Thursday, January 17, 2008


I bought my TV not long ago. The TV man (Yes, I called it TV Man) came to install for me. I thought I can watch TV programme with my brand new TV, but the wire that connect from the TV to the wall socket was not fit. The connector was not the correct one. I need a male type and the TV man only has the female type. He told me to get it by myself since the TV was not come with the wire. Anyway, I still need to test the TV before they left. Luckily, my friend live in the same block as me. I just go to borrow the cable from them and test the TV out.

Next day, I went to some of the hardware shops, but I cannot find any. They don't have the connector I want. I'm so fed up and disappointed. Since they don't have, I asked the shop where I can get it. They told me I need to go to those shop that fully selling the electrical connector. They remind me of one shop, which is the one near my old house in town area. I drive there directly and I got the connector! Finally....

From the above case, you can know that connector is actually playing an important role in our life, although we are not really notice about it. Do you know that you can get the connector onilne as well? I'm not bluffing, it's true.

eConnekSM is the one provides all kind of push/pull connectors to suit your design and your schedule. eConnekSM specializes in replacement parts for electrical connectors in medical, industrial manufacturing, military and aerospace applications. Automotive wiring connectors also can be found here. There are 2 main categories on the connectors: metal or plastic.

For each type of connector, there will be the part number and its compatibility. It also tells you how much time it needs for the shipping. If you are ordering in a large amount, you can get a different rate as well. If you cannot find the part you want, you can call them or fill in the contact form for more details.

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