Monday, March 31, 2008

Bead Bracelets

MyBeadGirl Design. Share. Wear.

When I first see this, I think of HNKP. She is the one who likes to do all kinds of handcraft including the Bead Bracelets (If I'm not mistaken. Hehe.) She is very good in designing and making the scrap book. However, I never see the bead bracelets that she made. I cannot give any comment over here, if not later she will kill me. :)

My Bead Girl is the site that gives you the chance to design your own bead bracelets. After designing, you can let them ship to you without any shipping fee! The price for the bead bracelets is starting from $10. HNKP, go try it out. I think you will like this site.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sky Photos (V)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some thoughts

I'm suppose to write on the "Cheng Beng" stuff. But, I need to write this first.

I thought my friends knew me well. As my best friends, at least, they need to considerate and think of my situation. They should know I'm working on shift schedule and my working time was not that normal if compare to them. I will not have a full weekend, I need to work at least on Saturday or Sunday unless I apply leave.

From their view, I'm the one who always busy with work and no time to hang out with them. Like this time, one of them is coming back tomorrow. He asked me whether I'm free. I told him I start to work from tomorrow. I forgot whether I told him I work night shift or not.

Just now I called him, asking him when he is coming back. He told me tomorrow morning, and will go have breakfast with another 2 of our friends. I asked him why he didn't ask me. He said, he asked me and I told him I'm working. Then he assumed I am not able to make it.

Another thing, 5 of them are going to Genting this coming June. I'm not sure whether I can make it or not. They seem not really happy with my "not sure" answer. I cannot promise them since I have planned to go KK by end of June. I don't think I can take leave again in the beginning of June. It's not really easy to find someone to cover us nowadays. We have less people in each shift.

I just don't understand, as my best friends, they should understand me well. Why they cannot think on my situation? Sometimes, I'm too tired to explain. I'm always the bad guy among them. So, just let me continue to be the bad guy. That is ME!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Photo Art

Many asked me to do the photo art and show them. OK la, since I also want to see what I can do on the art work, I tried few of the designs. Some of them are really nice and some of them are not. I only pick 4 of them and post here.


Oil Painting

Watercolor High Detail

Color Pencil Sketch

Computer Code

Which one do you like? For me, I like the oil painting and color pencil sketch. There are so beautiful!!! Of course, need to see who is inside the photo as well. Hahaha. :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Photo Artwork

Yesterday I talked about the Photo Greeting Cards. Today, I found another website which is nice for you to transform your photo into the artwork. There are over of 50 photo art styles that you can choose from Photofiddle.

Custom made personal photo to art is another ideal gift for your friends and family. It will be good if you can turn your family photo into the artwork and give it as mothers day gifts. Your mum will be happy to see the family photo has turned into a beautiful art.

It's time for you to choose a nice photo and create your art NOW!

Sky Photos (IV)

The other day, I told one of my friend that I was addicted to take the sky photos. Then, I asked him a very stupid question. I asked, where are the clouds come from. Such a stupid question! At that time when I asked, I didn't realize this question was not suppose to ask since I knew the answer. =.="

You knew the answer right? We learn that when we are in primary school!

Anyway, more sky photos to come. ^.^

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Photo Greeting Cards

When I was in primary and secondary school, every time during festival such as Christmas, Chinese New Year or even friends' birthday, I will buy the greeting cards and give to my friends, relatives and family members. Inside the card, normally I will write the greetings that I want to say to that person.

However, it will give me headache since I need to buy so many greeting cards to give to different people. I need to count how many persons I need to give, then I need to select the card, to see which card is more suitable. It's not an easy job. Sometimes, I will left out some of my friends and I need to go buy once again.

Besides buying the ready made card, have you actually made your own custom greeting card to your friends or loved ones? With your own custom made greeting card, the person who received your card will be surprise and happy. Maybe the card is not really nice, but for sure they can see your sincerity.

Talk about custom made cards, have you thought of Photo Greeting Cards? It's nice to have your photo embed into the card and give to your loved ones, especially during Valentines Day. If your loved ones received the Photo Greeting Card and see both of your photo, it will be very sweet for him or her.

What do you think about the Photo Greeting Card above? Nice and sweet right? I hope I can make one too.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bread Seller on Motorcycle

I saw this bread seller when I was driving towards Gurney Plaza to meet Akira. It's not really easy to spot the bread seller on the road. He is in front of me and he is riding very slow. I slow down my car as well in order to take the photo. If not, I will just over take him. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Words on Advertising Board

I will pass through this road and advertising board on my way back to my old house from work. The other time, I saw someone wrote some words on that board. But few days later, the wordings has been erased.

Few days back, when I pass through this road, some other words have been written on the advertising board again. What is on the board? Don't worry, I have the photo! I quickly took out my phone and snap it. Due to I'm driving and taking the photo at the same time, the photo is a bit blur. I know it's very dangerous for me to drive and take photo at the same time, but I took the photo in a very safe condition. :)

Can you see the word from my photo? If you are unable to do so, let me tell you. The words are "Pak Lah Tak Malu!" I don't want to elaborate more on this phrase. I let you think about it yourself.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Back to Normal

I'm back to normal after slept for so many hours. :) Thanks for those who concern!

Google has new logo again.

Short post again. I will try to write more on my next post.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Busy day for me.


No energy to type.

Go to bed now.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sky Photos (III)

I took these photos when I was waiting to get my car back on that bad day.

Not really nice though.

Skin and Beauty

Some people will have a sensitive skin and some will have an oily skin. It depends. For me, I have an oily skin, especially my face. I need to clean it often to make it fresh and oil free. Although I knew I need to take care of my own skin, I just simply use any kind of cleanser. My sister knew my skin type and bought me a set of facial product. The products are quite good. I'm still using them now.

Pier Auge is the only one brand with the concept: give the skin what belongs to it! There have all kinds of skin care product including cleansers, purifiers, specifics, lightening, balancing, active soothing, intense hydration, time control, and so on.

Among all the products, they also have the skin care product for men. Pier Augé MEN Face Wash Gel Gentle Scrub 100ml and Pier Augé MEN Relaxing Treatment Mask 50ml will be very suitable for me.

Do you have any skin care issue and you are not sure which product you need to use? You can try out The Facial Company. Maybe you can get what you want there!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I got it BACK!!!

It's really unbelievable! Remember I told you guys I accidentally close the MSN window and lost the pictures that my friend drew? I GOT IT BACK!!!!

Today, I saw my colleague's MSN got many cute and funny emoticon. I was asking her how to get it. She told me it's Sweet IM. I went to download and installed. However, this Sweet IM is not compatible with my messenger plus. I was using messenger plus for few years and I really like the tablet chat and the chat log.

Although MSN itself also has the log, it's only recorded the text, not like the messenger plus. I was checking my chat log (both from MSN build in and messenger plus) and suddenly, I found the chat that I have with my friend and the pictures are inside the log!!!!!! OMB!! OMTK!! OMG!! I'm so happy!

Want to see the pictures drew by my friend? Here you go!

She wants to use this knife after me!

She became the vampire, I think.

This is ME!!

This is SHE!!

Messenger Plus, thanks you so much! MUACKS!

p/s I think CTM asked me what is OMB. Normally we will use OMG for Oh My God. This OMB is learnt from my friend. B stands for Buddha, OMB becomes Oh My Buddha. I have my own version, which is OMTK - Oh My Thee Kong! :)

Google Logo on St Patrick Day

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sky Photos (II)

I'm lazy to update my blog after the bad day. I only went to visit others blog. I went to 迷迭香 blog and saw sky photo again. She really likes to take sky photos! I also took quite a few recently. Besides 迷迭香, 游子 also posted one sky photo which is nice!

I come to my blog and notice that 迷迭香 left me a message, asking me when I'm going to post the sky photos. Since I don't know what to write, I will post now.

The first one has become my wallpaper of my laptop now. Nice right? I still have others. I will post them at a later time.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bad Day (cont)

My bad day was not over after I got my car. I don't have enough sleep in the afternoon made me sick. I have a terrible headache for whole night long. Another incident came and made my headache more even worse.

My phone's memory card cannot access my photos the other day. It's totally cannot read from the phone and card reader. I think of format it since everytime i turn off and on my phone, it will ask me whether want to format the card. Last night, while I'm in the office, I suddenly think of doing that. It needs a phone lock code for you to proceed. I went to th SE website and got the code and click yes on the format.

Just after the format, problems came. The phone started to act weird, it keeps hanging when I press on something. I'm so fed up and try many ways but it's still the same. My cousin asked to try on updating the software. I thought of that at first, but I didn't bring along the USB cable. Since I cannot wait until tomorrow morning, I went back home and took the cable during my dinner break (or should I say supper break?).

I managed to backup all my contact into my laptop. This is the most importannt thing I need to get it done before I did any upgrade. Just in case anything happen, my contacts are still available. I tried to do the software upgrade but it said the phone need to be fully charge. No choice, need to wait.

At that time, my phone went ok. I tried to press here and there and it seems to be working fine. I'm not sure what was wrong with the phone just now. Anyhow, I still proceed with the software upgrade. It's so easy to install the new version of the software. You only need to follow the instruction on the screen. Now, I'm using the latest version 1200-4404 R1EA031 080206 and it was working fine!

Luckily, my phone went back to normal. However, my headache was still there. Anyway, the phone is acting normal and I'm very happy about it.

Fantasy Baseball Software

Many people like to watch baseball. For those who like baseball, for sure they will participate in the fantasy baseball league. It's actually the same as others Fantasy sports game.

If you are familiar with the Fantasy sports game, you will know that it's not easy for you to win. This is applicable to Fantasy Baseball league as well. You need to know all the teams and players, and keep updating your news on the baseball. Besides, you need to select the right player for your team and manage them well. Management is very important in this game.

Now, winning in the Fantasy Baseball league is not a dream anymore if you are using the Fantasy Sports Prophet's Fantasy Baseball software. It's the key tool you must have in order to win the leagues. Why is it so important to have that?

Fantasy Sports Prophet's Fantasy Baseball software is a web based tool that you can access to it anytime, anywhere, with the internet connection. It will provide you the player ranking for your easy reference. The ranking is based on the Predictive Modeling by PhD scientists. Fantasy Baseball software is also the most advanced draft assistance tool. Besides, you can get the major updates such as all stats and injury reports from the software itself.

It will be good if you can win the league because the prize money is not bad. What are you waiting for? Get the Fantasy Sports Prophet's Fantasy Baseball software now and get a $10 off by using the promo code BMC200.

Good luck and have fun!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bad Day

From previous post, I mentioned I will send my car to repair today and I did.

After back from work at 7am, when I reached home, it was almost 7.45am. I need to send the report by 8am. I quickly go for a shower and make some breakfast. As usual, Milo and Bread.

After sending the report, it was almost 9am. I was so tired at that time and I almost fall asleep. I was chatting with my friend until 10am before I went out. I reached the car repair shop at 10.45am. The mechanic said I was late as he told me to be there at 10am. He said he cannot promise to fix it by 3pm or 4pm. Maybe will only be ready at 6pm. I was like, OK lo, I have no choice what. The mechanic lend me his bike for me to ride home.

It has been a while I never ride a bike. I was a little bit nervous actually. When I almost reached my house, the bike just went off. I tried to start it for so many times until my leg pain, also cannot start. I called to the mechanic and he said maybe the bike was out of petrol. OMB!!!! (Taken from my friend, she used OMB rather than OMG. What is B means? You guess la~~~)

I waited there for around 30 minutes before he came and put in the petrol. When I reached home, it was over noon. I quickly finished my lunch, chat with my friend for a while and went to sleep. I was not able to sleep peacefully. The giant above me (I called the one who lived on top of me giant) starts to drill something. $(@#$*#$&(@#.

CTM called and woke me up around 4 something. He asked me is it true there is a protest in KOMTAR. I was not sure. I told him, I'm sleeping. If they fight, they will not fight until my place since KOMTAR is far far away from where I lived. Haha. Later, my mum told me the news on TV did mention about this incident. I'm not really sure what happening. Maybe I will check the online newspaper later or go to Malaysiakini.

Mechanic called me at 5.40pm, told me the car was ready. I rode the bike to the shop and took my car back. It's jammed, so many cars!!! But this time, I was very steady. You can actually have a different view when you are riding a bike if compare to what you see when you are driving a car.

Finally, my car is back!!! She has caused so many problems to me recently. I hope she will behave, if not, I will dump her.

p/s One more thing, one of my friend concerned about this and hope I will be happy soon. I just want to say, after seeing the message, I was happy and have forgotten all the frustrated moments!! Thanks! ^-^

Car Repair.... Again.....

I sent my car for repair again! YES, AGAIN! The temperature of the car was getting higher, more than half. I checked on the engine oil and noticed that my car is too hungry, it is not only hunger for petrol, it also eats up the engine oil!

The mechanic told me if the engine oil is less, the temperature will be getting higher. For the engine oil become lesser, if wants to repair, the car need to be there for 3-4 days. It will cost around 400++. =.=" Another thing, my car batter need to be changed since it's already gave me some sign of cannot start the car, costs me 240! >.<

I went to the petrol station and bought 1 liter of the engine oil. The temperature was still staying high. I called to the mechanic once again, I asked him is it because the cooler tank was dirty. He said this can cause the temperature to be going up too and It needs to be clean. It will be dangerous if the temperature is getting higher and higher.

I made an appointment with him on tomorrow. I need to send my car to him at 10am and get it back around 4pm or 5pm. I can only sleep after 10am tomorrow morning. Sigh......

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sky Photos (I)

I like to take sky photos. I mentioned that on my previous post. I have taken quite a lot of the sky photos recently, this will be the part one.

Nice or not? Give some comment ya........

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Funny Scene

I'm on night shift last week. There was one day, when I woke up in the afternoon, it was raining heavily. I walked to my living and you guess what I saw? Birds are hiding the rain and all queue up on my balcony! I manage to take one photo of them. I tried to go closer and they sense me. All of them just flew away.

Seems like animal and birds also scared of rain huh......

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Era of Penang

The hottest news for today is not about the Dr Chua Sex DVD or Edison Chen Sex photo anymore, it's about the result of the election.

Opposition Party won many of the seats in both states and parliament and managed to rule Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor. Kelantan is still under the control of PAS with no surprise.

Lim Guan Eng will become the Chief Minister of Penang. Is it good or bad? I'm not sure. But at least, all the people are already made the choice to give opposition a chance. This is good from my point of view. It will create a healthy society, at least there is a competition there, rather than BN win all the time. I hope it will be a better future for Penang.

This morning, when I was on the way back from work, I saw many of the BN's banners and flags everywhere. Opposition's banners are only a few. BN wasted so much money on this and in the end, they have a terrible lost. From my thought, if people are fed up with you, no matter how you advertise, even in the TV, radio or newspaper, it's useless and it will not help anymore.

I'm very excited to see what Opposition Party will do to Penang, how they manage, how they help to improve and make Penang a better state. Let's wait and see.

Qin Ai De 亲爱的 by Sam Lee 李圣杰

Just want to share this song. It's a nice song and I love it so much. I think I listen until I almost can sing the whole song without looking at the lyrics already.

Hope you like it!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

No Update for tonight

I have no time to update any post tonight, I need to look after who won in the election and at the same time, watching the All England Badminton. Malaysia Double just lost in the semi final. I hope Lee Chong Wei can win over Chen Jin and go into the final.

Update: Lee Chong Wei lost as well. Sigh...... However, DAP wins in PG state!


Compuplus is one of the company selling all kind of electronic items online including computers. There is a 30 day money guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product you received. Compuplus promised to send the products on time and in a complete state. All products are come with a full manufacturers' US warranty and in full retail packaging.

Photos Corrupted

I think of posting some photos I took using my hp. Normally I will just took those photos whenever I go. When I want to post it, I will use bluetooth to transfer the file into my laptop.

Tonight, as usual, I want to transfer the files over. To my surprise, it cannot be done. So, I try to view them using my phone, cannot also. I took out the memory card and plug into the card reader, cannot copy and stated that the file is corrupted.

Oh My....... What is happening? I took some photos this afternoon and they are ok, can be view and transfer. Just some of them cannot. There are total of 88 photos! Among them, I have copied some into my laptop previously and it was no problem at all. Now, not even can view.

Who can help me?? Arrrgghhhhhh~~~~ >.<" =.="

Sad sad~~~

Friday, March 7, 2008

Holiday Shopping

When we go for holidays, for sure there will be one or two days is meant for shopping. We will go and visit the shopping mall in order to get ourselves some stuff and souvenirs for friends. There are some people who mad in shopping, will go for vacation just for the shopping purposes. Although girls are the majority, there will be men who like shopping as well.

I have few friends who are mad of shopping. One of them like all the branded stuff. You can see lots of branded stuff if you go to his house. Another one like to buy whenever he see new things. He didn't think whether he really needs that thing or not. He will just buy it.

Anyway, shopping is fun especially there are sales! If one of the shopping mall is having the mega sales, you can see a long queue for the parking or even at the cashier. Every corner is packed with people! Everyone just wants to save some money.

I have a better suggestion for you. You can save more if you shop during the black friday sale. Black Friday sale will be on the very next day after the Thanksgiving. You can buy gifts or items for the Christmas preparation. There are many outlets that participate in the sales. Target is one of them. I like Target because I got my extension rod there!! :)

Start your holiday shopping and save now.

High Speed Internet

Back to the old time when there is no broadband and cable line, dial up is the only choice. At that time, the modem we use is 56K. I still remember the first modem that I bought was only 33.6K. My friend got a 56K Motorola modem at that time for RM500+. It's so expensive! For dial up, we need to use our phone line. The phone bill was high if we always online. Others who wants to call you will not able to get through since you are using it.

Later, there is the broadband era and of course I throw away my dial up. With broadband, you can download your files and surf the internet with high speed. you no longer need to wait the page or photos to load. You just need to click and the page will appear right after the click.

If you don't have a high speed internet, it's time for you to get one. Charter High Speed gives you the high speed internet for LIFE! what you need to do is pre-register and start biding. The one who bid with the highest price will get the service for the rest of your life. Great deal, right? Besides, you will stand a chance to win a Nintendo® Wii™. Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™! now!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ninja Turtle saying Hi

My friend sent me this in MSN. She drew this by using the mouse. Amazing. Actually, she drew a knife, her angry face and my face the other day. But, I'm too careless to close the MSN window without saving it! :(

Anyway, do you think the drawing is good? To me, it's very good indeed. I was not able to draw it well by using a pencil, don't mention about using mouse anymore.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fake Vitas

I posted before on one singer name Vitas with his song Opera #2. But this one, is a fake one. I saw this in Headmaster's blog and it makes me laugh non stop.

Oh My Thee Kong. You will want to punch that guy if you see his face. Cannot stand him!! But, it's really funny la!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cepat Man

I'm driving one of the night and I saw this bus, with the word Cepat Man at the back! It's so funny! I took the photo immediately.

It seems to be far, so I moved my car a bit in front and took another one. Hahahaha. Don't worry, we were stop at the traffic light. So, it's OK for me to take the photo.

This bus was really Cepat!!! The driver drove on the outside lane, cut into the inner lane and go towards the bridge (I assume). My Thee Kong. Dangerous!

* Cepat is a Malay word means fast.

Dark Sky

I took these photos after my work few days back. The sky was so dark!

The last photo was taken inside my car. So, it's a little bit blur.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Unexpected Meet Up

I didn't plan to meet him. I even have no idea I will meet him. HNKP sms me, informed me he was in Penang and asked whether we can meet up or not. After few sms and call, we decided to meet up in eGate. At first, the venue was at Gurney Plaza. I think it's too far for me to go there. I suggested eGate instead.

Before going there, HNKP called, asked me to go fetch her since her lemon not yet back. I have no choice but to go fetch her. =.=

When we reached eGate, he was already there. We went to Starbucks and have chit chat there. Who is he? He is CTM lo.....

It's nice to meet up CTM althought it's an unexpected meet up.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Testing with Windows Live Writer

I'm now writing this post by using the Windows Live Writer. I just want to do some testing and see whether this post can be publish successfully or not. I'm going to try out this program for the next few days and I will write a review on it, if I'm free to do so. :)

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