Monday, February 18, 2008


I cannot think of the title for this post. I just write down no title. Haha. I will put this post title as Life. At first I don't know what will be the suitable title, after I finished this post, only I got the idea.

I'm not in a really good mood these few days until just now. I have something to think of. I also don't know why I'm acting like this. Anyway, all become normal now. Suddenly, those stuff that seems so difficult for you to solve can be easily fixed. It's actually depend on your thinking and mindset.

For those who know me, I'm the person who think a lot, over think sometimes. There is a saying in Chinese, Qi Ren You Tian 杞人忧天 which have the similar meaning of over think. There is a story on this. Long ago, there is a man, always worried about the sky will fall. Everyone told him not to worry since this is not going to happen. However, he still keep on thinking of this issue and worried all the time.

You see, sometimes, we think of something too much until our mind is lock on that particular issue. You will not think of other stuff except this. This is not good. It will make the situation worse. But, we cannot help it. You don't want to think, it will auto flash through your mind.

This situation will continue until one day, maybe few days, maybe few months, maybe few years, then you will like wake up from the dream. You will ask yourself why you will stuck into that situation for such a long time? It's actually a small matter afterall.

Why worry so much? There are so many things out there waiting for us to explore and find out. But, this is life. Life is full of happiness and sadness, if not, this is not life.

Life goes on.


Joze Foo said...

yala dun think so much ..later bcome ki siao...erm...u gimme idea for my next post!

Dragon said...

got any gift for giving u the idea for next post? hahaha.

Akira Wah said...

Don't think too much, later will have white hair pop up... Haha... Cheers~~~

David (AKK) said...

A very meaningful sharing... Yes We should always think on the bright side... Glad to know you are getting better now... Stay cheerful & healthy bro :)

Dragon said...

Akira, nvm la, already got white hair.... so add a few more also ok.

ang ku, indeed i become very happy now, dont know why. hahahaha. im watching shaolin soccer now. yeah!!

Caramel Corn said...

wah liao.. sniao aneh chey ka... sleep it off ler...