Friday, February 8, 2008

Facebook and CashPoint

Facebook has become more and more popular these days. I wrote about Facebook previously. I mentioned how my friend is actually addicted to Facebook. At one time, I also got addicted. Why so many people addicted in the first place? Facebook has a lot of application for you to install. There are so many stuff you can play on it be login into the Facebook. Beside playing, you can also get connected to all your friends or even friends who you haven't contacted for ages.

Before the era of Facebook, Friendster is the one many people will have it. But after Facebook is landed, many of the Friendster's user join Facebook and abandon Friendster. Recently, Friendster has made some changes. I think there are some application you can add into you personal page. I'm not sure of it since I didn't login into my account for months.

Back to Facebook, one of the application that you need to keep an eye on is the CashPoint. You want to make money online? Yes, this will be your chance to do so. What you need to do in order to earn? Complete the offer provided to you and you will get certain amount of money depending on the task. The minimum cash out is $5. Sounds great huh? Join now and start earning today!

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