Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'm not really good at wine. Or I can say, I seldom drink wine. I cannot differentiate which one is good and which one is bad. To me, most of them are the same. They contain alcohol, and the percentage normally will be around 14.5% or even higher.

I always heard from people, if you want to have wine, you need to pair it with your food: Red wine will pair with the red meat and white wine will pair with the white meat. Is it really that way? I seldom drink wine so I have no idea. Since people are saying like this, I will consider it is true.

If you have no idea on which type of wine you should go for it, you can actually try it in TasteVine. You can get all kind of wines that suit you by entering the style/type, flavors you looking for and food pairing. You can get bunch of results from here.

I still have 2 bottles of red wine at my house. I think of open it during this Chinese New Year. Who wants to have some? :)

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David (AKK) said...

I want... i want... but not red wine, "Rebina" can already... hehe :p