Friday, February 1, 2008


After whole year of working and earning, it's time for you to pay the taxes. Some people will have headache to calculate and file the taxes, Some people are trying to find any loophole to decrease the taxes, and some even work on fake documents just to run away from the taxes.

For those who is working under companies, filing the taxes will be easy. However, it will be a little bit of complicated for those who work for themselves. They need to do all the filing by their own or they can hire an accountant to help on the calculating.

Do you know that there is something so call efile OR file your taxes OR efile taxes to help you on the taxes? Yes, it's an online tool. Now, you no need to worry about how to get your taxes done. You can file your taxes by your own with just few easy steps.

What is the benefit to file your taxes by your own online? You can know more on the taxes process. Besides, the system will guide you through step by step. What you need to do is only move and click by using your mouse and fill in the blanks. It's simple! No fee is needed until you complete your tax return.

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David (AKK) said...

Eh... malaysia also accept e-filling liao meh? So high tech liao kah?

Coz I always see this signages infront of every GOV counter:

"Komputer Rosak"!!!!!

welovepenang said...

ya.. i had done e-filing twice already..... pretty stable..

now our goverment service world ranking top 10 one lor... now improve liao..

but dun know howmuch they pay the analyst to come out with the data. muahaha