Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gathering Photos

OK, although I'm very lazy, but I still need to post the gathering photos as I promised. I'm not really take a lot of the photos but you are still able to see all the members who attended the dinner. We have 8 all together. I think I don't need to mention the name anymore. I've mentioned it in previous post.

Who is who? Guess yourself. :)


Kopi Soh said...

Aiyah wa em chai choo chui si choo chui lar, post name oso lar. No nid to scroll until hin hin to previous post....wa lau liao chai boh, bak chew khua hua hua oredi.

Constance Chan said...

hahaha at first i tot was just yr office colleague lah, then i spotted Kacang! hahaha then JLE, Wiwi, Tau Sar Pneah, and Jipunabor..not to mention got one Si Lang Bin in the pic as well..lol

Constance Chan said...

for kopi soh's benefit,

the threesome pic:
Tau Sar Pneah, Jepun Lau Ee, and Kacang

the foursome right below pic:
Xiao Kia, Wiwiwawa (the amazing voice from Lonely Classroom) , Tau Sar Pneah (my online son), Si lang bin (Dragon)

Joze Foo said...

at first i tot jipunarbor is lor mee...then when see another gal stand bside lor mee...i was cracking my head who is the other gal...i tot is Siao Cha Bor cos she sign up for teh gathering...manatau is jipunarbor

K3ViN said...

argggggggggggg i miss it..... but thanks 4 the nice pic.....