Tuesday, November 2, 2010


When I was in primary school, I wish my school has the Lockers for us to keep all the books. At that time, we need to bring almost all the books to school. They were super heavy. Besides the text books, we still need to bring all the exercises books. You can imagine how heavy they were.

When I was in high school, no School Lockers were provided as well. However, we were smart enough. We compared and checked the time table with with my friends. If on that day, we have the same Chinese class, we will share the text book. After he used it, I will go and take it from him. That is they way for us to bring less books to school, to reduce the weight of our school bag.

I am not sure about now, maybe some of the schools already have the lockers. They are really useful, don't you think so? Just like those Gym Lockers that you can find in the Gym center. You can store your towel, clothes and water into the locker when you are doing the exercise in the Gym.