes since there are so many designs. It will be hard for me to do it alone.

The best candidate will be my mum. She will be the one to help taking care all the plants and flowers from time to time. It will be better to get the garden window boxes that she likes since she will deal with them all the time, don't you think so?

Monday, July 5, 2010

I have totally forgotten how I bumped into I think I Google on DUO Eason Chan Concert Live 2010 Karaoke and found it.

YES, my Eason Chan finally release his DUO Concert DVD!!! I have been waiting for the DVD since I watched the DUO Concert in Hong Kong during March. Normally, I will go to for the purchase. Luckily, I found this time.

From, I managed to Pre-Order the DVD at a lower price. However, after few days I paid for the order, the price for the DVD drop $3. I emailed the customer support and told them about this concern. They are good enough to refund me the $3. In between, I also emailed them and asked about the product related information. They response to all my questions within one business day.

There are 2 covers for the DVD release. However, both Play-Asia and Yesasia will randomly send. You cannot choose which cover you want. For me, I prefer the one without Eason's face. That cover has more feel, do you think so? But 2 of my friends prefer the one with Eason's face. Actually, both also nice!

And guess what? I just got their email, saying that my order has been shipped! :) Yipeee.... Now I only need to wait for my the package to reach me. I wish I can get it now. Hehe.

Playing Golf

Talking about golf, I only tried to play it in Nintendo Wii. I never play for a real one before. Every time when I see people are playing golf, I think of giving it a try. It seems so easy but in fact, it is not and it needs a lot of patience.

I am thinking, if I want to play golf, which places will be the best? Then I notice that Myrtle Beach will be one of the good choices. From the research, resorts for golf in Myrtle Beach are not a problem. There are a number of resorts that you can choose from. Besides, golf packages in Myrtle Beach are also available to suit your needs.

These resorts and golf packages are brought to you by If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, do not hesitate to contact their customer support.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Android 2.2 FRF91 OTA Upgrade

Finally, I got the OTA update from Google.

This afternoon, as usual, when I want to check my phone for any messages or call, I got this System Update message on my phone, telling me to install the new upgrade! The very first thing I did, I run to grab my camera and take the photos on the update screen.

I clicked on more info and the next screen was actually telling you what will be the changes on this upgrade.

After restarting the phone, it is with Android 2.2 FRF91 Build. My nexus One become so smooth when scrolling and switch from one app to another. I am so happy that I have the OTA upgrade finally, which I have waited for around one month!

One more thing, Android 3.0 will be coming out this fall. I think all the Nexus One owners will get the update by end of the year, hopefully. Gingerbread, will be the name for Android 3.0. For sure, Android 3.0 will be a huge jump for Google. Let's wait it patiently.