Monday, June 21, 2010

Eason Chan DUO Concert World Tour 1st Stop - Singapore

Eason Chan will have his DUO Concert World Tour starting this coming September. The very first stop has fixed at Singapore!

Hmmm, will I go again? I am not sure for now. Haha. For the time being, most probably will not attend. If I have the machine to print money, then yes! The DUO concert will be held in Singapore Indoor Stadium. The ticket sells at the price of $88, $118, $138, $168, $198 and $228.

I think Eason will come to Malaysia as well, for sure, just a matter of time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Online Tutoring

Students are very lucky nowadays. If compare to the old days, students need to study and work on their assignment on their own. If they are not clear on the assignments, they only can ask their teacher or other students. But now, many of the parents will send their children to the tuition center to get extra knowledge and guidance.

Beside the tuition centers, online tutoring is available as well. K-12 and college students can just go online and get all the help needed from the Online Tutor. It is much easier since it is available anytime. If the students are facing the math problems, Math Problem Solver will be there for them.

Free Online Tutoring has becoming a trend for all the students out there with its high quality service and affordable price.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Android 2.2 (Froyo) Upgrade

I have been waiting for more than a week on the Android 2.2 upgrade for my Google Nexus One. Nic, my only friend who owned a Google Nexus One, already upgraded to Android 2.2 manually. Yes, the upgrade file is available online for those who cannot wait for the OTA (Over The Air) upgrade. I also have the file, but I decided not to upgrade manually and wait.

From the news, the upgrade file from the internet is not the official release upgrade from Google. It will be the official release upgrade if you got it through OTA upgrade. My sister also own the same phone as I do now. I think she will let me know once she got the update. She is checking it every morning. Hahaha......

I hope I will get the upgrade soon, most probably by this month.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I used to ride a motorcycle before I bought a car. It is very convenient to find parking place, if compare to a car. However, when it is raining, I wish to have a care instead. Now, I no longer ride my motor cycle anymore. It is abandoned outside my old house. I feel bad about it and I think I need to get the custom made tarps to covered it.

Tarpaulin or tarp is the best material to help covering your exposed objects or areas, for not getting dirty over the time. Vinyl tarp and poly tarp are the famous two. The best part is, the poly tarp is water proof. You no longer need to worry the objects will get wet. Furthermore, you can wash and clean them if they are getting dirty. However, I seldom see people using it in my housing area. Maybe it is not so popular here.