Thursday, February 28, 2008

Plant a Tree

Talking about planting a tree, I remember of some movies that I watched before. In the movie, they plant the tree or write something on that tree or hide something under the tree. 20-30 years later, when they go back to the old place, the tree is still around and of course, become bigger. The trees have become the memorial trees for them.

In our daily lives, tree is very important. We often heard people talking about environmental issue. People keep chopping off the trees. After chopping, it should be planting. This is a circulation. However, I'm not sure whether they practice this or not. For example, papers that we used daily are produced by trees. That's why, it is better for not wasting the paper. But there are people who didn't think about this. We need to educate those people, we need to make them more concern on the environmental issue and help to make the earth healthier.

I'm curious about this: Have anyone of you ever think of helping the environment and our mother earth by planting a tree? You have the chance now. Besides helping our earth, the trees can be your Interesting Irish Gift for special occasion or even to your special one.

Check out their site for more information on what Rooted in Ireland has done. You can see the photos and testimonials from many people who have planted the tree. Great support is needed from all of you out there.

"A society grows great when they plant trees whose shade they will never sit in" - Ancient Proverb

This post brought to you by Rooted in Ireland


迷迭香 said...

so how many tress have u planted ?