Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some thoughts

I'm suppose to write on the "Cheng Beng" stuff. But, I need to write this first.

I thought my friends knew me well. As my best friends, at least, they need to considerate and think of my situation. They should know I'm working on shift schedule and my working time was not that normal if compare to them. I will not have a full weekend, I need to work at least on Saturday or Sunday unless I apply leave.

From their view, I'm the one who always busy with work and no time to hang out with them. Like this time, one of them is coming back tomorrow. He asked me whether I'm free. I told him I start to work from tomorrow. I forgot whether I told him I work night shift or not.

Just now I called him, asking him when he is coming back. He told me tomorrow morning, and will go have breakfast with another 2 of our friends. I asked him why he didn't ask me. He said, he asked me and I told him I'm working. Then he assumed I am not able to make it.

Another thing, 5 of them are going to Genting this coming June. I'm not sure whether I can make it or not. They seem not really happy with my "not sure" answer. I cannot promise them since I have planned to go KK by end of June. I don't think I can take leave again in the beginning of June. It's not really easy to find someone to cover us nowadays. We have less people in each shift.

I just don't understand, as my best friends, they should understand me well. Why they cannot think on my situation? Sometimes, I'm too tired to explain. I'm always the bad guy among them. So, just let me continue to be the bad guy. That is ME!


Kikey said...

Not everyone can understand every single their friends. Sometime u must understand this. Dun put expect too high to everything, 期望越高,失望也大。有些事情还需随缘!

you are so lucky to have them be ur best friend! 要珍惜喔!

Dragon said...

kikey, thanks for your comment. i just want to write it out. ya, i know i need to treasure the friendship. :)

Joze Foo said...

you know there is a time me and my another friend, urge another fren to go holiday with us... she wanted to go but she couldn't on leave... at that moment we tot she just dun feel like going with us but later when we face the same situation we finally understand each and everyone had their commitment to their job, although yopu are entitled to on leave but when nobody cover for you or you got to many task on hands, you can't jus enjoy your holidays..

maybe is the lack of communication la...not they dun understand you

K3ViN said...

i totally agree with HNKP,lack of communication.... 4me i think u should told them what is ur problem... n y u cant take leave lor..... i think they will happy 2 listen 2 ur reason lor... I dont think they will be tat sub born lor...... Wah going 2 KK.... enjoy hor :P

Dragon said...

hnkp, k3vin, maybe like what you said.

JL said...

Friendship are hard to earn and although we do treasure the friendship we have but not every single friend will understand/treasure it like us do. Sometime close friend are the one who hurt us the most. I went through that before and I choosed to let go, it really make me more happy coz I not a superwoman and I don't know how to make everyone happy and satisfy, so don't be too sad.

迷迭香 said...

dun sound so sad...
they must be really upset knowing that you cant join them on the outings.
for those who works on normal working hours will never understand those that need to work on shifts, which is not by choice most of the time, however i believe with good communications u guys can work that out !!
communications require skills...
like u told ur fren u need to work, but did u show some initiative that u really would like to meet up with them ? by suggesting a time suitable for u and maybe for them ? i am sure as good fren of yours they will be able to adjust accordingly ~
pls do work it out, it is sad to see friendship goes to an end with such misunderstanding... cheers ^_^

Dragon said...

jl, agree that close fren will be the one hurt u more. dont know why is this so.

迷迭香, not sad anymore. :) thanks for the advice. appreciate it.