Sunday, February 10, 2008

People talk again

Some people, like to depend on others ALWAYS. They just don't want to take the initiative to learn but want you to help them out, although they can just do it by their own. I don't know why is it so. I rather do it myself if I can. I don't want to ask others or trouble people if I manage to solve it my own.

But for someone, they prefer to ask you to help this and that and don't want to do it. When they asked for the help, they want you to get it done ASAP. When you asked them back, you will not get the immediate response, they let you wait. So, why should I help you? Give me 10 reasons for me to do so.

One of the reason you are in this world is to LEARN. Learn is the process in your life. If you always depend on others, you will not learn. You learn when you are having problem, and if you manage to fix it, then you learn the lesson. Next time when you have this kind of problem, you will know how to do it. If you asked others every time, next time if the same problem occur, you will need to ask others again and again.

The main topic here:

Why want to trouble people if you can do it yourself?

Tell me what you think about this. Are you the one helping or the one depending on others?


Kopi Soh said...

Your question: Why want to trouble people if u can do it yourself?
My answer:Some peepul poon thua mar, while others just like to take advantage.

Sue said...

So kek ki ah?

Dragon said...

yes, quite kek ki one..... cannot tahan those ppl.

Constance Chan said...

kek ki later become lao kok kok.. then my turn to say u lao lang...hehehe

go buy one laughing buddha like the one on my blog one.. put in yr car.. everyday happy nia. hahaaha

then my turn to say u siao meh everyday laugh

Dragon said...

hoon, u really funny.....