Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Skin and Beauty

Some people will have a sensitive skin and some will have an oily skin. It depends. For me, I have an oily skin, especially my face. I need to clean it often to make it fresh and oil free. Although I knew I need to take care of my own skin, I just simply use any kind of cleanser. My sister knew my skin type and bought me a set of facial product. The products are quite good. I'm still using them now.

Pier Auge is the only one brand with the concept: give the skin what belongs to it! There have all kinds of skin care product including cleansers, purifiers, specifics, lightening, balancing, active soothing, intense hydration, time control, and so on.

Among all the products, they also have the skin care product for men. Pier Augé MEN Face Wash Gel Gentle Scrub 100ml and Pier Augé MEN Relaxing Treatment Mask 50ml will be very suitable for me.

Do you have any skin care issue and you are not sure which product you need to use? You can try out The Facial Company. Maybe you can get what you want there!


迷迭香 said...

are u using this range of skincare ?

Dragon said...

迷迭香, i'm using the one my sis bought for me.