Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Impression for a Job Interview

Before attending a job interview, normally, interviewees will do some research over the company background and requirement on the job they are applying. Besides, interviewees need to show their confident during the interview process. However, interviewees sometimes may not realize or tend to forget the most important factor: first impression to the interviewer. From a research, 90% of HR professionals believe that being well groom is the key to making a good first impression. 81% of HR professionals will special take note on the job candidates who are well groomed.

Gillette Career Advantage is the right place for you to get all the advices and guides before attending an interview. There are 2 experts who can help: Brett Fahlgren, the style expert and Mark Jeffries, the career expert. Expert Advice and Hire Guide are the 2 main topic that an interviewee need to go through. After reading all the tips and tricks from the 2 experts, you can proceed to take the Career Quiz, to put yourself in the HR hot seat, and test your job market know-how.

To find out more detail information on Gillette Career Advantage, simply login to For Gillette products or survey findings review, just visit the Gillette Resource Center.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Where is the Contest Result?

I joined the I Love Malaysia Campaign on August 27. Until now, it is nearly a month now. I go into the website and still, the result is not yet out. I am excited to see whether I am one of the winner. I think I need to patiently wait for it. If I cannot get the iPhone 3GS, I also wish to have the Western Digital Passport Size portable hard disk.

For those who are entering this contest, are you excited as well? Or you have already forgotten about it?

Thursday, September 24, 2009






Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bad Luck

It has been 2 months since I went to work in Kulim. Since then, my life is full of bad luck. Got it again today. I have no idea why. One of my friend said, those problems that can be solved by money is not a problem anymore. Ya, I agree that. But the thing is, my money earning speed is not that fast if compare to those unnecessary spending. All needs money! Money here, money there. I want to faint soon. How?? Who can help me?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Final Destination 4

For 3rd week in a row, I went to watch movie in the cinema on weekends. The best part is, all 3 movies are horror and thriller movie: Murderer, The Orphan and Final Destination 4.

The storyline for Final Destination 4 is the same as the previous 3. One of the guy sees the vision on the crash, losing all their lives in the incident. Later, the accident is really happen and they manage to escape from the death. However, they don't know that death is actually coming after them one by one.

Final Destination 4 is really horror on some of the part. I think it is better than Final Destination 3. However, the first one is still the best.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am a fan of horror and gruesome flicks. It doesn't matter how scary or gruesome it may be, it is still a movie, to me. However, reality TV is totally different. It is filled with real suspense and reaction. Watching such shows, keep me on the edge of my seat most of the time.

There is a particular truTV video that shows real reactions on people going on the Bungee Jump. I don't think I will ever be brave enough to try one. I probably will be dizzy and faint before executing the jump! I personally know some friends who dare to go on bungee jumping. One did one on a trip to New Zealand. How frightful for me but bold of her. If you ever decide to try going on one, perhaps a good idea would be to watch videos from truTV to have an idea how it is like. After all, the reactions are real.

So many things can happen while on the Bungee Jump. Cross your fingers, pray all you can. Or you can also avoid all this anxiety and stress level. Do watch all the videos from truTV. Try the Most Daring category. It is just exciting and will keep you up all night watching them!


Friday, September 4, 2009

The Orphan

* Don't read if you want to watch The Orphan in the cinema. Spoiler ahead.

Before watching The Orphan, I am thinking of watching another movie, District 9. After much consideration and asking the opinion from Nic, I went for The Orphan. I made a good choice for watching this movie. It is exciting and horror!

The story is very normal. A married couple lost their 3rd child while the lady is pregnant. After some time, the lady managed to get over the sad news and decided to adopt a new child. Of course, Esther is the one they adopted.

After Esther joined the family, many things start to happen. She is an evil. She started to make everyone thinks that the lady is the one who not taking good care of her. The lady investigated on her past and finally knew the truth. What is the truth? Who is Esther? You will get the answer if you catch this movie in the cinema near you.

I enjoyed the movie very much, however, the couple who sit beside me spoil my mood. They keep on talking and that girl, keep screaming here and there, especially towards the end. Oh man! I hate people who talking non stop during a movie. Irritating.

The Orphan and Murderer have a common point. It is related to the children. In Murderer, Aaron Kwok has a small little boy. Same goes to The Orphan, Esther is the little girl in the family. Both are evil. Opps... I have said something that I am not suppose to say. Haha, I told you earlier, don't read if you want to watch this movie in the cinema. It is your problem now for not listening to me. LOL.

Next, what movie will I watch? I think it will be Final Destination 4. Another horror movie. YEAH!

Back2School Laptop-a-Day Sweeptakes

Laptop is a very useful tool, especially for businessmen, students or those who work in the IT field. It has become a norm for owning a laptop. However, it will be better if you can get it for FREE. Yes, you no need to pay a penny on it.


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Thursday, September 3, 2009


I watched 2 movies for the last 2 weekends, Murderer and The Orphan. If you have not watched these 2 movies, and think of watching it, please don't continue to read on this post. Spoiler inside! If you still want to continue, don't blame me. It is still better for you to go watching without reading any reviews.

Murderer, a long awaited movie starring Aaron Kwok. It was released during July in Hong Kong. It only comes to Malaysia on August 27.

In this movie, Aaron acts as a cop, again. He is investigating on one case, where the murderer using the drill to drill the body of the victim, and let blood to flowing out, until he/she dead. During one of the investigation, Aaron got hit by someone and fainted while one of the cop was badly injured by the murderer. When Aaron awakes, he lost some part of his memory. He totally cannot remember what has happened.

While investigating, all the evidence seems to point back to Aaron. Aaron's best friend also started to suspect him. Is Aaron really the murderer? Or is it someone else? What will happen in the end?

With no doubt, Aaron's acting has become much better, if compare to few years back. In Murderer, his acting was fantastic especially near to the end of the movie. I am sure, Aaron will be nominating for the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards. I hope he can get the Best Actor for the Hong Kong Film Awards instead of the Taiwan Golden Horse. Aaron has won the Best Actor for 2 consecutive in the Taiwan Golden Horse but never win in the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Next, I will talk about another similar movie, The Orphan.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Planning for a Web Hosting

All my readers knew I have more than 1 blog. This is no longer a secret anymore. However, some of my other blog's readers don't know that I have a personal blog, which is this blog. This is the only blog that I use the free web hosting from blogspot.

Many friends do ask me, how to start a blog. Most of the time, I will ask them to get a free hosting site like blogspot, wordpress and etc before getting a own domain and hosting. Why? Some people are just want to following others. They are very exciting about blogging since everyone is doing at the moment. However, the passion will not last long. It is a waste for getting the domain and hosting, but never use them.

There are so many web hosting company who provides attractive hosting plan. For me, I am using Hostgator. I like Hostgator because of the 24x7 live chat. No matter I am facing any problem at odd hours, I can just go to the website and launch the live chat. The technical support will help me out.

Beside Hostgator, there are still a lot of web hosting for you to choose from. The advice that I can give to you is, research through the Internet, find the one that suits you the most.

If you need to compare one web hosting to another, try to go to Web Hosting Rating website. From the main site, you can see which web hosting is the Top 10 Web Hosting Providers and Best Web Hosts 2009. It includes the rank, price, space, traffic and the most important, Web Hosting Review. Go through the reviews and see what kind of feedback the users are giving. It will help you to make the decision on which web hosting you need.

Some people will try to get a web hosting with the cheapest price. Although it is cheap, is it worth it? To find out, you can go through the article When Cheap Hosting Goes Wrong from the Web Hosting Rating's article session. There are a lot of useful articles for you to read and gain your knowledge, not only in web hosting.

That is why, I always ask my friends to check out Web Hosting Rating if they are going to get a web hosting. It really provides a lot of useful information to a newbie.