Thursday, January 17, 2008

ToonUp® Cartoons

I worked in a customer service line. I deal with customer all the time. Our customers are the internal customers. We are supporting the applications or systems that keep the manufacturing running. Customers will call to our hotline if the systems are down or not functioning. We need to fix and bring up the systems as soon as possible in order for not delaying the manufacturing.

The applications or systems always need to be updated with new versions. Besides the update on the old system, there are new systems coming in to support the manufacturing to make it more efficient. Due to this, as a customer service agent, we need to attend training most of the time, to get the latest information and knowledge on the systems.

As you know, training sometimes is very boring. For me, I do think that hands on is very important rather than the instructor keep on talking non stop. With the hands on, at least we can try on it and learn faster.

Until today, I only know that there is another way to make the training more interactive and interesting, which is through customer service cartoons.

These animated cartoon videos or so call ToonUps® are created by MaraStar for you to embed them into your training or even presentation to make it more fun and interesting. With all these cartoons, one can remember the tips on the troubleshooting easily.

Not only customer service topics, other topics like sales training, human resources, office professionalism, motivation and recognition can be found from MaraStar. From the main page, you can play a ToonUps® demo video with just one click. You also can get a free sample of that ToonUps® by filling up your particular and click on send sample.

It looks so interesting to have this kind of training. I think I need to browse through all the information and recommend this service to my boss. For sure it will improve our training to make it more effective in the future.

This post brought to you by MaraStar