Friday, August 31, 2007

National Day

Last day of August, it's the National day for Malaysia. She's already 50 years old.

On this day itself, my company has a celebration, 35th annivesary, held in the car park. There are a lot of booth for foods.... hehe :) Besides, they also have a stage in the middle for the idol contest, fashion show, multiply dance and so on.... Oh, Vince is here also. Who is Vince? He is one of the contestant for the Astro Talented Quest same year with Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang. He's also the winner in the Akademi Fantasia.

I eat a lot today. :) Too bad, I forgot to bring my camera (AGAIN!!!), if not can show you all the environment for the celebration. Hopefully the comittee will share those photos later and I can grab some to post it here.. :D

Bye bye August and Happy Birthday to Malaysia!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sony Ericsson K850i Cybershot

I'm in love with Sony Ericsson K850i recently. Previosuly, when I see it, I'm not really like it. But, things change! I also not sure why suddenly I like this phone so much. :)

I read about the review from and The thing that I want the most from this phone is the 5MP camera and the sound quality. This phone is still not out yet. I can't wait it to be here, but I don't think I will get it once it launched. You know, that will be very expensive!

Before my iphone, Sony Ericsson K850i will be the one! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My House

Post some of my house's photos let u guys see.... including kitchen, living room and view from balcony. Can also see the BJ court and Penang bridge by using 12X zoom. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mom's Birthday

Mom's birthday yesterday. I have training from 8am to 6pm. So, after work, fetch her out to have dinner. We went to a vegetarian restaurant in Macalister Road. I ordered fried indian noodle and "ju hu eng cai" while my mom ordered clay pot taufu rice. Actually I also ordered satay but the guy who was taking the order didn't get the order. Too bad...

I forgot to bring my camera, so no photo for now. Maybe I will go again and take the photo next time. I hope I can remember. :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Movies, Series and Songs

I watched quite a number of movies recently.

Fracture, starring Anthony Hopkins. Nice one. Story? Go check it yourself, I'm lazy to tell here. Haha.

Zodiac, based on the true story. A bit long and slow. Can watch if you have nothing to do. The pace is really slow.

Eye in the Sky 跟踪, starring Tony Leung 梁家辉 and Simon Yam 任达华. Not bad. I like this kind of movies, cops and thief.

Curse of the Golden Flower 满城尽带黄金甲, from the title, I think you guys already knew who in it. That time when show in the cinema, I plan to watch it, but I didn't. Luckily, I didn't waste my money. I'm not really like it, I prefer Banquet 夜宴.

For series, 24, I just watched until episode 5 season 1. Ya, I know I'm a little bit outdated but....... who cares. This series is exciting.

My brother recommended me 2 English songs: Umbrealla and Beautiful Girls. I seldom listen to English songs but I just like Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. For Umbrealla, ella ella ella stuff...... I'm not really like it. If you haven't listened b4, you can go download, youtube or get it from whatever source you can get. I think you will like it. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Golden Compass

Seems to be a nice one.

p/s i think need to have quick time installed only can view it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I'm now in Starbucks, eGate. Many times here but today consider it's the first time using the laptop and online.

Met my ex-colleague here. It's been a long time we didn't have such gathering. I think it's good for us to have it more often, we can chit chat, share info and talk crap......

Me and Mei Yi

Friday, August 10, 2007


Paycheck, a 2003 movie, John Woo's film. Who is John Woo? I think you guys should know the movie Broken Arrow. If still don't know, then should have known the movie Face Off. He is the director for these 2 movies. If still don't know, then I also don't know how to tell.

I missed this movie and just have the chance to watch it after my friend recomended it to me. It's a nice one though.

To me, this movie is a thriller. The main character used to work with on a secret task. After the task, his memory will be erased, so he will not remember what he has done on the job. Later, he got an assignment that needs 3 years time to accomplish the task. He accepeted it. After 3 years, he cannot remember anything but received an envelope with 20 items inside it. He sent the envelope to himself!!! Why is this so? Why he sent the 20 normal items and not other stuff? What happening in that 3 years? What is his assignment? To answer all these questions, please watch it yourself, I'm not going to post it here. Hehe.

One thing I want to mention, John Woo's film always have the common scene. 2 mens are pointing the gun to each other. Face Off also has this kind of scene, between John Travolta and Nicholas Cage.

If you not yet watch this movie, go grab the DVD and watch it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Finally I finished Heart of Greed few days back. I forgot when already, but one thing for sure, I watched until 2.30am. HAHAHA :)

From the series, family relationship is very important. We need to talk openly to each other in order to have a harmony family. In Chinese, 家和万事兴!

Besides family matters, friendship is also important. The main character "Tak Tak Tei" was such a nice person. Whenever "Siong Zoi Sam" in trouble or not happy, he will always be there to help her out.

These are the 2 most important thing I learnt from Heart of Greed: Family and Friend.

The whole series are nice, touching and excited. You will know what I mean if you watch it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Friends Forever

On Sat night, after my work, I met up with my friends to have dinner. We didn't meet for a long time and I'm really happy we can meet up on that day. We talked a lot and shared our latest news together. At least, we knew what happen to each other recently.

From the chit chat, each of us also have our own problem, if we didn't tell, no one will know. I feel great to have this kind of sharing session. We give suggestion and try to find a way to help. I can feel that our friendship has go to the next level. We seldom talked about our personal problems, but on that night, we talk almost everything. That is a good sign.

I have one friend, got problem recently. He keeps all the probelms to himself for certain period of time and keeps thinking by his own. You can feel that he has problem as he acted quite strange. I tried to help but failed. Until one day, he talked to me and I gave some suggestions to him. He told me, after he talked to his friends about the problem, he feels better. While helping on his, I also tell him mine. He also helped and provided some good solution to me. I'm really appreciate. This is what friends are for, try to help each other while another has issue. :)

To me, if you have problems that you cannot solve, the best way is, find a friend to talk about. Sometimes, although you have already made the decision on that particular problem, it's still better for you to talk about it. At least, you can release a bit. If not, you will like a balloon, getting bigger and bigger, finally burst one day.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Justin - Hard Life 側田 - 命硬

My friend keep listen to this song until I get addicted. It's a nice song though. Not easy to sing. Enjoy.

I translate the song title into English myself, simply translate, haha.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The power of Internet.....2

Since I have my own pc and internet, life starts to change. I started to chat using mIRC. YES, this is the first chatting program that I used. Later, ICQ. ICQ is so popular at that time, almost everyday will chat in the ICQ. I still remember my ICQ number: 7580327. HAHA. Now, I'm not sure still got anyone using it or not. The chatting programs that I'm currently use are: Windows Live Messenger, Skype and QQ.

Besides chatting, email was the most convenient stuff for me to communicate with my friends and relatives in another country. They can receive the mail within seconds just after I sent it! This is TECHNOLOGY!! Amazing. The first email account that I have is from rocketmail. Later, Yahoo bought over rocketmail. Then, I have hotmail account too. Now, I'm no longer using that rocketmail since too many spam.

We can get so many stuff from the internet. MTV, songs, movies, series, etc.... Almost anything that you want, can get it from the WWW.

Talking about Internet, the most important thing is the service provider. If you asked the Malaysian that use STREAMYX, most will tell you one thing: the serivce is SUX!!! It's true, STREAMYX has monopoly almost all the market. I'm just having the problem cannot online last few days. Really fed up with the service. I called few times then only can solve my issue. At first, they told me my hardware problem. How can it be??? So, I just ignore it and wait for few hours, then I can online. Few days later, the problem comes again. This time is worse, whole night I'm not able to online!! Arrrgghhhh~~~~~ Finally, they told me it's their hardware problem and need to do some setting on the port. WTF, how can this be? But, no choice la, what to do... as long as I can use it now, cannot complain so much.

Now, if you ask me whether I can live without Internet, my answer will be YES and NO. YES: If only for few days, while going for vacation. NO: If there will be no internet connection for the rest of my life.

Just wondering, why people can live without the internet 10-20 years back and why I can't now? I've totally no idea.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Heart of Greed 溏心风暴

I started to watch this TVB series yesterday after 2 of my best friend told me it's really good. One of them seldom watch TVB series and so happen he watched this one and told me it's nice, keep watching until midnight. Hahaha, he said now only he knows why people can chase after series. I want to thank him since the series is copied from him. :)

I only watched until episode 5, total of 40 episodes. OK, continue watching....