Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Auto Insurance

Nowadays, students will have their own car after they got their driving license. Parents will buy car for them since it's easier for them to go school or college. However, not every family will have car. My family doesn’t have a car when I'm small. My dad only has a motorcycle. That's the only transportation we have at that time.

When I go to high school and got my motorcycle license, I managed to get one with my mom's help. I only got my car driving license 2 years later. Since we don't have car, I continue to ride my motorcycle for 8 years before I got myself a second hand car.

If you have a car, you should know there is a lot of maintenance we need to do. I thought it's easy to get a car (Yes, it's really easy to get one). The maintenance will be a headache for you if the car keep having problem, like mine. Besides the maintenance, you still need to pay for the insurance and road tax every year.

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