Saturday, February 2, 2008


Connected, a new Hollywood series presented to you by T-Mobile. I heard about T-Mobile but I never heard of this series before. From what I knew, T-Mobile is the well-known cell phone company. If you tell me there is a series from T-Mobile previously, I will not believe about it. But now, by seeing with my own eyes, I definitely knew this is not a spam or lie.

For those who knew me, I like to watch movies or series. If there is new series, I would like to check it out and watch it. Connected is one of them. I get to know Connected through M80 and T-Mobile. The series is published on the T-Mobile website. It's premiered on the 7th December 2007 in conjunction of the recent release of T-Mobile's Sidekick LX.

I manage to watch one of the episode from Connected. It's funny :) One thing I notice from the series, there is a frequent object. What is that? Yes, it's the T-Mobile's Sidekick LX.

Now the series is in season 2. You can get all the episodes from T-Mobile website itself. You also can read an watch the video which are related to Connected such as character's profile and behind the scene.

Maybe you will ask me, what is this Connected all about? What is the story line? What is the genre? Below is the description on Connected from T-Mobile:

You win some, and you definitely lose some—especially if you’re at The Agency. David Newman is just trying to keep his clients happy, and trying to keep them in his agency! In the mix are: Amy, a teen movie star with a rep for wild partying and drama; Russell, an aspiring comedian who can’t find the right foot to start on; Quincy, a fresh-from-film-school director with a little indie cred and looking for his first big hit; Jane, a budding singer-songwriter who’s looking for an identity; Alex, music producer, best friend, gamer; and Emily, his trusty assistant and eyes and ears. Catch the Hollywood series everyone is texting about!

Connected, a new series that you need to pay attention on.