Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29

I suppose to post the drawing from my friend in my blog. BUT, I accidentally close the MSN window and the drawings are gone. Oh my..... =.=" =.="

Anyway, today is February 29, last day of this month. February 29 only has it once per 4 years! For those who born in this day, Happy Birthday!!

February is over and March is coming. Q1 is going to over soon, left 1 month. It seems like these 2 months I'm doing nothing. Sigh.... Need to work harder.

I have my favourite Wantan Mee again this morning. :)

Take this photo in the company car park when I'm on the way going out for lunch. Just like the cloud and the sky. Cloudy for whole morning.

Vector Marketing

What is Vector Marketing? Any idea? If no, let me tell you what is it all about.

Vector Marketing is the direct sales company with the headquater in Olean, NY. Their target is on that market of Cutco Cutlery®, a line of kitchen cutlery, accessories and sporting knives of the highest quality.

For students, Vector Marketing can help them to know more on the marketing and business strategy. They can learn the skills and all types of techniques while handling the customers. Besides, students can earn the academic credit while working as the representative for Vector Marketing.

It's not only applicable for students, professors and professionals are also can benefit from Vector Marketing.

This post brought to you by Vector Marketing

Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Anwar not guilty" by Mahathir

Oh My God!!! Can you imagine this? Mahathir admit that Anwar is not guilty last time! Because he has the power and needs the power at that time! He purposely make him guilty!

Oh man.... This is POLITIC!!

Creativity from DAP

I received these photos from my friend. It's so funny to see the creativity from DAP. They put their banner just under the BN's. It become like this: "Want a change? Vote Rocket!"

You can see many funny stuff during election time. Trust me!!

Plant a Tree

Talking about planting a tree, I remember of some movies that I watched before. In the movie, they plant the tree or write something on that tree or hide something under the tree. 20-30 years later, when they go back to the old place, the tree is still around and of course, become bigger. The trees have become the memorial trees for them.

In our daily lives, tree is very important. We often heard people talking about environmental issue. People keep chopping off the trees. After chopping, it should be planting. This is a circulation. However, I'm not sure whether they practice this or not. For example, papers that we used daily are produced by trees. That's why, it is better for not wasting the paper. But there are people who didn't think about this. We need to educate those people, we need to make them more concern on the environmental issue and help to make the earth healthier.

I'm curious about this: Have anyone of you ever think of helping the environment and our mother earth by planting a tree? You have the chance now. Besides helping our earth, the trees can be your Interesting Irish Gift for special occasion or even to your special one.

Check out their site for more information on what Rooted in Ireland has done. You can see the photos and testimonials from many people who have planted the tree. Great support is needed from all of you out there.

"A society grows great when they plant trees whose shade they will never sit in" - Ancient Proverb

This post brought to you by Rooted in Ireland

Rainy Day

Today, it's a rainy day. It's started from last night. It rained so heavily with thunder. This morning, cloudy all the while until now. If I'm not working today and stay at home, how nice it will be!

I'm in dreaming mode actually. :D


Flashcard is a very useful material during studies. Last time, during my studies, I tried to use that and I found it very useful. Flashcard is very useful since it can be carry all the time with you. You can refer to them when you are waiting for the bus, or anytime that you are free.

During the old time, we need to create the flashcard by our own. Normally we will just use the paper, and cut it into small pieces, then only write the study material on top. Now, we no need to go through those tedious steps anymore. We can create the flashcard online by using the free service provided by This is called technology!

There are so many categories in the Flashcard Friends. The most interesting category will be the languages. I can learn the language that I like such as Spanish, Japanese and so on.

Start Learning by using Flashcard Friends.

Press Release:

Flashcard Friends Combines Social Networking and Online Learning

Second generation Web 2.0 entrepreneurs create a FREE “social learning” website for students, homeschoolers and teachers

Belmont, CA. – February 21, 2008 – Flashcard Friends combines social networking—a la Facebook and MySpace—with online learning. The inspiration for Flashcard Friends came when the founders of the company, Kendall and Ryan Hogan (now ages 15 and 12) were being forced to create flashcards by their whip-cracking father. They complained that “flashcards are lame…why can’t we do them on the Internet…and why can’t they be fun like MySpace.” Their father, Mike, a web 2.0 entrepreneur, started asking questions about how it might work. Kendall and Ryan described a social network where students could create flashcards and share them with their classmates; or teachers could create flashcards and share them with their students.

With the help of their father, Ryan and Kendall defined what they wanted their website to do. Then their father recruited a top-notch team of developers and got it built. You can now see their website at Following in their father’s footsteps, Kendall and Ryan are second generation web 2.0 entrepreneurs.

Old school (printed) flashcards are a powerful and proven memorization tool. By using them, Kendall and Ryan were able to substantially improve their test scores. But online flashcards enable a lot of very powerful capabilities. For example, spelling, pronunciation of foreign words, automated testing and correction, images, all of this and more is a snap with Flashcard Friends.

Once the flashcards are in the system, you can share them with friends. The Hogan kids are now looking forward to the day when they return from summer break, only to inherit online flashcards from the class ahead of them. In addition to finding flashcards through friends, you can navigate through flashcard decks by category (e.g. math > algebra), or search by tags, keywords, and more.

Some of the website’s functionality:
• Create flashcards with text, pictures and sounds (ideal for foreign languages)
• Four different learning modes: find one that fits you, or use them all
• Auto-magically creates tests from the flashcards and then corrects them
• Uses social networking to manage sharing card decks
• Find existing flashcards by subject, school, teacher, book and more
• Speak into your computer and add the recording to the cards instantly
• Turns a spelling list into spelling flashcards with a spoken version of each word
• Includes web 2.0 technologies like user ratings, bookmarking and tagging
• …and much more

Flashcard Friends enables students to create flashcards, share them, memorize them and then test themselves. Flashcards can be used at every level, from Kindergarten to post-graduate, and for every topic, from learning colors to preparing for the legal bar exam, learning a language, or studying for the SAT.

Nancy Ferraro 5th Grade Teacher, Granite Bay, CA: “I was very excited to discover Flashcard Friends. I introduced it to my 5th grade students, and we have been using it ever since. The students like how easy the site is to navigate, but they are so jazzed to see their friends’ flashcards. My students have already exchanged flashcards on multiplication, fractions, the 13 colonies, and space. All this in one week! I will definitely use this site for all of my classroom flashcard needs.”

About Flashcard Friends
Flashcard Friends, the social learning website, is pioneering the powerful combination of social networking and online learning. The company was founded by students, for students. The entire website is free to all; students, teachers, homeschoolers, everyone. You can register for free at For more information call (650) 595-2400, or email mike (at)

See web demos of here:

This post brought to you by Flashcard Friends


Election is near and you can see lots of banners and logos almost everywhere. But, the most banner we can see are from BN. I wonder, where they get so much money for all the banners? The answer is from us la, for sure!

One more thing, after the election, the banners will be still hanging around and no one will clean them up. Wasting money and polluting the environment!

Buy and Sell items online

What will you do with the stuffs that you don't want? Will you keep it or just throw away? For older generation like my mom, she likes to keep things. So, it's not surprise for you to see a lot of old stuffs in my house. If you asked her to throw away those stuffs, she will tell you: next time when you need it then you will know. Sigh......

For me, I will keep some of the stuff if it's really bring me memories. But, I throw away a lot of stuffs during the house cleaning. I don't want to have so much rubbish in my new house. However, there are still many things around, for example, cassettes and books. I have lots of cassettes and books. I don't know what to do with them so I just keep it. Now, there will be less people listening to the cassette. We have CDs or even mp3 now!

I think of throwing away, but there are so many!! If throw away, it's like I'm throwing away my money. Finally, I think of one way to settle all of them: sell them online.

SILKFAIR is one of the online store that I can sell my items. Not only sell, I also can buy items from there. I quickly register to start posting my item to sell online. Who knows, maybe there are people who wants to buy my cassettes and books! It's better to sell it rather than keep it in the house. It's wasting my space! :)

SILKFAIR is easy to use. Once you register, you can go to the store and post up your item you would like to sell. One word I can say about it: EASY! I think you can do it like me, no extra work need to be done.

Besides becoming a seller, I also can become a buyer over here. In SILKFAIR, there are so many categories of items for me to choose from. Maybe I can get the things that I want here. All I need to do is search.

Sell your items online now! Who knows, someone out there may be interested on your items!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm on Fortune!!!!!

Akira tag me on this. I'm lazy to do tag, I mention before. However, this is not answering bunch of questions, so I do it in the end.

I need to find some pic of myself. After searching, I found this! Nice or not? Wakakakakaka :)

OK, I will tag someone on this. It will be the first time I tag someone.

1. Hoon
2. Kikey
3. Sue
4. Ang Ku
5. 迷迭香

Oyster Aware

In a restaurant,
Oyster 1: I'm the most beautiful Oyster afterall.
Oyster 2: ........
Oyster 1: Don't you think so?
Oyster 2: Whatever~~~ it's useless for you to be beautiful here. You are going to be eaten up anyway.
Oyster 1: ........

Oyster, many people like to eat it, no matter raw or cooked. One of my friend like it very much. Every time we went to the Seafood buffet dinner, Oyster will be the main dish he will get. For me, I'm not really like and not really dislike. I will have it as long as I love to.

I think most of the oyster lovers don't know that raw oyster is containing a bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus which can cause serious illness or even death to people. For those who have diabetes, liver disease or a weak immune system, please avoid eating the raw oyster.

Anyway, oyster lovers still can have your favourite food in a well-cooked way. There are so many oyster recipes for you to try on. Besides, Gulf oysters that we consumed is guaranteed by the Gulf Oyster Industry. They have promised to deliver the most high quality and safe oyster in the world to all the people.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cinema Tickets

Although I'm in new house now, I'm not really 100% fully move here. I still have stuffs in the old house.

Today, when I was doing the cleaning, I found some of the cinema tickets that I kept for no reason years ago. I took the photos and I throw it away.

All movies watched in 2000, when I'm in Sabah. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, X-Men, China Strike Force, What Lies Beneath and And I Hate You So.

I found this old ticket! I don't think you can get it now. I forgot this ticket is for which movie. Anyway, the ticket was in the dustbin now. :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Meet Up

I met up with TSP, HNKP and Hooi once again. It suppose to be the farewell dinner for TSP but it turn out to be just a meet up dinner. TSP extends his stay in Penang. I think we will meet up for another time before he is back to UK.

We went to Mizi Bistro at New World Park. Nice food there! You can see more photos from HERE. We keep taking the photos non stop. :) Not only us, others are also taking photos like us!

Go try out the food at Mizi Bistro, if you haven't done so.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

What is so GOOD about Blogging

Blogging has become part of my life. Sometimes, I can have many posts in one day. Sometimes, only one post in many days. It's all depend on my mood and see whether I'm lazy or not. But the most important factor that affected me is the reviews. So, you can see that, I have many posts if I have many reviews to write. Hahahaha.

What is so good about Blogging? I have few answers for this.

Interest is one of them. I like to write. I like to share those incident that happen around me to others.

Make friends. Through blogging, I have known quite a number of bloggers. It's fun and enjoy to read what others write. In fact, I'm enjoying a lot.

Money. Yes, this is one of the important motivation for me to have several blogs now. I need extra money. This is good since I like to blog and at the same time can earn, why not?

. most of the reviews will pay you money. But there is some reviews will offer the gift for you. Recently. I have written one post related to T-Mobile. You can choose the gift you one from 3 of the options. I have chosen the bluetooth ear piece. I got the gift 2 days ago. I'm very happy about that gift since I can use it with my K850i. Thanks to Elina from the BDDM community.

What about you? What is so good for you to blog? Share your thoughts!

p/s I think I have written one similar post before about blogging. If I'm not mistaken, the title of the post is "Why I Blog". I need to go dig the post out. :)


I went to swim for the very first time in my condo swimming pool this early morning. I have been here few months back and I never go to the swimming pool. Every time I said I want to go there, but never make it. I only went to the gym several times.

I'm still not really good at swimming. If I'm good at it, I will go there during my off days. I need to practice more to master on it.

Who wants to come and swim?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Oasis Nasal Spray

I'm not sure whether all of you heard about the nasal spray. For me this is the very firs time. I'm not even know what is actually nasal spray. I go and check out the dictionary, the only I knew that nasal is something to do with the nose. Maybe you will ask, what is the relation between a spray and the nose? I have no idea before this.

Oasis Nasal Spray is formulated with purified Dead Sea salt. It's used for the treatment of allergies and sinus disorders . If comparing with other spray, Oasis Nasal Spray is the best among all.

Why it is so good? All the allergens and fungus from the nose can be eliminated by washing and rinsing. Besides, anti-inflammatory response is also provided by Oasis Nasal Spray.

How frequent we can use the spray? It's actually up to you. However, it's recommended two to three sprays three times a day. As we all know, if you use it more than the recommendation, we will not know what will happen next. So, it's better for us to stick with the instruction.

Oasis Nasal Spray, the only nasal spray that you can trust on. Try it now today and you will know the difference.

Press Release:

An Oasis of Relief for Parents

As a parent, deciding on what medicine to give your children is one of the most fearful responsibilities you have. You hear bad reports on how addictive or how harmful some remedies are in newspapers and on the TV almost every week. It can become absolutely stressful when your child is sick and you then must make the hard decision on what to pick up at your local pharmacy.

This grave concern was not helped when the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made a recent recall for over-the-counter cough and cold medicines for children. They are now contemplating whether nasal sprays and nose drops are safe for children younger than 12. The FDA is worried that these easy to use congestion reducers have dangerous side effects such as addictive tendencies. But there is hope for parents out there. There is now a safe and effective solution you can buy.

Oasis Nasal Spray and Wash is proud to announce that it is not on the recall list and has a strict non addictive standing. Oasis has released Children's Oasis Nasal Spray and Wash. Oasis’ solution is all natural and produced entirely of purified Dead Sea Minerals. Many nasal sprays contain a saltwater base, which helps release congestion in the nose and is easily wiped away. Oasis nasal spray takes it another step by not simply being saltwater from any ocean mixed with other chemicals like the leading nasal spray, but is all natural and made from the most salty sea in the world.

Oasis Nasal Spray provides the healing powers of the Dead Sea in their products for problems faced everyday; nasal allergies, runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, postnasal drip, itchy nose, recurrent sinus infections, and chronic sinusitis. Oasis Nasal Spray was created by Scott Cordray; Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. His company Master Solutions has helped to create Oasis Nasal Wash and Oasis Nasal Spray by utilizing the healing salts of the Dead Sea.

This post brought to you by Oasis Nasal Spray

Chap Goh Meh Celebration

Last night is the last day of CNY, Chinese call it Chap Goh Meh. Chap Goh Meh also known as Chinese Valentines Day. On this day, several activities will be on going. The famous and well known one will be the mandarin orange throwing event. People will write the wish on the mandarin orange and throw into the pond. It believed that your dreams will come true if you wish it sincerely before you throw.

I went to the celebration last night. I'm having fun. It's the first time ever I went to the Chap Goh Meh event.

I still remembered last year, I'm in KL doing the US visa. I met Shuahuan and Kim Mo there. We went to the Tian Hou Gong that night. :)

This year, I got to know the celebration from Kokahkok. He will be there for the volunteer. I met him there. I also met Akira. Kohahkok can recognize me easily but not Akira. When I called him, he looked at me as if I'm an alien. Anyway, good to meet them there.

There was a stage on the road and many singers are performing there. I have no idea who are them actually. There are also lion dance, dragon dance and martial art presentation as well.

The awaited event will be the fireworks. The fireworks was so nice!!! Every time I see the fireworks, I'm so happy, like I have gone back to the childhood time. I still remembered the first time I see this kind of fireworks. I saw them in KK, Sabah. That was the very first time I saw the nice fireworks with my own eyes. Unbelievable and Incredible!

Time flies, CNY over and February is also going to end next week. 10 months left for year 2008. SOOOO FAST!!!!

Online Auction

For those who lived in North America, there is one Online Auction Site that I want to recommend to you. Bazaario is the online marketplace for you to shop and buy anything you want online. There are many categories for the goods including Electronics & Photography, Health & Beauty, Books & Magazines, Toys & Hobbies, Computers, and many more.

Feel free to drop by Bazaario and for sure you can get the things you want from there.

This post brought to you by Bazaario

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Photos..... During the Earthquake

We are evacuate out from the building. So many people at the car park, waiting to go back to our cubicle.

The best thing is, we still manage to take the group photo!!!! Hahahaha :) So funny!

Air Asia flying over the sky during the evacuation.

p/s All photos not taken by me. My phone was running out of batt.