Friday, February 15, 2008


I first play paintball for the very first time when I'm in Costa Rica. Before I went, many told me that paintball is actually PAIN ball. Anyway, I went with all my co workers.

To me, it's so fun to play paintball. We divided into 2 teams. We need to steal the flag from opponent and make sure we did not get killed. The experience was so great!
All the equipments are from the shop itself. We need to return all the equipments after we are done. I don't know that there are shops selling the equipments for all the paintball regular users out there, until I visited this site, Ultimate Paintball.

You can find different types of guns, masks, hoppers and barrels from the shop. You even can have a tippmann a5 upgrades from this shop as well. This shop has all the equipments you need for you to have a great fun in paintball session. No shipping fee is needed if you buy from Ultimate Paintball.

Ultimate Paintball, your choice for the paintball equipments!

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