Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Photo Greeting Cards

When I was in primary and secondary school, every time during festival such as Christmas, Chinese New Year or even friends' birthday, I will buy the greeting cards and give to my friends, relatives and family members. Inside the card, normally I will write the greetings that I want to say to that person.

However, it will give me headache since I need to buy so many greeting cards to give to different people. I need to count how many persons I need to give, then I need to select the card, to see which card is more suitable. It's not an easy job. Sometimes, I will left out some of my friends and I need to go buy once again.

Besides buying the ready made card, have you actually made your own custom greeting card to your friends or loved ones? With your own custom made greeting card, the person who received your card will be surprise and happy. Maybe the card is not really nice, but for sure they can see your sincerity.

Talk about custom made cards, have you thought of Photo Greeting Cards? It's nice to have your photo embed into the card and give to your loved ones, especially during Valentines Day. If your loved ones received the Photo Greeting Card and see both of your photo, it will be very sweet for him or her.

What do you think about the Photo Greeting Card above? Nice and sweet right? I hope I can make one too.


Kikey said...

Photo greeting cards very common in U.S. They will send when is New Year, new born baby and etc.. As I think it is more meaningful than normal cards.

Dragon said...

Kikey, ya, it's really meaningful than the ready made card.

迷迭香 said...

why din u do one and show us first ? ^_^

Dragon said...

迷迭香, hehehe, i need to find one nice nice photo first.

迷迭香 said...

so when ah ? :p

Dragon said...

迷迭香, this one need to wait.