Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Live Green

Other department from my company has this Live Green campaign previously. However, one of the employee from that department complain on the banner they printed and hang on the wall. It's a big banner. That employee said, if really want to Live Green, why print such a big banner and hang one the wall? It's not one, but two!

It's true also, if we really want to help the Earth, why we want to waste paper and ink to print such banner? If people really care so much about Earth, do they need others to tell them? If really need others to tell them to do, are they willingly to do so?


Joze Foo said... office alwis use unnecessary printing...They wan they ownself convenient but never thought of the earth. I submit the proposal for green bags ...oso not yet approve ...kns or maybe he rejected liao.