Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Nowadays, more and more people are having their own blog. Some of them want to share his/her felling to their friends and relatives, some of them just follow the crowd, people have blog, i also must have one, and some of others just write for personal.

I visited many blogs recently. There are a lot of nice blogs' link listed on my blog. However, sometimes I feel lazy to go read one by one, I will just choose some. Some of the blogger doesn't update their blog regularly. So, when I went there few times and see the same post, I will not go visit again in 2-3 days time. Today, I came across this blog, compokers.com.

From the name, I'm sure you already knew that this is a site related to online poker. For those poker fans out there, you need to check out this site. It provides information on poker including the rules, history, poker tournament results, pro player profiles and great online poker game that you can get it online. All these information will be updated from time to time.


Anonymous said...

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