Sunday, January 23, 2011


Seems like I have abandoned this blog for more than 2 months. Anyway, I will try to update once in a while.

Today is already 23rd of January. So fast 2010 passed and first month of 2011 is going to over soon. Left another 8 days. Then CNY is coming. Time really flies. Just a blink of eye, 2011 will be over and 2012 is waiting.

Before 2011, one bad thing happen in the family. My grandpa passed away. We all thought he is able to make it after the 2011 CNY. But too bad, he cannot wait for it. It is good also, at least, he no longer need to suffer anymore.

I am actually very looking forward to this year CNY. Why? I cannot say it here. You will know why later, I will definitely post it when the time is right. :)

To all my friends out there, I am still alive. You always can find me through MSN or FB. I will be there.