Friday, March 7, 2008

Holiday Shopping

When we go for holidays, for sure there will be one or two days is meant for shopping. We will go and visit the shopping mall in order to get ourselves some stuff and souvenirs for friends. There are some people who mad in shopping, will go for vacation just for the shopping purposes. Although girls are the majority, there will be men who like shopping as well.

I have few friends who are mad of shopping. One of them like all the branded stuff. You can see lots of branded stuff if you go to his house. Another one like to buy whenever he see new things. He didn't think whether he really needs that thing or not. He will just buy it.

Anyway, shopping is fun especially there are sales! If one of the shopping mall is having the mega sales, you can see a long queue for the parking or even at the cashier. Every corner is packed with people! Everyone just wants to save some money.

I have a better suggestion for you. You can save more if you shop during the black friday sale. Black Friday sale will be on the very next day after the Thanksgiving. You can buy gifts or items for the Christmas preparation. There are many outlets that participate in the sales. Target is one of them. I like Target because I got my extension rod there!! :)

Start your holiday shopping and save now.