Friday, February 15, 2008


I fetched my mom to her friend's house yesterday. I saw this calendar in the living room. I snapped the photo of it. It's Valentines Day and the calendar was also showing about it.

Talk about calendar, on the first day of CNY, I also snapped a calendar photo in my grandpa's house. The calendar is huge. I think even the blind also can see it.


David (AKK) said...

very classic calendars neh... my house still using "Pao beh" that kind eh... haha :)

Dragon said...

since when u become ah neh neh?

Constance Chan said...

i like these type of calendars ler.. after a few weeks can use the paper to write things behind...hehehe

David (AKK) said...

not ah neh neh lar... I learn the way Jitpun kia speaking lar... neh... haha :p

Dragon said...

hoon, yes for reuse purposes.

ang ku, haha, then, since when u become jipun kia?