Friday, February 27, 2009


TGIF stands for Thank God It's Friday. Many people loves Friday. Friday indicates weekend is coming. At work, you can see everyone is walking here and there, feeling happy and don't have much mood over the work.

To me, Friday is just another day. Since I am working shift, I need to work on either Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes, I need to work on both days if I cover someone. No weekend for me. I have used to it.

However, for normal shift people, weekend is very important to them. Normally, weekend will be the days for them to settle their own chores. Some will make weekend becomes their family day, stay and rest at home. I am doing the same thing during the off days. I like to stay at home and rest on my first off day. I don't feel like doing anything. I will just lying on the sofa and watch series, or even sleep on top of the sofa.

Recently, I have another thing to do during my off days, which is playing Wii. But, don't think that I will play for the whole day. Sometimes, I never touch on it. If I am not playing Wii, then maybe I will read my books. Oh yes, I have a lot of story books still pending for me to read. A lot a lot. I just finished 消失在醒来后 few days back. It's from 许友彬. Currently, I am reading Giddens 等一个人咖啡.

I am waiting to go for lunch now. I am so hungry. Wish you all have a wonderful weekend ahead. :)

The smiley picture is taken from Ang Ku's Facebook. :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cute Tag from Facebook

I am lazy with a long list tag. But this one from Facebook is cute. It has 24 characters in the photo. You need to tag your friend according to the character.

This tag will test on whether you know your friend well or how you see your friends. I am having difficulty while tagging along. :) Anyway, I have finished it. LOL. Want to see who I tag? Go to my Facebook and you will know.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Got the Photos

I got the photos from eoe online yesterday. I have been waiting for them since Saturday, after Skynet called me. As promised, they deliver the photos to me yesterday before noon.

All the 4R photos (total of 50 of them) are well developed and put into the photo album.

I like all the photos so much. They bring back my sweet memory when browsing through.

I have told quite a number of friends about this promotion. I am not sure how many of them have written about the eoe online. Anyway, eoe online is the photo printing company that you can trust. Their service is fast and efficient. Highly recommend to those who wants to develop photos but have no time to go to the photo shop. Try it now and you will like it like I do.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Notice Anything?

Do you guys notice anything from my blog? Hahaha, nothing special. Just that I have been writing everyday since February 17. Including today, it will be 6 days in a row. I think I can call it "breaking the record" since I never update this blog so often. LOL. I still think this is good. Do you think so?

Anyway, Sunday is over and I am happy. Why? Because I will have my 3 days off after 6 days coming to the office! Yeah.... I can play my Wii at home for 3 days. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Call from Skynet

I just got a call from Skynet. Why Skynet called me? They want to deliver a parcel to me. When the man told me he is from Skynet, I already knew what it is all about. It is the photos from eoe Online!!!

Eoe Online mention they need 3 working days to deliver the photos. They really did it! Today is Sturday. I submitted on Wednesday, get approved on Thursday morning. From Thursday, 3 days working days will be Saturday. And yes, it is today!

However, I am working. So I asked Skynet to deliver on Monday instead. Oh.... I cannot wait to get the photos!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nintendo Wii

I get addicted to Wii when my company bought it for us to play during our break time. It comes with only Wii Sport. That is why Wii Sport has become our one and only game that we played. Once we have the break time, we will go to the Wii room and challenge each other on tennis or bowling. These are the 2 sports that we played most of the time.

Since small, I never own a game console. Nintendo Wii is my first game console in my life. I am very happy to own it. Besides Wii console, I also got myself the Wii Fit. This is the purpose why I bought Wii.

Currently, I am playing the game called The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It was a RPG game, means it has a storyline. You are controlling the main character and need to play base on the story. I have addicted to it. It is a nice game and the graphic was just great.

Besides Zelda, I still have quite a number of games with me. However, don't think that I always play non stop on it. In fact, I never touch on the Wii on some of the days. You know, sometimes, you just don't have the mood to play at all. Haha. :)

If you never try on Wii, try it yourself. I think you will fall in love with it too.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fast Response from EOE Online

I just got the email confirmation from eoe online. If you have no idea on what I am talking about, please refer to my yesterday post about the photo printing online.

I submitted the review together with my selected 50 4R photos and 2 8R photos at 6.23pm yesterday. In 16 hours time, I got the reply. Fast response!

I am so happy to get the email from them. Now, I will wait patiently on the arrival of my photos. 3 working days, means it will be around next Monday or Tuesday. As long as it reaches me, I will be more than happy. Hahaha.

For those who not yet done the review and want to have free printing of your photos, do visit for more information. One basic requirement is, your blog needs to be 6 months old and has at least 30 posts in it.

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Develop your Photo Online

Mei Wah left me a comment on my food blog. I just updated and her comment already there. Thanks to her. While chatting with her, she told me about the eoe online. I have no idea what it is. She said, if I write the review, I can get 50 4R photos and 2 8R photos for free! Hmmm, got such a good deal huh? I immediately click on the URL she gave me and check it out.

eoe Online is a website for you to print your photo online. For 4R photo, it costs RM0.30 each, while 5R is at RM0.50 each. These prices are during promotional period only. If your order is more than RM35, free delivery is given at no additional charges. By just using the uploading feature: file upload or easy upload, uploading your photos will become easier than ever. If you only have few files to upload, try to use file upload option. However, if you have tons of photos to upload, easy upload will make your life easier.

After you have uploaded the photo, select the size, click purchase and add to cart. In your shopping cart, click checkout once all the photos are confirmed. You need to fill in your details, delivery information, make the payment and submit the order. Eoe Online accepts credit card (Visa/Master) and debit card (Maybank2U) payments. Easy right?

Besides the e-print, eoe online also has a camera portion for you to check out on the camera news, comparison and review. If you are bored, there is a photo fun section for you to participate. You can browse through the gallery and wallpaper category to get your ideal photos. From time to time, there will be a contest for you to join and win some great prizes.

I have lots of photos pending for me to print out. I need to check on them and sort them out. If you want to get 50x4R and 2x8R photo prints FREE, join the Bloggers Review Program - Ultimate now.

Mei Wah has gotten hers! So what are you waiting for? Grab the chance now! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Small Gathering during CNY

During the 4th day of CNY, we have a small gathering among the PGHK members, or should I call it friend gathering. We have become friends since then. It is a nice gathering with fun and laughter. The only thing is, the food were sux! The buffet came with a very less choice but charge at a high price. Totally not worth it.

Group photo. Can you recognize who is who?

TSP was eating the Butter Cookies I made. :)

Tau Tau and Kim Mo.

Tau Tau and WiwiWawa.

The best shot of the night...... Happy Family!!!

Photos are from TSP. I didn't bring camera on that day.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


TV price has dropped tremendously. Just 1 year back when I got my lcd tv, it costs me almost $3000. Now, if you go to the electronic shop, you can get a 32 inch lcd tvs for just as low as $1999. It is $1000 difference. With the $1000, you can buy other electronics items that you need.

I really enjoy watching DVD or TV programme with my lcd tv. I always dream of having my own tv since years back. At last, I have the chance to own one. I am very glad about it. Besides watching DVD, the most usage of my lcd tv will be playing my Nintendo Wii.

If you want to check or research more on the digital tv, you can just google it. You can get a lot of result out from the search. There will be a price comparison for you to compare too.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Day of CNY

15 days of CNY has come to an end. Time flies. Just after I started working on the 5th day of CNY, I never feel any excitement of CNY anymore. From year to year, CNY has become less lively and exciting. Although there are still a lot of people playing fireworks and fire crackers, I cannot feel the excitement like what I always had when I was a kid. CNY is just for gathering and meet up purposes.

After CNY, everything becomes normal. Everyone has back to their work and continue their normal life. Life goes on. Many friends ask me why I never update. Haha, as usual, I think you will know the answer. I will try my best, OK?

Stop for now.