Friday, October 31, 2008

How much is the Economy Rice?

I have 3 Redang's key chain to give away. In order to win the key chain, you just need to guess HOW MUCH I pay for the economy rice below. If no one get it right, I will have another price guessing post again, until all the 3 key chains are giving out.

The economy rice consists of Chicken and "Cai Por" Egg.

Guessing ends on November 3rd, 3 days from now. Start your guessing and you may be the winner.

--- Guessing Closed ----

Nikon Pro Gear

Nikon is well known for its digital camera. But, do you know Nikon also produces All Terrain Binocular (ATB)? Now you have the chance to get a Free ATB Pro Gear promotional gift card when you purchase any of the Nikon ATB Binocular from the authorize dealer.

A $25 gift card will be given to you when you purchase a a Trailblazer ATB, an Action Extreme ATB, or a ProStaff binocular. If you purchase the Monarch ATB binoculars instead of others, you will get a $50 promotional gift card!

This promotional offer will end on 31st December 2008. Hurry, visit and grab the free gift card right away.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bad Luck Continue........

People use 4 minutes to do it why you need 30 minutes???

If I can do it in 4 mintues, you thought I want to drag the time until 30 minutes? You thought I have nothing to do? Or you think that I am not capable of completing the task?

If you want everyone to solve it in 4 minutes, you just go ahead and do the human cloning, then everyone will solve it in 4 minutes, like a robot.

When only my bad luck can go away?

Oh My..... I'm so tired of this job!!!!!

Best Drug Rehab

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Bad Luck

I was so bad luck today. Hopefully after paying out the money, the good luck will come real soon, like the Chinese saying: small amount of money didn't go out, big amount of money cannot come in. I really hope so!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Online Degrees

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Sky Photos (XIX)

I forgot where I took these sky photos when I look at them. After I checked on the date, only I knew where I took the photos.

You have any idea where is it? Is the building looks familiar? If you asked me, I totally have no idea.

I took these sky photos when I was on the way back to Penang from KL on September. :)

Stock Trading

The share market these few days is not really stable. If you have some investment on the share market, for sure you will be worried about the market everyday. Many people have lost a lot in the share market. My advise is, before you are into the share market, it's best for you to go through all the Stock & Forex Trading Analysis & Opinions from Daily Markets. At least, you can make a better decision after doing the analysis.

Busy Weeks Ahead

I will be busy with working and training for the coming weeks. Next week I only have 1 off day. Next next week will only have 2 days. Hopefully the off day will be enough for me. But I want MORE!!! Sigh......

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holiday is Coming!

It's almost year end now. There is still 2 months left. This means that holiday is coming real soon. Halloween is just one week ahead, Thanksgiving is one more month to go and Christmas will be in 2 months time. Have you actually started to prepare the gift that you want to give to your loved ones?

If you have someone who likes books or novels, Book Bouquet Gift Basket will be your best choice for all the Book Gift Baskets, Birthday Gifts and even Holiday Gifts. Start your gift hunting now before it is too late.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Haagen Dazs All You Can Eat

Mei Wah sent me this. The all you can eat is back in Haagen Dazs. IT's only applicable in Queensbay Mall.

The price is at RM39.90++ for adult. After the 10% service charge and 5% Gov tax (Still have gov tax or not?), it will be at RM45.88. After the rounding up, it will be RM45.90 per person.

It's quite expensive. You need to pay almost RM50 just for eating the ice cream. Anyone interested?

During Economy Downturn

Economy was not really good recently. The share keeps on dropping. From the news, we can know that the economy downturn seems to be approaching soon. Before it starts to hit us, we need to make sure we have enough precautions to overcome the situation.

Most of the families start to cut down and control over their budget. They only spend on the necessities. There are many ways to save cost. People start to eat at home more than dining outside, cut down the vacation to once per year instead of twice, use the rain water to wash car and watering the plants, and etc. Although some of the ways seems not really can save a lot, if accumulate with others, the amount will be a lot. Don't overlook those small expenses.

For the necessities that we cannot avoid, like eyeglasses, we can look for a cheaper rate rather than get a higher price with almost the same quality. Zenni Optical has all the stylish glasses with the starting price of $8. By just browsing through the online store, you can save a lot on your glasses and get the money for other purposes. This is one of the methods to help your family.

While waiting for the economy to arise, we have to try our best to control our spending and only spend on the necessities.

Dragon Fruit and Guava

I took these photos in Sunshine Square. I have nothing to do and simply snap some photos with my phone camera. Not bad huh.

When I didn't bring along my bulky digital camera, my phone will be my camera. In fact, my phone has helped me to take many good shots when I need it. I love my phone! Muacks!

US Personals

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Lyrics for Mr Magician by Jay Chou 魔术先生

I suppose to post this lyrics in my another blog. But I just can't help to post it here as well since I love this song so much and want to share with you guys. For those who don't know Chinese, there is the pinyin on the lyrics too! I type it myself.


作词 : 方文山 作曲 : 周杰伦 编曲 : 锺兴民 监製 : 周杰伦

ni ju shou ni tai tou ni shuo xuan wo xuan wo
shou shang suo you zheng tuo ni reng yi lian mi huo
chui ge feng shou yi song na yin bi jing shi zong
yi ju gong na zhang sheng pai de xiong

shou jiao cuo qing qing peng jie zhi huan shou yi dong
gei guan zhong yi ge meng ya yi zhong you xiao rong
shou zhong hai bao que na bu chu han bao fan er na chu niu zai mao
ni yong yuan dou cai bu zhao

mei dang wo zai tai shang yan chu ren ti piao fu
ni jiu zai tai xia tou tou chi wo de pao fu
deng dai bai ge fei chu zai jiang ai shuo qing chu

a du ni du ni du xin xiang sha shi yong gu dian po pai fang shi
wo shou fa jing zhi ai er mu zhi lei yi bai fen de zi shi
shui shuo lian ai bie zhao mo shu shi wo bu xu yao jie shi
suo yi ta xiao chou wo shi da shi

ni ju shou ni tai tou ni shuo xuan wo xuan wo
wo jiang pai huan yan se bian chu ni de xuan ze
jiang zi you de nv shen bian bu jian bu xi qi
yi ling yi bian bu jian cai jing xi

shou tan kai mao zi li zong neng kong shou chu pai
bu guan qie duo shao pai zong neng qie de hui lai
shou zhong hai bao que bu na han bao fan er na chu niu zai mao
ni yong yuan dou cai bu zhao

bu yao wen wo dao di shen me cai shi zhen de
wo bian gei ni kan de gan qing cai shi zhen de
yin wei wu shi wu ke wo zhi xiang ni kuai le

a du ni du ni du xin xiang sha shi yong gu dian po pai fang shi
wo shou fa jing zhi ai er mu zhi lei yi bai fen de zi shi
shui shuo lian ai bie zhao mo shu shi wo bu xu yao jie shi
suo yi bu yong ma fan le bu yong ma fan le bu yong ma fan le

你举手 你抬头 你说我选我选我
手上锁 又挣脱 你仍一脸迷惑
吹个风 手一松 那硬币竟失踪
一鞠躬 那掌声 拍得凶

手交错 轻轻碰 戒指换手移动
给观众 一个梦 讶异中有笑容
手中海报却不拿汉堡 反而拿出牛仔帽
你永远都 猜不著

等待白鸽飞出 再将爱说清楚

啊 读你读你读 心想啥事 用古典迫牌方式
我手法精致 爱尔姆之 雷一百分的姿势
谁说恋爱别 找魔术师 我不需要解释
所以他小丑 我是大师

你举手 你抬头 你说选我选我
我将牌 换颜色 变出你的选择
将自由的女神 变不见 不稀奇
101变不见 才惊喜

手摊开 帽子里 总能空手出牌
不管切 多少牌 总能切得回来
手中海报却不拿汉堡 反而拿出牛仔帽
你永远都 猜不著

因为无时无刻 我只想你快乐

啊 读你读你读 心想啥事 用古典迫牌方式
我手法精緻 爱尔姆之 雷一百分的姿势
谁说恋爱别 找魔术师 我不需要解释
所以不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了

What Hosting Plan Will You Choose?

Before choosing any web hosting plan, you need to make sure what you actually need. For my case, my sister is the one who did most of the research. She even helped me to register for the hosting plan and pay for the first month fee. I really need to thank her. If not because of her, I will not have my very first site on my own domain.

During that time, I was still very new to the web hosting world. Since then, I started to search from the Internet and get to know more on the web hosting from the web hosting blog. There are many web hosting services out there with different features and capabilities.

From my experience, it will be better to get a hosting with a great customer support. We have no idea when we will need them. It's the best if they can support us for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Try to find one with the live chat support as well. This will definitely make your life easier.

Besides the customer support, you need to check out the bandwidth that your hosting plan provided. If your website is full of downloading material, you need to get a larger bandwidth hosting plan. If not, once your bandwidth is over the limit, your whole site will be down. I faced this issue previously and it really gave me headache to deal with it.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Jay Chou - Mr Magician 魔术先生

I fall in love with this song these few days. I listened over and over for many times! This song makes me feel happy every time I listen to it.

The Youtube above is only the MP3 and not the MV. As you know, Jau Chou's style is to have all his MV in another version of his CD, that will release in another few months time.

If you are Jay Chou's fans, definitely you will like this song.

Weight Loss Surgery

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Saw V is here!

SAW V is here! For those who have watched the series, you cannot miss this one. SAW V seems to be the finale for the SAW series. But who knows, maybe there will be SAW VI. But, it will be boring it the series just go on and on.

Below is the trailer, nothing much to see actually.


Web Hosting

When I first started to have my own domain, I thought it will be an easy job. What I need to do is just go to the domain site, find a domain and buy it. I never think of other stuff. I thought once I have my domain, I can publish anything that I want without anything else.

I started to face problem when I really want to publish something to my domain. Luckily, I have my sister to help me out at that time. She told me I need to have a website hosting before I can publish anything to my domain. She helps and sends me a lot of the information related to web hosting.

Beside the information that was given by my sister, I also do some searching online. I found one of the web hosting rating website which is very useful for a newbie like me. I can check out the hosting plan which is available and read the reviews to check out which one is the best. If you plan to have multiple domains and you are not sure where to host them, you can get more details by reading the article "Where to Host Multiple Domains".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

100M Student

I have no idea whether any of you are watching this Taiwan game show or not. 100M Student is like this: The contestant needs to answer the primary school questions according to the different subjects and level. There are 3 help lines for them to use, if they have no idea on the answer for the question. It is almost the same as the game show: Who Wants to be a Millionaire. 100M Student was hosted by Zhang Xiao Yan, the lady who is the co host for Happy Sunday with Harlem Yu last time.

I watched the first episode. I cannot stand the stupidity of some contestant. Since it was the first episode, the contestant are those who is famous like artist, actor, singer or even sportsmen.

There is one simple Maths question which the sportsmen cannot answer. By the way, He was the famous sportsmen in Taiwan. The question go like this:

There is a sausage 50cm in length. A man eats 220mm and the remaining, cut into 7 pieces. How many cm is one piece of the sausage?

That sportsmen answer 7.1cm. I almost fainted. Is it sportsmen only good at sport and totally failed in simple maths?

You know the answer?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thanks Everyone + Answer for the Parcel

Yesterday was not a good day for me. But today, it is! :)

I got a lot of wishes from my friends since last night. I would like to take this chance to thank each and everyone of you who has wished me.

To Kikey (sorry for cannot talk for a longer time with you), Suzane (I slept and never pick up her call), Boon Huat (call to wish me although in hospital) and my cousin Effie for calling me. Thank You.

To Criz, Steven, Taugeh, Jiin Ling, Suzane, Sui Pong, Woon Tyng, Chor, Boon, Ivy, Sherene, Khim Hin who SMS me. Thank You.

To Arabai, Kopi Soh, Hoon, TSP, Ang Ku, Thien, Suzane (Wah, you wish me in so many places.... Friendster got ka? Kekeke), Laksa, Kacang, Jepun Lau Ee, Ru Yi, Gin Keat, Yee Lee, Harpal, Boone, Sharon, Nicholas, Beh Kim, Zidane, Ming Chiat, Victor, Jiin Ling, Mei Wah, Alfred, Mei Yi who wished me in Facebook. Arabai, Kopi Soh and Hoon even throw a virtual party for me in Facebook. Thanks so much!

To my dearest sisters and brother who email me. Thank You.

Not forgetting to thank my 2nd, 4th and 5th aunt who wished me through SMS as well.

Last but not least, to my blog readers who left me the birthday wish in my comment: Akira, Kikey, Sharon, Kacang, HNKP and Hoon. Thank You.

Phew.... finally done. Do I missed out anyone? I hope not. Hehehehe. There are too many especially in Facebook. Surprise for me. I never check Friendster. If you left a wish there, thank you.

Here comes the present part. I got a pen with my name on top from Kikey. She bought it in Seattle and send it together with the SOFA gifts. Thanks Kikey!!! Muacks!

My brother gave me cash as my birthday present. Thank you so much. I hope you have enough money to spend over there. :D

My friends: Boon, Chor and Beng Chong who celebrated my birthday 2 weeks earlier. They bought me a cake. I didn't post the photo since got the candle on top of it. Hahaha. Thanks.

To my boss, who asked the team to buy me a cake and celebrate during the staff meeting just now. I was surprise with that. Thanks boss!!!

To Jiin Ling who treat me the dinner. Thanks so much!

OK, what I get for myself? I got myself a cake! Hahaha.

Besides, I got the novels from 秀茵 and 友彬.

Year 55.

Back of the book.


Little Paradise.

Back of the book.


I'm the first one to buy the book! Amazing!!

Birthday wish from 秀茵. So happy!!!

Finally, the things inside the parcel.

It's the DVD: 4 DVD of Aaron Kwok's 2007/2008 Concert. I have pre-ordered before it was release. I thought I will get in during my birthday week, but it reached me 9 days before my birthday!!! Surprise to get it so early and very happy about it. The concert was just fantastic!!! AARON ROCKS!!!

No one get the answer correctly. Only Kikey and Hoon have the nearest answer, but they never mention DVD. Too bad.

All of you have made my 2008 Birthday a memorable one! Thanks so much! MUACKS!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not a Good Day

Suppose to post the answer for the previous post, what is inside the parcel, but I was too tired to do it now.

Today is not a good day for me after all. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good one.

Will post by tomorrow.

Very tired. Sleep now.

See ya.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Photo

I saw my brother is taking the photo so I followed. Kekeke. I am the copy cat.

Not really clear by using my phone camera. If I am using my digital camera, I think it will be much nicer.

Sunrise or Sunset?

I got this photo from one of the forwarded email. It was nicely taken. I wished to take this kind of photo if I can. It didn't mention in the email whether this photo is taken during the sunrise or sunset. To me, it was a sunrise.

What do you think? Sunrise or sunset?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sky Photos (XVIII)

I like this kind of sky. The clouds are so beautiful.

Cannot stop myself for taking the photos. Really beautiful la!!!

Area Code Search

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Genealogy Family Tree

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Paddington Bear Celebrates 50th Birthday

The Paddington Bear is so cute!

Top Websites

If you go to some of the website and want to share out your experience, whether is good or bad, you can do it now through the Website Reviews from Talk Reviews. From there, you can see the Top Websites by just clicking on the Top 500 sites link. If you want to review a website which is not in the database, try to add a site. Once it is added, you can go ahead on reviewing it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Response from the Guessing Game

I got a total of 14 people (I thought it will be more in the first place, Hmmmmm...) who left me the comment on the guessing game up to date. From the response, you can see that, out of 14 people, 9 people are actually guessing on novels. It seems like my readers know me well. I always bought a lot of books, either from Popular bookstore or even online.

Below are the 14 responses.

akira - novel
sockpeng - wii (I like this answer!!!)
sharon - books
anne - giddens novel
suzane - chinese novel
mei wah - chinese novel
john - 秀茵 signature novel
hoon - idol concert (which idol? what concert? concert ticket? cd? dvd? novel?)
kikey - aaron kwok album (what is aaron kwok album? photo album? latest album?)
meiyi - chinese novels/manga
christy - novel
k3vin - novel
董百勤 - novel
smile - clothes (at least your answer is special if compare to others!!)

If you miss the previous post, you still have the chance to guess it since I forgot to take the photos of the things inside the parcel. I only can announce the earliest on this coming Thursday. For those who want to change the answer, you can do so. The latest answer will take into effect.

How many gifts I will give out? It depends. Maybe I will just give to all those who have left me the comment, whether the answer is correct or not. Hahaha :)

So, what is inside the parcel???

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Are you tired of typing especially when you need to do your assignments or projects that need more than 10 to 20 pages in length? Although you are good in typing, sometimes you will feel tired about it. Don't even mention about those who hardly can type. It will be a nightmare for them. In this case, have you thought of using speech recognition software that can help you out? You only need to speak and the words will come out in the word program. Sounds great huh? Now, you have the chance to make your dream comes true.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred

Before you start to know more about the software, please watch the video below on the Dragon Reviews.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is the well known speech recognition software that can help you when you are going for a vacation but need to write and share your stories. This is a very helpful tool since you can just plug in with your microphone and start to speak. Dragon Naturally Speaking can recognize each and single word that you say and have it into the word document.

Maybe, you will say that you typing is faster than what the software can do. Actually, you are wrong. If you don't believe, try out the Dragon’s typing speed test! From the test, you will notice that Dragon Naturally Speaking is faster than what you think.

Try Dragon Naturally Speaking now and you will be amaze on the feature and performance it has.

Sabah Trip (Part IX) - Before Going for River Cruise

After the Mud Volcano, we waited for the boat to fetch us for lunch. While waiting, we took some photos for memory.

What is this? I have no idea.

Banana, I assume.

Location map.

Of course must take photo of myself. Yeah.

The boat reached. Heading to lunch.

Little harbour.

We have our lunch here, Borneo Survivor Resort.

There are mosquitoes flying here and there looking for target. I was one of them. Stupid mosquito! It paid off on what it did to me. I kill it! Muahahaha.

Before leaving, take a photo of my shadow, prove that I was there. Hehe.