Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ms Merchant Account

Most of the stores or restaurant today will accept credit card payment. However, some still prefer cash payment. Why they don't want to accept credit card? From my understanding, the merchants need to pay for the service charge if the customers make a payment by credit card.

Ms Merchant Account provides a low rates possible for all the business sizes on the credit card processing. There is no limit whether your business is a low or high risk. As long as you want to ease and have more customers, you can apply for the credit card proccessing from Ms Merchant Account.

Which type of business consider as low risk and high risk? For example, retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores and bars are consider as low risk merchants. High risk merchants include internet stores, gambling operations, travel agencies and etc.

Apply now. For sure, you can see the difference.

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shannon said...

merchant accounts that are set up for credit card processing all have fees. and different merchant accounts have different kinds of fees; there are monthly fees, annual fees, per-transaction fees, processing fees, or a combination of many.