Monday, June 30, 2008

Rare bird

This photo is out of focus. I suppose to focus on the bird. But, the bird becomes blur and the tree behind becomes clear.

Anyway, is it a woodpecker? Anyone knows?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Roti Man

It's hard to find the roti man in tricycle anymore nowadays. In my area, the roti man will on the motorcycle instead of tricycle.

This photo was taken when I was in town area, getting the so call "bangkali roti" for my Singapore's friend. Luckily, I have my camera along on that day.

Besides the bread, there are many tibits hanging around as you can see from the photos. I used to buy those tibits when I was small. :)

Do you have any experience with roti man before? Share to all of us ya!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sky Photos (XIV)

Nothing much to say about these photos. Nice bo?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My New Banner

Special post from Sabah! I have reached Sabah safe and sound!

Why I said this one is a special post? It is because I got the banner from Kemy! That's is why I need to post it now!

Thanks to Kemy!!! She is so busy but still manage to draw the banner for me! I like it so much!

Nice right? I got the feel of being god of gambler leh...... Only see the back. Somemore, If you see clearly from the banner, I have one book on my hand! Really is me la..... Hahahaha.

Thanks Kemy!!! Muackssssss!!!!!!

A Note To All My Readers

To all my readers,

Don't think that I'm on vacation, you can rest for one week and not coming to my blog. You need to come everyday you know? Since this blog will be updated everyday although I'm on vacation.

I will have a contest after my vacation. What will be the contest? I have some idea now. But, I'm not going to tell you now. I will post it when the time comes. What will be the gift this time? Hehehe, the gift will be from Sabah! I will try to look for some gifts there to give it to my contest winner. :)

Lastly, thank you so much for supporting my blog always. I love love love love love you all. MUACKS!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sabah, I'm Coming......

After 6 years, I'm going to Sabah once again. Sabah is one of the state in Malaysia. It is located in East Malaysia.

Map of Sabah
Many people always ask me, are you going to Sipadan? No, I'm not going. They think that Sipadan is very near to Kota Kinabalu. Now, let me tell you, Sipadan is totally not near to Kota Kinabalu! Can you see the map above? KK is on the North West and Sipadan is on the South East, which is near to Tawau.

The most concern for me will be the weather. If you go vacation, the weather must be good. I checked on the weather forecast and it was not a good news after all.

Hopefully it is not accurate. If not, it will be troublesome for us during the trip.

16 more hours to go..... Sabah, I'm coming!!!

Now it's already 8pm and you know what? I not yet start packing!!! Gosh!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Counting Down........

34 hours more..........

Counting down........

Counting down for what? I think most of you knew about it.


p/s Damn it!!! I'm having terrible headache again!! I go to sleep now! Good night!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Is This Possible??

Are the purple lines straight or bent?

Do you see gray areas in between the squares?
Now where did they come from?

You should see a man's face and also a word...
Hint: Try tilting your head to the right, the world begins with 'L'

If you take a look at the following picture , let me tell you .... it is not animated. Your eyes are making it move. To test this, stare at one spot for a couple seconds and everything will stop moving. Or loo k at the black center of each circle and it will stop moving. But move your eyes to the next black center and the previous will move after you take your eyes away from it.... Weird

Is the book looking towards you OR away from you?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Food Blog - BLOG it with ALLEN

I'm not sure whether my blog's readers notice or not, in this blog, there are no food posts. Do you feel weird about this? It's impossible that I didn't write any post related to food. You want to know why? It is because I have another blog, purposely just for food.

Today, I want to promote about my food blog, BLOG it with ALLEN. It's actually not fully on food. At first, I want to write about Food, Technology, Travel and Make Money Online. As time goes by, it has slowly become a food blog. That is why, I will keep on taking food photos while I'm having food outside.

I always want to write about my past travel in this blog but I was too lazy about that. Do you all want to read about my past travel? If yes, then I will try my best to be more hardworking. :)

Currently, the blog will mix with reviews that I wrote for some advertiser. So, don't feel weird to see those posts in between of the food posts.

I hope after this post, I will have more visitors to BLOG it with ALLEN. Hehehe.

~ End of Advertising ~

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Remote Control

Just now, I have all the remote control beside me on the sofa. Normally I will not have all the remote control with me. Today the weather is so damn hot! I turn on the air cond (My sister told me, in US, they don't call it air cond, hahaha) in my living room and the fan as well. Besides, I have my TV and DVD player remote control with me. Total of 4.

These 2 are for the air cond and fan. Both from Panasonic.

These are for my TV and DVD player. TV is from Samsung and DVD player is from Pioneer.

How many remote control do you have in your house?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mee Die Xiang's Post

I got this package (or should I say mail?) on Tuesday. I didn't expect someone will really write Mr Dragon on the mail! Wakakakaka.

Do you know what is inside the mail? Want to have a guess before scrolling down? Hehehehe.

It's Coffee!! Nescafe Gold!!

Mee Die Xiang 迷迭香 wrote a post about the coffee she has in the office's drawer the other day. I left a comment to her, asked her to share some coffee with me. She asked me to send her my address. I did what she said. She sent it on Friday and I got it on Tuesday!

I told Mee Die Xiang 迷迭香, her writing is nice! Nice right?

I said mine was not good. She said she never see it so cannot comment. I told her I will let her see.

Ugly right? =.="

Buy Boots Online

Have you tried to buy shoes or boots online? The Nike that I am wearing now is bought by my brother online. He asked me to choose which one I like and he will buy it for me. Not only my brother, my sister also bought one pair of work boots for me. Am I consider lucky? Yes, I am very lucky to have such sisters and brother. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is what I called Professional!

I'm sending quite a number of emails to the tour agencies regarding my KK trip planning. I got the reply from them and they wrote in a professional way. Maybe they are following the template, but that will be the correct way for replying customers' email.

Let's see....

1st tour agency

2nd tour agency

3rd tour agency

4th tour agency

See la.... This is what I called Professional!!!

* 迷迭香, I think I need to postpone your post until tomorrow. :) What is the post actually? Come back tomorrow and you will know la!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Giddens' Books

Previously, before Giddens came to Penang, it is so hard to get his books in the Popular book store. Now, the situation changed. I went to the Popular (Prangin Mall Branch) on last Thursday and I saw so many of his books!!!

See, there are more than 10 books, total of 18 books!!! The above 2 books on the right, 8 books on the center row, including the killer series, and another 8 books on the bottom row, which only can see 3 (月老, 红娘 & 等一个人咖啡) and 1/4 (少林寺第八铜人) of them from the photo. Aiya, why I didn't take the full photo?? I just notice now.

The books are:

绿色的马 *
依然九把刀 *
那一年 我们一起追的女孩 #
杀手 登峰造极的画 #
杀手 风华绝代的正义
杀手 夙兴夜寐的犯罪 #
杀手 流离寻岸的花
卧底 *
慢慢来 比较快 *
少林寺第八铜人 *
爱情 两好三坏
妈 亲一下

Luckily, I bought 5 of them on the spot the other day when I met Giddens. On that day, the books sold at RM24.90. Now, in Popular, the books sell at RM37.20, RM12.30 difference!!

Those mark with # are the one that I have finished reading. Oh gosh.... It seems like I was only finished 3 of his books! I still have a lot more to go. Currently, I'm reading 荒村公寓 by 蔡骏. In English, I translate it to The Apartment of an Abandoned Village (荒村=Abandoned Village, 公寓=Apartment). I will write about it in a later time.

See the * mark beside those title? There are the books that I don't have yet! So hor, if you see this, you know what to do liao la..... Hahahaha.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Customer Service

One of my colleague from the management team gave me the KK tour agency address. According to him, they provide a good package for him. All the trip is customized by his own. The tour agency just helped on the planning and taking them to those places they wanted to.

So, I called the tour agency immediately. I looked for the recommended agent. Mana tau, the agent has left the tour agency! The person who pick up the call transfer me to another person.

I talked to the person in English in the first place but the person replied with Mandarin. Oh, OK. I switched my language to Mandarin. After talking for few minutes, the person seems like not getting my point and asked me to send an email to them instead. They will follow up from there.

I sent them the email. I got a response after 16 minutes, quite fast!

To my surprise, the person replied like we were old friends! Let's see what is written in the email. I highlight it in red box!

I was like hmmmmmm, I'm the customer leh.... How can you reply like this by using WA LO YE? I let my colleague looked on this email, she also said the customer service siao one. In the email, there is a MSN account. I added the person in my MSN. It's easier for me to get update from them.

I started my conversation with them once I added. Here comes the conversation that shock me one more time!

Hey, come on..... I'm also doing support. Are you going to tell this to your customer? This is not the end, please continue to see the conversation.

How can you say now cannot la..... pls la pls la.... to your customer? Oh My God!!!

I sent a message to ethem this morning and asked for the update. They told me to wait and they will give me a reply by today. Now, the time is already 2pm and there is no email in my inbox! If they didn't send it to me by today, maybe I will look for others.

Overall, the customer service was totally not professional at all! They need to attend classes on how to become a quality customer service!

Updated at 5.44pm June 17 2008
I got the reply finally. I have no energy to say anything, you read yourself.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy Planning

I'm busy planning for my KK trip. I still have 10 days left!!! I need to plan out the whole trip since I have been there before and my friends don't want to do it. So no choice lo~~~

This time, I will be going for many places (if my plan is workable). I want to go and see the largest flower in the world. Who knows the answer? Quick quick raise your hand!

Tang Tang Tang Tang...... The answer is....... Rafflesia.

Rafflesia Arnoldii

Want to know more about Rafflesia? Read the below description from wikipedia.

Rafflesia is a genus of parasitic flowering plants. It was discovered in the Indonesian rain forest by an Indonesian guide working for Dr. Joseph Arnold in 1818, and named after Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the leader of the expedition. It contains approximately 26 species (including four incompletely characterized species as recognized by Meijer 1997), all found in southeastern Asia, on the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra and Kalimantan, West Malaysia, and the Philippines. The plant has no stems, leaves or true roots. It is an endoparasite of vines in the genus Tetrastigma (Vitaceae), spreading its root-like haustoria inside the tissue of the vine. The only part of the plant that can be seen outside the host vine is the five-petaled flower.

Rafflesia Keithii

In some species, such as Rafflesia arnoldii, the flower may be over 100 cm in diameter, and weigh up to 10 kg. Even the smallest species, R. manillana, has 20 cm diameter flowers. The flowers look and smell like rotting meat, hence its local names which translate to "corpse flower" or "meat flower" (but see below). The vile smell that the flower gives off attracts insects such as carrion flies, which transport pollen from male to female flowers. Little is known about seed dispersal, however, tree shrews and other forest mammals apparently eat the fruits and disperse the seeds. Rafflesia is an official state flower of Sabah in Malaysia, as well as for the Surat Thani Province, Thailand.

Rafflesia Kerrii

The name "corpse flower" applied to Rafflesia is confusing because this common name also refers to the Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum) of the family Araceae. Moreover, because Amorphophallus has the world's largest unbranched inflorescence, it is sometimes mistakenly credited as having the world's largest flower. Both Rafflesia and Amorphophallus are flowering plants, but they are still distantly related. Rafflesia arnoldii has the largest single flower of any flowering plant, at least when one judges this by weight. Amorphophallus titanum has the largest unbranched inflorescence, while the Talipot palm (Corypha umbraculifera) forms the largest branched inflorescence, containing thousands of flowers; this plant is monocarpic, meaning that individuals die after flowering.

Rafflesia Pricei

I just can't wait to see it with my own eyes!!!

* All information and pictures are taken from Wikipedia.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

I didn't think of posting about fathers day in the first place. But I changed my mind after seeing the Google logo.

Anyway, Happy Fathers Day!

Oh forgot about this. I saw this youtube video from ★~部落小店~☆. It's about Fathers Day. Very funny! HNKP, you should come and watch this! He imitate your Aska Yang! Hahahaha.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Sky photos (XIII)

One of the morning, when we (PM, Sherene and I) walking towards the car park to take the car, as usual, I looked on the sky. The sky was so beautiful on that morning. Sherene and I took out our camera phone and started to take the photos. PM cannot stand it and quickly went inside the car. Hahaha.

Look!!! It's a bird, No. It's a plane, Yes!! Is a plane! It's not Superman!

The plane is leaving!

Sherene left our company and went to Klang. It's impossible for 3 of us to go breakfast in the morning like previously anymore. :(

Good Luck Sherene! We will miss you, indeed, we already missed you. Hehe ;)