Friday, June 26, 2009

Social Media Marketing

Marketing is very important to a company. However, to find a good marketing company is even more important than the rest. If you get a marketing company which turn out failing to promote your company, time and money are wasted. The most critical thing is, your business will not grow. However, if you get a good marketing company, you will see a good result from it. The best example will be the Kmart marketing campaign run by IZEA.

Kmart, which is seldom known by others, has become so popular with the help of IZEA marketing strategy: Conenct with A-listers, Harness the longtail, Give something back and Leverage multiple platforms. Each and every strategy's main point is to promote the brand of Kmart, to become well-known to customers.

First, 6 leading bloggers have been chosen to shop in Kmart with the sponsorship spends from Kmart itself. Besides, bloggers have helped to spread the word. On top of this, contest was launched to provide a way to promote Kmart. In addition, different platforms such as blogs, email, Twitter, Facebook, and others have also helped on spreading the brand name.

From the Social Media Case Study, the result from these strategies were very encouraging and positive. More than 90% of bloggers are more likely to make a purchase from Kmart after writing about it.

This example shows you clearly why the marketing company plays an important role in marketing your business. Below is the case study slide show for Kmart from IZEA.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Just back from Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. Very nice movie and MUST watch it in the cinema. Bumblebee is still the cutest and coolest autobots among all. I like him so much. Never forget about Optimus Prime as well. I am not going to tell the story over here, just go watch it yourself. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Web Hosting Geeks

I have written quite a number of post regarding the web hosting. However, still a lot of people are asking me on which web hosting to get. If they have read my post clearly, they will know how to get the best web hosting. Since they are still having doubts, let me explain to them one more time.

In order to get a good web site hosting, first, you need to know what you are actually want. You need to know what is the purpose of your website. If your website allow people to download files, you need to consider the web hosting which offers a large storage and bandwidth. After confirmed on the needs, is time to compare on the pricing and package. Some hosting company provide an attractive packages with low price but poor customer service. Some web hosting plan is a bit expensive, however, they provide the best customer service to their users. For me, I will pay a bit more and get a hosting with a good customer service. When we are facing problem on the hosting, there will be someone to help you to fix the issue, this is the most important criteria. If not, your website will be down. It will be worst if your website is generating income for you.

All these information can be found from the Web Hosting Geeks. The website shows the top 10 web hosting with all the features, price and reviews. If you are going for the e-commerce, read this article which is taken from the blog session: Common E-commerce Hosting Terminology. A lot more good articles are there. Just spend some time to go through and for sure you will know which hosting will suite you more.

My Dream Camera

I plan to get a SLR camera by next year. From the research, Canon EOS 500D will be my dream camera. For me, I think 500D is more than enough for a beginner. I start to read all the reviews and compare with other model, even other brand. No matter how, I still prefer the 500D form the shape, the weight and the photo quality. Until then, this is still a dream for me.

Sometimes, things happen and your plan no longer applicable. It happened to me! My Power Shot S2IS is giving me problem when I went for shooting. When I turn it on, it showed me nothing, all black. However, the LCD can view all the photos inside the memory card. I ahve no choice but sent for repair. From the repair center, the lens is broken and needs RM480 to fix it. RM480 to fix a old camera is too much for me. I decided a no go for the repair.

Without repairing, it means that I will not have any camera for taking photos. I start to think of getting the SLR but the price is quite expensive. After asking and thinking for many days, I still cannot decide. One day, my friend helped me to ask one of the shop. The price was very attractive!! It is much cheaper. Without any hesitation, I headed to the shop and bought my Canon EOS 500D. Finally, I owned YOU!

Visit Singapore

Singapore has become the country that I will visit at least once every year. This year, I not yet make any arrangement to visit it until I see the Accor Hotels City Super Sale. From as low as 61 USD, I can revisit this place and stay in the Singapore hotel with a great savings.

Singapore has a couple of places that I will go for this visit. I plan to go during year end. Why I choose year end? Of course I have the reason. It is because Singapore is having SALES on that time. Besides shopping, I wish to go to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. I want to go there and try out the performance of my newly bought camera. On the very next day, I will go to the Sentosa Island. Another great place for photo taking. One full day is needed if you want to visit Sentosa. There are so many things you can do there. However, Musical Fountain will be my main purpose of going there. If I have time, I would also like to visit the Science Center and Bird Park. I never visit both places for many years. For sure, there will be a lot of changes and improvements.

The Asia Pacific Hotel City Sale is only for a limited time only. Grab it when it is still available and start to plan your own vacation trip now.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Farewell to HNKP

I just back from praying HNKP. I got the chance to talk to her sister and Ah Hooi to know more about her. HNKP's sister wants me to say thank you to all of you who have left her message in FB, blog and MSN.

Tomorrow will be HNKP's funeral. I can't make it. I need to work. HNKP, please forgive me. Goodbye, my dear friend.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our one and only HNKP

Ah Hooi called me. I never expect someone named Ah Hooi will call me. When he told me is Ah Hooi, I thought that he is my mom's friend's son. I never think of this Ah Hooi is HNKP's boy friend. Then he told me HNKP passed away. I was like huh? Are you calling the right person? I asked him. He said, you are so so so and you don't know HNKP meh? Then only I realized who is the one that actually talking to me.

Honestly, I was so shocked to get the news. I never prepare to get this kind of news. I think I shouted quite loud on the phone until my mom came over and asked me what happen. I totally cannot accept and don't know what to do. I started to call others and MSN someone. I need to let others know about this as well.

Last few weeks, TSP tagged a lot of the photos of us, that we took during CNY in FB. HNKP left a message in on e of the photo, saying that she missed my butter cookies. Yes, on that photo, she can see the butter cookies that I gave to them last 2 years. This year, I never give to her. After I saw the message, I said to myself next year I will give her one bottle. I never reply on top of the message. It was too late now.

I browsed through her blog. In the post, she did mention about me. She always MSN me to help her get some songs or even lyrics. Sometimes, I will translate the lyrics into pinyin for her as well. With that, she can sing with it.

HNKP, we will always remember you. You bring a lot of fun to us during our gathering. I still remember the first time we met, in Old Town. You are so quiet. Remember what I said? You are not like you! You always scold bad words during recording or our chat session but on that day, you were so quiet. Hahahaha......

I really hope you will RIP, we will miss you always, our one and only HNKP!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can't Wait......

Can't wait to watch the below 2 movies. Both are also from Aaron Kwok. According to the news, this thriller movie Murderer will show during the HK holidays. I hope it comes to the cinema here at the same time too.

Another one will be the well known Storm Warriors. This is the new trailer. It will show on the 17 of December.

Oh.... Just can't wait to watch!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Roger Federer won the French Open finally!!!

Yes, Roger Federer won the French Open 2009 finally, beating Robin Soderling in straight set 6-1 7-6(1) 6-4. I watched the game online and it seems like no fight for Soderling.

However, before Soderling went into the final, he beat Rafael Nadal in the 4th round, Nikolay Davydenko in quarter final and Fernando Gonzalez in semi. If Nadal vs Federer in the final, I don't think Federer can win. Nadal is too good over Federer. He knew his playing style.

Anyway, I am happy Federer finally won the French Open! :)