Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What happens when great art mixes with the Google homepage?

This is the answer!

Nice right?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What I have Up To

This week I'm on night shift. For the past few night shift, I will go back to my new house in the morning after work. I will sleep and only wake up around 4 something or 5 in the afternoon. After taking the shower, I will go to my old house and have my dinner. My mum cooked.

But for this week, I decided to go back to my old house after work. I no longer need to rush to another house to have my dinner. Once I wake up and take the shower, I can have the dinner at the same house. Make my life easier! Hehe.

My mum always cook and have the dinner ready before I have it. Sometimes, I will ask her not to cook since She has been doing that for over 20 to 30 years, or maybe longer!

For this coming Mother's Day, I have told her I will bring her out and have some nice food. But, we are not going on that day itself. Mum agreed too. On that day itself, most of the restaurant will be full and the price maybe will increase. Why we need to wait until that day only go and eat? We can go anytime as long as we are happy with it. Everyday can be a Mother's Day! No need to wait until that day! Am I right?

I'm still not sure whether want to get my mum flowers or not. She definitely will get shock if she receives flowers from me. But, I think she prefer to have other stuff rather than flowers. She said that before. She thinks that flower cannot last long and it's a waste of money.

Anyway, for the restaurant, I already have some in mind. Want to know which one I will go? Check my food blog la..... But not now, in future post! Hahahaha.

* The Carnation photo is taken from dkimages.

Praying Items

I went to the "Seng Kong" temple located at Greenlane for praying during the "Seng Kong" Birthday. During the event, you can see a lot of praying items, like the "miku" and "xien tor".

Below 2 photos were taken on a different day. I bring my mum there during the Cheng Beng time. You can see there is a roasted pig, chicken and duck on the table.

I should have go nearer to take the photos. But I didn't do so. I'm not sure is it good to take photos in a temple or not. Later people scold me. SO, better don't. Hehe.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I bought a lot of books from Popular recently. Of course, story books! I don't like and seldom read those motivation book. I don't think after I read them, they can motivate me. So, I choose story books instead.

I went to Prangin Mall Popular yesterday to find some of the books that I cannot get in Gurney Popular. I managed to get some of them and I was very happy about it. And guess what? I found these 4 books on the rack as well.

These 4 books are written by our local writer: 邓秀茵 (记忆天使 and 纯纯的守护神) and 许友彬 (七天 and 十月). Both of them are also a blogger. They write in Chinese. Just click on their name and it will bring you to their blog. I have already bought 4 of them earlier. Among the 4, I have finished 3. They are nice to read! If you can read Chinese, go and buy their books!

FYI, they are going to publish their 3rd book soon. I'm waiting for it! This time, I will buy it online since I can get the signature from them. For the previous book, I will let them sign for me if they come to Penang in the future. They have promised me about this. :)

P/S I will post the books that I bought in a later post. I need to take the photos first. Hehe.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kinta Lane

I lived in Burma Road when I was small. I lived there for more than 20 years. Kinta Lane is just the road beside my old old house.

Previous post I was talking about the bag repair shop. Yes, the shop is located at Kinta Lane. Maybe some of you are not sure where it is. Do you know Rex Cinema? Rex Cinema is not there anymore. Now it has become Mekio, the furniture shop.

I have many memories down there. I'm not going to talk about this in this post, maybe future post. I took some of the photos when I was in my mum's friend's shop. The sky was good on that day so I just took out my hp and keep snapping!

I'm not helping the clinic to advertise, just so coincidence to have the clinic in my photos... I didn't realize it until now.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bag Repair

If your bag or luggage is broken, will you throw away and get a new one? Or you will send for repair? After you used the bag for some time, you will have feeling towards it. If it is broken, normally people will send for the repair. If really cannot repair, then only will throw away and get a new one. Do you know where you can find the bag repair shop? I can recommend one for you.

It's located in Kinta Lane. One of the road off Jalan Burma. This shop is good at repairing bag. The owner is my mum's friend. She is really good at that. The quality is there. Many people will go there to let her repair the bag. However, some people just left the bag there and never go back and collect. That's why nowadays, you need to pay first if you want to do the repair. I think this is a good rule to implement.

Next time, if you have bag that needs repair, you know where to go. For sure, you will not regret! :)

P/S This is not the advertisement post ya..... I need to make it clear! Furthermore, My mum's friend doesn't know I took the photos and help her promote her shop! Wakakaka.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sky Photos (X)

Taken during the Cheng Beng.

I like the second one, can see the coconut tree and clouds. It has the kampung feel.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Earth Day Logo from Google. HNKP tole me about this in MSN. I went to Google but I cannot see the logo. I'm at home right now and online using my home PC. I went into Google website and I saw this. As what HNKP said, I will post this logo in my blog. HNKP, you are right. :)

What do you know about Earth Day? If you have no idea, check it out here: Earth Day.

Over Slept

I never over slept during my working day. But today is an exceptional case! I over slept!!! I don't know why I forgot to set the alarm last night. Normally I will remember.

For morning shift, I will set the alarm at 5.40am and the sky at the time is still dark. I woke up this morning and saw the bright sky. I was like OMTK (Oh My Thee Kong)!! Then my brain started to think whether today I need to work. That was only a few seconds before I stood up, rushed to my wardrobe, grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom.

Before that, my colleague called and asked me when I will reach office. As usual, the answer will be: I will late a bit. Hahaha. Actually, I late for almost an hour!!!

Some thoughts: We sometimes too depend on something. For this case, I'm depending my phone to ring and wake me up. If one day, we no longer have this type of devices, can we still live as normal? I think we can, just a matter of time.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I like Doraemon. I read the comic since I was small. I wish to have a Doraemon to help me sometimes. Doraemon has a pocket that can take out many many stuff. Among the tools, the one that I want to have the most is the "Ren Yi Men" 任意门 and the Time Machine. I am not sure how to say "Ren Yi Men" in Engish. It is a door that can let you go to any place you want. Wow, that will be great if I have that.

KFC has the Doraemon Stationery Set previously. I saw that in my cousin's blog. I asked her and she said she can buy them for me with a lower price. She has the KFC card. She bought all 4 sets for me. There are 4 separate parts. You need to combine them into one.

Nice? I like them very much. I still have some other Doraemon stuff. I will publish in my blog after I took the photos on them.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

No Update for 2 Days

I'm having cold since last week. Every morning I woke up, I will have running nose and sneeze non stop. It's very frustrating. I went for Doctor, I have blog about that. The medicine just can't help! Maybe the germs inside my body was stronger than the medicine.

On Thursday, although is my off day, I need to dial into the bridge and attend one meeting. Normally, if possible, I don't like to dial into my company network during my off day. It's not Great Place To Work!!! The cold was killing me during the meeting. I need to stuck the tissue into my nose. Luckily, the meeting was finished early. After the meeting, I went back to my old house. After breakfast, I felt so tired and I went to sleep. I slept for nearly 4 hours.

After the sleep, I felt much better. Thursday is my badminton day. I went for badminton from 5pm to 7pm. For dinner, I have it with my China colleague. When I back to my old house, it was nearly 11.30pm. I was so lazy and tired. I decided not to go back to my house and stayed at my old house one night.

I totally didn't online for the whole Thursday except for the meeting!!!

On Friday, I went to watch Forbidden Kingdom by Jet Li and Jackie Chan. A nice movie! After back from movie and lunch, it's already 4pm. I promised Akira to have dinner with him. I fetched him at 6.45pm. I suppose to reach at 6.30pm. I was late due to the jam. Haha. If my friend read this, sure she will scold me. In fact, she has scolded me when I was on the way. :D

We went to Fettes Park Western Food. I told Akira I wanted to have western food the other day. He said this one is good. In fact, it was good. We chit chat there while waiting for Ah Kok's phone call. He didn't call and Akira called him instead. He was at Chili, Gurney Plaza. I went to fetch him and we headed to New World Park, Starbucks. Both Akira and I sit there and looking at Ah Kok online! He has his laptop with him. When I reached home, it was already 11.45pm.

Now you know, why I didn't update my blog for these 2 days! :)

P/S Where is the Food photos???? I know I know, don't shout at me OK? For those regular visitors, you know I will post my food photos in another blog mar, so go there and check it out la. Anyway, I don't know when I will upload the post. Please be patient, OK? Hahaha.

P/S (II), I was OK now. No more cold. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheng Beng

Cheng Beng is over for almost 2 weeks. I should have posted this on that time. But, due to my laziness and I have other post to publish, I pushed this one until now.

Since my dad passed away, I am the one will go to Cheng Beng with my mum. All my sisters and brothers are out of Malaysia. They are not coming back for CNY so no need to mention about Cheng Beng anymore, they are no coming back as usual.

My mum will be the one who did most of the stuff. I was just helping to buy the kuih and fetch her to the Cheng Beng places. We have 3 places to go!!!

This year, we went to the Rifle Range early in the morning. It's actually not that early anymore. It was almost 9am. We went there, thought that we can finish it fast and go to another place. Who knows, the surrounding of my grandmother graveyard was on fire. We stand there and not dare to go nearer. I decided to go to another place first and came back later. Mum agreed.

We asked someone to help us to clean the graveyard.

Some using the flag to stick the paper to the soil.

Some using stone instead.

We headed to Paya Terubong instead. The weather was so so hot! I drove up the hill and there is a man standing there asked for the parking fee, 3 dollars. No choice, have to give him. After done, it's around 10.30am.

The fire starts.

The fire become stronger.

Another part also get burned.

We went back to Rifle range. There was no more fire. We started the preparation for the praying. You can see a lot of people going there for Cheng Beng as well. When we are almost done, the fire started again near our place. The people burn the paper and spread to the grass nearby. The grass started to burn, the fire become stronger. Luckily, it stopped after 5-10 minutes.

Finished 2 places, we went to the final one in Batu Gantong. This one is simple and easier since it's the place to keep the ashes. We just display the food on the table and pray. Around noon, we keep our stuff and heading back home. It was a tiring day especially to my mum.

P/S Some said it's not good to take photos in the cemetery, afraid the photo came out with "other" stuff. I asked my mum and my mum said go ahead and take. Sometimes, I do hope I can take the photo with "others" inside. Haha.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sky Photos (IX)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Change Theme

I think of changing my blogspot theme. I feel bored over the current theme. I want it to occupy the whole screen and not just squeeze in the middle, wasted both sides. I tried before but some part was not working properly. I need to re-add all the links again! It's a very tedious job for me to do that. So, I need to do it when I'm free enough. But hor, I don't think I can have free time to do that, unless I decide to do it.

What do you think? Want me to change the theme?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sky Photos (VIII)

Is the cloud looks like a monster or creature to you?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Inside the Lift

There are some units still doing the renovation in my apartment. There are 2 lifts for each block. Inside the lift, the woods that cover the lift surrounding are still there. You know, human beings are the group of innovation. You can find all kind of advertisement note on the woods. They just write the service and phone number there. You even can see someone is advertising for "whatever" service from a China girl. You think yourself on what is the "whatever" stuff I mentioned here.

I found one writing which is very funny. I took the photos. Do you know what is the writing? See yourself.

I just can't believe there are stupid people living here. He is the one stupid and useless. I assume is a he. Do you think so?

Hopefully, all the renovations will be finish soon and the lifts will back to normal, without the woods!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not Feeling Well

I was not in good condition since 2 days back. Yesterday is the worst. I caught a cold and running nose. I sneezed non stop and still I need to work. I went to doctor around 9.45pm last night. He refused to give me MC. He said I don't have fever and was able to work. I have no choice but coming back to work.

Today, after having shower and have some quaker oats, I went to bed immediately. I slept until 4pm. At that time, I started to have headache. I'm not sure is it because I slept too much. The headache is following me until now. I hope it can be better later.

There are lots of people are falling sick. Most probably due to the weather. The weather here is so unpredictable. Sometimes, it is so hot! Sometimes, it is raining whole day. Crazy weather!

Tonight will be my last working night for this week. I will have my off days until Saturday. Hooray! I will only start my day shift from Sunday.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sky Photos (VII)

One good thing for working night shift, I can take nice sky photos in the morning when I was going back to my house. For day shift, before the sun rise, I have already reached office. For off day, I will not wake up so early in the morning.

All these photos were taken around 7.40am on the same day. You can see, although the angle for the sky photos I posted is almost the same, the sky and the cloud always look different. This is the best part!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rude People

Wantan came to Penang for Cheng Beng. As a friend of him, I went to his hotel and fetch him. He is thinner if compare to last time when I saw him. But, he still claim that he is fat. Anyway, I want to talk about the rude people we met during the breakfast in Jalan Tengah.

Wantan said he wanted to have Wantan Mee. I fetched him to have it in Jalan Tengah. When we reached, we saw one table with no one sitting around. There is a piece of newspaper and a match box on the table (I said a piece of newspaper because it's not the whole newspaper). Since no one was sitting, I moved the newspaper and the match box aside.

Suddenly, here comes this rude people, yelling at us, "You didn't see got newspaper on the table ar?" I was like, oh ok, it's yours then why you cannot say properly and need to yell at us? Wantan was so polite and say sorry to him. I didn't say anything. I will not say sorry to this kind of rude people. Why you cannot say it properly in the first place? If you booked the table, just let us know that the table was already occupied. If you say it nicely, I will definitely say sorry to you.

Our food came, Wantan Mee!! Before we ate, Wantan was taking the photo of the Wantan Mee. The next thing he did, he was pretending to show me his phone but he was taking the photo of that old people! Haha, what a good tactic. Later, I also took one photo of the rude man. I told Wantan, I will post it in my blog!

Penangites, please be careful on what you do everyday when you are in public, maybe one day, you will find your picture and my complaining post in my blog! Hahaha, just kidding. :p

Friday, April 4, 2008

Live TV

Watching live internet TV has become a trend. Everyone is watching everyday. Blog TV is the place that you can post your video, and watch live tv, live show or live broadcast at the same time. If you have good video and you want to share, don't forget to upload it in Blog TV.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sky Photos (VI)

This one was taken inside my car. I think you know. :)

These 2 were taken in my house, of course.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool Day

Today is 1st of April, April Fool Day.

April Fool Day is a very fun day to me when I was in primary or even secondary school. Among the friends, we will trick each other like you didn't zip your pants, who and who is calling you, there is something at your back and so on. People who got tricked will not get angry since he/she knew this is the April Fool Day.

However, after become older, April Fool Day is not that fun anymore. I am no longer go and make fun of someone on this day itself. It seems like, all the fun we used to have during the childhood will leave us when we are getting older and older. We have many stuffs to think and do everyday. We don't have much time for this April Fool act.

It will be good if we can go back to the old time. I think I need to go and find Doraemon to help me on this! He has the time machine! :) Oh... I just like Doraemon. I will have one post about Doraemon soon.

Oh, also not forgetting, today was the day for Leslie Cheung. He left us on April Fool Day 5 years ago.

p/s My friend just tricked me!! She said she peed on her pants last night. I was like huh and then asked her whether she is still 3 years old. Then she said April Fool. :(