Monday, January 14, 2008

You Are My Eyes 你是我的眼

Previously, when I recommended the song Creep by Radio Head, I said I will post on the other song You Are My Eyes. OK, post now. :)

Ni Shi Wo De Yan 你是我的眼 is one of the song sang in the competition. I knew this song from the singing competition. It's a nice song. The touching part is, this song is written and composed by an artist who is blind. The lyrics is well written.

You all listen to this song before? If not, here you go.

I translate the lyrics to English meaning, at least for those who cannot read Chinese know what it means. Sorry if my translation not that good.


如果我能看得见 If I can see
就能轻易的分辨白天黑夜 I can easily differentiate day and night
就能准确的在人群中牵住你的手 I can hold your hand accurately among the crowds

如果我能看得见 If I can see
就能驾车带你到处遨游 I can drive a car and go everywhere with you
就能惊喜的从背后给你一个拥抱 I can give you a suprise by hugging you from your back

如果我能看得见 If I can see
生命也许完全不同 The life maybe will be different
可能我想要的我喜欢的我爱的 Maybe the things I want, I like and I love
都不一样 will be different

眼前的黑不是黑 The black in front is not black
你说的白是什么白 The white you mention is what white
人们说的天空蓝 Sky blue that people talk about
是我记忆中那团白云背后的蓝天 From my memory, is the blue sky that hide behind the white clouds
我望向你的脸 I look at your face
却只能看见一片虚无 But I can't see anything
是不是上帝在我眼前遮住了帘 Is is the god put a curtain in front of my eyes
忘了掀开 Forgot to take it off

你是我的眼 You are my eyes
带我领略四季的变换 Take me to feel the 4 seasons
你是我的眼 You are my eyes
带我穿越拥挤的人潮 Take me to cross over the crowds
你是我的眼 You are my eyes
带我阅读浩瀚的书海 Take me to read all kinds of books
因为你是我的眼 Because you are my eyes
让我看见这世界就在我眼前 Let me see the world is just in front of me
就在我眼前 Just in front of me


Kacang Puteh said...

What a nice song!First time for me to heard this song,i like it!Hahaaa...your translalution not bad hor!Tks for the sharing!!!

Dragon said...

u like it ar? good good. :)

K3ViN said...

i also like it... quite meaning full 4 me....... do u have other quality file? i feel this abit noisy lor

Constance Chan said...

gosh my side lagging so bad tonight..

Nancyew said...

WOW who is this singer.....????? Any other songs that he has recorded??? Let me know...pleaseeeeeeeeee.

Dragon said...

nancy, u also like it? really nice hor.... wait i go find more of his songs then send to u....