Thursday, February 28, 2008

Buy and Sell items online

What will you do with the stuffs that you don't want? Will you keep it or just throw away? For older generation like my mom, she likes to keep things. So, it's not surprise for you to see a lot of old stuffs in my house. If you asked her to throw away those stuffs, she will tell you: next time when you need it then you will know. Sigh......

For me, I will keep some of the stuff if it's really bring me memories. But, I throw away a lot of stuffs during the house cleaning. I don't want to have so much rubbish in my new house. However, there are still many things around, for example, cassettes and books. I have lots of cassettes and books. I don't know what to do with them so I just keep it. Now, there will be less people listening to the cassette. We have CDs or even mp3 now!

I think of throwing away, but there are so many!! If throw away, it's like I'm throwing away my money. Finally, I think of one way to settle all of them: sell them online.

SILKFAIR is one of the online store that I can sell my items. Not only sell, I also can buy items from there. I quickly register to start posting my item to sell online. Who knows, maybe there are people who wants to buy my cassettes and books! It's better to sell it rather than keep it in the house. It's wasting my space! :)

SILKFAIR is easy to use. Once you register, you can go to the store and post up your item you would like to sell. One word I can say about it: EASY! I think you can do it like me, no extra work need to be done.

Besides becoming a seller, I also can become a buyer over here. In SILKFAIR, there are so many categories of items for me to choose from. Maybe I can get the things that I want here. All I need to do is search.

Sell your items online now! Who knows, someone out there may be interested on your items!